THIS CITY LIMITS show their ‘Too Scared To Swim’.

This City Limits Promo Shot

Yorkshire based Melody-Punksters ‘This City Limits’ have hurled out their breathtaking new video and single ‘Too Scared To Swim’.

You can view the video at

Pitching the likes of ‘Brand New’ against modern British rock groups such as ‘Mallory Knox’, ‘Lower Than Atlantis’ and ‘We Are The Ocean’, ‘This City Limits’ serve up a delectable balance of musical power and energy, and sensitive melodic expression. ‘This City Limits’ genuinely offer a fresh take on the currently over-saturated punk-pop genre.

Formed last year and hailing from Leeds, the band consist of blood brothers Will Turner (Vocals, Guitar) and George Turner (Guitar), along with Rob Burns (Bass) and Josh Peters (Drums). Throughout 2014, the animated upstarts unveiled their debut four-track EP entitled ‘Brittle Brass & Broken Bone’, and last April, the quartet released the follow-up single, ‘Amputate’, which marked a turning point for the band, as they garnered attention from national press and radio. The band then spent the latter half of the year playing as many shows as possible, gathering support from Christian Carlisle of BBC Radio Sheffield and Tom Robinson of BBC 6 Music, and enhancing their ever growing fan-base.

This City Limits are now ready to up the ante with the release of their new single ‘Too Scared To Swim’, which was recorded at Steel City Studios with producer James Hill. The track is taken from the band’s second EP, which will be out later this year. ‘Too Scared To Swim’ is an enticing hook heavy affair brimming with alluring melodies and complete with driving guitar work and pounding drums. With shows and festival appearances lined up for the summer, the band are poised to make a name for themselves on the national scene by the end of the year.



White Clouds & Gunfire release new video!‏

White Clouds & Gunfire Online Promo Shot
Up and coming Punk pop five-some ‘White Clouds & Gunfire’ are braced to stake their claim as one of the break through acts of the year with the release of their brand new video single ‘Poison’, out 22nd July. The single is taken from the band’s forthcoming album, ‘For All The Non Believers’, which drops this September.
White Clouds & Gunfire are rapidly making new friends and fans throughout the UK for their engaging amalgamation of Punk Pop which combines unbridled energy with copious monstrous hooks. The band’s debut album, ‘For All The Non Believers’ is packed with eight slabs of alluring spirited melodic rock and includes the spanking new single ‘Poison’.
Hailing from Peterborough and originally formed in 2009, the first eighteen months of the band’s life was hampered by changes in personnel. However, all of this shifted by the end of 2011, as the band solidified and soon began to prosper. Now with a steady ship consisting of Eveline Verdegaal on vocals, Rob Woods and Lewis Fountain respectively handling the bass and drums, Bryon Marr on guitar and new boy Alex Cox on second guitar, the five-some have started to make their mark. Support slots with everyone from We Are Fiction, Mallory Knox, Army Of Freshmen, Sonic Boom Six, OPM, MC Lars and The Hype Theory have followed, along with the release of their debut EP ‘Zero To Hero’, which was recorded at Regal House Studios (home to Deaf Havana and Young Guns). The record garnered extensive national praise and the likes of Rocksound and Big Cheese both handed the band widespread acclaim and support.
WC&GF are now poised for national exposure with the release of their new single ‘Poison’, taken from their stunning debut album ‘For All The Non Believers’. ‘Poison’ perfectly illustrates the band’s deft ability to dish up a delectable slice of modern rock marinated with killer hooks, ideally complimented by Marr and Cox’s layered guitar riffs. The energetic rocksters are also touring throughout the summer in support of the record and are primed to break by the end of 2013!

PUMP ACTION RADIO Debut ‘Cheating Perfection’, out 16th September‏

Pump Action Radio Online Promo Shot
Brit-rock newcomers ‘Pump Action Radio’ are poised for ascent with the national release of their debut EP ‘Cheating Perfection’, out Monday 16th September through all digital stores.
Pulling from the power of contemporary custodians of punk-pop ‘You Me At Six’ and ‘Kids In Glass Houses’ and old guard luminaries such as ‘Blink 182’, Pump Action Radio have engineered a sound that merges super-hooky choruses with spiky guitar work and pounding beats that will blow the roof right off!
Formed in 2008 in Bournemouth and rising from the ashes of their previous moniker ‘Our Time Heroes’, Pump Action Radio already had an established bond and kinship in place before the band began to write a brand new set and play shows in their local vicinity. The tireless quartet then racked up an impressive following in the south, and have spread their wings even further afield recently. They’ve scooped up support slots with everyone from Attack! Attack!, Sonic Boom Six, Spunge, and 4ft Fingers, through to Reef, Gavin Butler (The Blackout), Natives and Tiger Please.
Recently, the melodic punks have bunkered down in the recording studio, resurfacing with a beast of an EP entitled ‘Cheating Perfection’, and it’s loaded with punch-the-air, sing-along power-pop cuts that gladly rattle around in your head for eons. The record propels to life with the punchy opener ‘Famous’ before the brilliantly catchy ‘Cheating Perfections’ is fired up next, with its colossal refrain and woven guitar parts. The record presses on with ‘The Difference’, which soars and effortlessly gleams with true melody, before the aptly titled ‘Pow!! Right In The Kisser’ draws proceedings to a fitting conclusion. With the national launch of the EP lined up for September, and with the foursome ready to hit the UK with widespread touring, look out for extensive shows soon to be announced for the remainder of the year and beyond!
 Pump Action Radio Cover Artwork

The Action Plan: Never Say Die

The Action Plan Promo shot

Treating punk pop to a strong dose of energetic enthusiasm and infectious enterprise, Never Say Die from British band The Action Plan is a powerful and pleasing riot which leaves one fully satisfied and keen to enjoy again. It is an album which you cannot really say ventures anywhere distinctly new with its nineties flavoured sounds but still offers enough additives and ideas to make the band noticeable amongst many other similar bands emerging over the past year or so.

Never Say Die is the debut release from the band which formed in 2008 in South Wales. Taking inspiration from the likes of Set Your Goals, The Story So Far, and Blink 182, The Action Plan went through many personnel changes before finding the stable line-up of Danny (bass/vocals), Thom (guitars/backing vocals), Rich (guitars/ backing vocals), and Harry (drums/backing vocals). Moving to Bristol led the quartet to bigger audiences and options, the band subsequently supporting bands such as Catch 22, The Futureheads, Max Raptor, and Vampire Weekend. Now with its nationwide release the new album is set to inspire a greater recognition and fan base for their magnetic sounds.

Consisting of eight contagious songs bristling with sheer catchiness and delicious hooks, the release is a heart-warming feast of The Action Plan Cover Artworkenergy and sound to get the juices flowing. Whether the songs are memorable enough to stay with their recipients away from the album is debatable but in its company they make for a fiery and pleasurable encounter.  Starting with the thumping Hometown Hero, the release ignites an appetite for the album right away. The track is a muscular engagement with commanding rhythms and a deeply shadowed bassline which is totally compulsive and lined alongside riffs which come with their own snarl and bright sonic melodies, the track is a strong start to the release. The vocals of Danny, ably supporting by the others throughout, remind of CIV vocalist Anthony Civarelli, the music here and often throughout the album when bringing a harder gait to its presence also recalling the New York band.

The electronic whispers of the opener become more vocal in the following Believe It Or Not and subsequent songs. The track is a warm romp with the ear which again whilst offering no deep well of originality ensures a continued eager intent to allow the release to wrap its anthemic and melodic arm around the senses. That willingness is soon rewarded with tracks like Had It All and Live Strong. The first is a song which is spawn from the Blink 182 type of pop, all infection and energetic heat and the other the first of tracks which do attempt and relatively succeed in going into some kind of new adventure. Though it evolves into an expected stomp of viral attraction through bruising riffs and finely shaped hooks, the almost folk metal like tease during its opening seconds is exceptional. One of the few tracks bringing a more hardcore breath, it is a thrilling combatant.

The title track shuffles up its gait and ideas nicely whilst This One is instantly magnetic with its anthemic beats and strong vocal start. Both songs invite intrigue with their more unpredictable imagination though overall they still emerge as enjoyable rampages which stay well within the rules of the genre whilst leaving one perfectly satisfied.  The same can be said of the remaining songs, So You Say and Suits And Ties; though both suggest the unique sound the band has yet to discover maybe is not that far away. The pair of songs both step into unexpected avenues to bring the biggest excitement on the release, the closing track especially in its initial caress discovering a new un-genre like face which one hopes they investigate further and use throughout a song rather than just to introduce it.

Never Say Die is a fine album which only makes for a fun and enjoyable time, and that is all one wants in a release at the end of the day.

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Swound!: Into The Sea

Missing some fun and mischief in your music? Do not worry as UK rock band Swound! is back to fill the gap with their second album Into The Sea. Full of whimsy, delight, and infectious tunes the album is a strongly enjoyable romp to put a smile on any sour face. The four Staszkiewicz brothers originally from the Isle of Man follow up their debut Hello Future Our Name Is Swound with a release that refreshes and reminds us that music should be fun and simple, an uncomplicated pleasure and a wicked tease for the senses which only the likes of Baddies and Innercity Pirates along with Swound! seem to have kept in their creative arsenal.

     Into The Sea is a thoroughly engaging and pleasing frisk of the senses though there are a couple of things that have to be said just to balance the unbridled eager words to follow. The album shows the continuation of the maturity to the bands songwriting first indicated with the previous single Predator 3. What has seemingly happened though is either the band has moved on from or forgotten the distinctly quirky and imaginative ideas that frequented previous releases. The unpredictability and downright eccentricities to their songs has been tempered into almost expulsion by the growth of their writing skills. You will not find the spectacular diversions within a Bust-A-Move, Whats Your Poison or We Are A Danger among the songs on the new album and as great as the new material is this lack of inventiveness does leave a tinge of disappointment. This change has also left a kind of similarity across the album, a singular pace and structure that is not as varied as one would have expected, but for all of that the album is simply great and destined to be a constant on ours and many others daily playlist.

The band release the album on their own The Grelmin Corporation label with sounds that reflect the quartets influence and love of the likes of Weezer, Nirvana and other nineties guitar bands. Self produced and mixed by Chris Sheldon the release leaps into the ear like an eager child, excitable and bursting with temptation. The album takes first breath with the excellent Your Kids Are Gonna Love It, with punchy drums from Lloyd and prowling bass from Tom to the fore. A Buzzcocks like hook adds to the fun as vocalist Joe begins the songs announcement and alongside Rowan their combined guitars jangle warmly as the rhythms continue to ignite ones inner beat. The influence of the previously mentioned Manchester band continues with a melody right out of Everybody’s Happy Nowadays to complete a vibrant and hypnotic opener.

As songs like the rock flavoured Big Trouble, the current single In My Head with another delicious grouchy bass manipulation from Tom and a chorus with more infection than the common cold, and the definite Weezer toned If Only I Could, ride the ear with a impish glint helping the album feel like one is going out with old friends, destined silliness and unbridled fun guaranteed.

The centre of the album holds the best songs starting with the grunge lined swagger of Everybody Hates Her. It is actually almost on the reserved side with the band utilising a simple and uncluttered approach to build a compulsive song which if you are not drawn into participation by mid way the recommendation is to check your wrist for a pulse. Within a couple of songs the punk spiced Oh No! erupts with a Ramones like crash of guitars spaced by voracious melodies and hungry bass groans. Though the song never explodes into life it has an appetite to rile up the senses and does just that by its end. The third song is the best on the album. Ghosts rumbles and strolls along with a swagger and attitude that is irresistible. It taunts and skirts around the ear before taking hold to spring wonderful hooks, insatiable rhythms and sheer warm pleasure.

With the likes of the catchy Physics Makes Us Strong and the Smokey Bastard like folk fun of Mean People Suck adding to the album, Into The Sea is a wholly appetising treat to relish and sure to put a grin on your face far beyond its actual stay. Their sound may have changed a little but the pleasure and satisfaction they give is just as endearing and thorough.

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Never The Last Breath – The Price Of Diversity

From out of the blue there is a new breath of freshness and wash of vibrancy and ingenuity that will surely inspire musicians and fans alike. The EP The Price Of Diversity from Never The Last Breath is impressive and dynamic showing a band with full confidence in their sound and ability as well as songwriting. In the two years since forming the quintet from the Burton/Derby area has evolved into an instinctive and complete band with total control in all they do, The Price Of Diversity is wonderful proof of the tight and creative band they have become.

As well as the bands obvious abilities what is great about The Price Of Diversity is the unpredictability of their music. They incorporates numerous flavours and influences from pop punk, death metal, alternative, hard rock and much more, absorbing and weaving it into their own distinctive and exciting sound. Music like this is what makes waking up each morning a joy.

The eight tracks that make up The Price Of Diversity are truly impressive from beginning to end and it is surprising and in many ways sad that Never The Last Breath have not come to the notice outside of their locality before now though with this EP that is sure to change, their time is now without doubt.  

After the brief image inducing intro of ‘Chimes’ the EP erupts into thrilling life with ‘Persona’. The track is immense with a stirring deep throaty bassline veining striking incessant guitar riffs and driving drums, with the infusing of prog rock melodies, death metal grunts and shouts, and seamless pace switches the track is impressive and even more so when the wonderful voice of Lisa starts to lace the song with her energy. Her great smooth voice blends with and compliments the harder sounds and attack so well, each element showing their strength without detracting from the other showing great creativity in the songwriting, composition, and production.

This track immediately stakes a claim for best song on the release but as the EP plays it is challenged song by song especially with the likes of the excellent engaging indie pop of ‘Back Down’ with a punk heart that illuminates the track, the heavy post punk riffage laden  ‘Fading Out’, and the blended metal/pop urgency of ‘Obsideo’. All tracks show the excellent diversity the band brings to their music; no track is similar to another with each having its own style that though influenced by many spices is distinctly Never The Last Breath. The combination of Manti and Dan (guitars), MilkyBar Kid (bass), Oolay (drums) and Lisa create music that defies description and labelling, and it would be a surprise if anyone could not find something for them within this release. From punk rock, metal of varied shades to indie pop fans there is something for everyone within the tapestry of sound Never The Last Breath creates.

As mentioned every song is striving for best track of the EP and really because of the quality of all it will vary in choice from listener to listener, saying that though the obvious contenders are two versions of the same song. ‘Chick’ is a brooding absorbing mix of light and dark moving from enticing and incessant metal grooves into a dark heavy into intrusive and threatening black weave of metal. Lisa’s voice enhancing every stage of the song backed by harsh guttural growls, think early Senser/Suicide Silence and it gives vague idea. The Price Of Diversity also contains a remix of the song where the vocals with and there is an aggressive death metal male lead now backed by Lisa. From this vocals change the dynamics of the song are effective wonderfully changed bringing a death metal intensity and primal passion to an already excellent song. There is nothing to choose between either tracks both are distinct but equally excellent.

  The Price Of Diversity verges on perfection, it really is that good and impressive.  As mentioned there is no way to accurately describe the sound of Never The Last Breath to others, maybe No Doubt crossed with Iwrestledabearonce and Asking Alexander, though it still is a mere clue only. What is evident is that this EP had to be checked out by all who want something special in their music.

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