In Search of Sun – The World is Yours

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In 2012 UK rockers Driven released the outstanding A Breakdown Of Character EP, an introduction which lit ears with a combined skilled invention and explosive potential leading to declarations of major success for the band ahead. Then they fell quiet and off the map, or so we thought here at The RR. In fact what happened was the band took on the name of In Search of Sun, an event and realisation lost as wave upon wave of propositions elsewhere persistently continued to grab attention. So it was a surprise and thrill to receive The World is Yours from Emma at Pluggin’ Baby, the new single from the London hailing In Search of Sun, and find ourselves accosted by a familiar but seriously fresh and impressive presence. Taken from the band’s 2014 album with the same name as the single, something else we annoyingly missed, The World is Yours is a blaze of contagious and tempestuous strains of metal and rock feeding the appetite and inciting the passions as the quintet get to work on their new songs and release.

The beginnings of the band were cast in a fiercer, uncompromising seeding of sound but even then the music never lacking insistent grooving and open diversity. In no time Driven/ In Search of Sun was an attention grabbing proposition live, the sharing of stages with the likes of Evil Scarecrow, Knuckledust, Absolva, Mortad, Painted Smiles, IKILLYA, Skreamer, Second Rate Angels, Stormbringer, Sacred Mother Tongue, Cypher 16, Cambion, The More I See and many more on their CV to date. September of last year saw the release of The World is Yours through Raging Demon Entertainment, a seriously well-received encounter now spawning its title track as the band’s new single.

In Search of Sun band pic 1   Produced by Phil Kinman (Deadly Circus Fire/Tank/Paul Di’Anno) and mastered by Harry Hess (Cancer Bats), the single quickly grips attention with its opening flame of sound. Guitars stroke ears as a lovely dark bass tone resonates amidst the more percussive rhythms. The first few seconds gives no hint to the direction of the song though, its opening bait suggesting anything from a raging riot of sound, to a ska kissed saunter, or indeed a rock pop escapade. Once a spicy groove emerges all bets are on a fiery proposal of rock ‘n’ roll, anticipation confirmed as the excellent sandy vocals of Adam Leader step forward. He is instantly recognisable for these ears as too the flavoursome craft of guitarists Rory Kay and David Mena Ferrer who are soon spinning a web of enterprise and sonic imagination. The rigorous rhythms of drummer Sean Gorman and pulsating bass lures of Faz Couri provide another irresistible enticing of contagious bait, thoughts of that first EP there but in the background as everything align to impressive and roar like the devilish offspring of a union between Bloodsimple, P.O.D., and Nonpoint.

Hooks and grooves spring from every direction as the track continues to create an irresistible anthemic tempting on ears and emotions, and it is easy to suggest the band has realised all the promise from that first encounter way back whilst opening the lid to a vat of even more exciting potential. In Search of Sun rigorously impressed back in 2012 and three years later, well they have lit a new major fire with The World is Yours.

New single The World is Yours is out now on iTunes and the album available via

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Taberah – Necromancer

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A very agreeable merger of classic and power metal with melodic flames licking the imagination from within, Necromancer the new album from Tasmanian metallers Taberah makes for one rather tasty and satisfying encounter. Fusing a mix of essences which reap the seeds of Iron Maiden like heavy metal, AC/DC spawned classic rock ‘n’ roll, and the over blown revelry of Powerwolf, the album is a richly enjoyable ride which arguably is low on originality but high on accomplished perfectly sculpted pleasure.

With seeds blossoming from 2004 through guitarist/vocalist Jonathon Barwick and drummer Tom Brockman, Taberah has built a mighty reputation and following through firstly the Tasmanian live music scene on to the Australian shores and beyond. Handpicked by Lemmy for the Sydney leg of Motorhead’s 2011 Australian tour the band earned equally potent reactions from their own shows and the sharing of stages with artists such as Paul Di’anno, Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens, LORD, Psycroptic, Black Majesty and many more. 2011 also saw the release of the band’s debut album The Light Of Which I Dream, recorded with producer Joe Haley of Psycroptic, the record drawing strong acclaim around the world. Its successor Necromancer looks set to cement their stature and take it up a few more levels and though arguably it offers little truly new, the Dust On The Tracks Records released album leaves nothing less than eager satisfaction from its creative revelry.

With guitarist Myles Flood and bassist Dave Walsh alongside Barwick and Brockman, the album opens up with the mighty 2012. InstantlyTaberahNecromancerthe great throaty bass growl conjured from Walsh seduces the ear whilst crisp beats stand by its side with anticipation for the melodic flames of guitar. Next group harmonies light the air before the delivery of Barwick impressively delivers the lyrical narrative within a mesh of sonic imagination and striking craft. As energetically inviting as it is infectiously compelling, the song makes a great start to the album offering expectations what they wish for and intrigue plenty to find thrills within especially the excellent solo mid-way.

Dying Wish continues the riveting introduction with its colourful sinew clad riot of power/glam metal. There is a Cooperesque breath to the track especially early in its presence which catches the ear and with a contagious gallop of a chorus the track like the first provides all the aural manna needed to brawl with a wide smile on the passions.

From here on in the album ebbs and flows in its contents and originality thus also in success though plenty of that is down to personal preferences as much as the songs. The melodically weaved encounter Burning In The Moonlight, the dramatic Warlord, and the acoustically shaped Don’t Say You’ll Love Me are prime examples, all hard to dismiss and mark down such their craft and open imagination but still they are unable to generate a spark for the passions to grip on to. Amongst this trio there is the excellent title track to keep the release hanging on to its earlier heights though, the track a climactic march of air flailing riffs and flesh stripping rhythms creating a web for vocals and harmonies to paint their provocative and descriptive tale. As across the whole of Necromancer, from drums to bass, guitars to vocals everything is irrepressibly potent and skilled, all coming together in this instance for a ferocious yet merciful rampage.

Further highlights are unveiled in the shapes of the explosive and sonically absorbing For King And Country and the outstanding beast of a track The Hammer Of Hades where the band finds a carnivorous predation to accost the ear not seen previously on the album. It is a thunderous treat which leaves the closing harmonic sunset of  My Dear Lord quite pale in comparison though the bonus track Burn ensures the album ends on a final storm of incendiary rock ‘n’ roll.

Necromancer is a very decent and satisfying album which declares Taberah as one of the bands within melodic/heavy metal able to really fuse old school and modern metal into a voracious if debatably slightly unadventurous pleasure.


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Legions of Crows – Stab Me

The debut album Stab Me from UK blackened doomsters Legions of Crows is a gnarly vindictive release that walks the fine line between appalling the senses and lighting them up with unconventional and deliberately challenging intrusions. Even after numerous listens one does not know whether to consign it to the moving on or the lay back and let it violate again and again folder. For all the release’s disjointed caustically seemingly nonviable sounds and ideas it is deeply mesmeric though not always with a clear distinction why.

Coming from Salisbury Legions of Crows consists of Attila (vocals, keyboards, programming), joined on the CD by Herod (guitars, bass) and Jon “The Revelator” Maple (spoken word, vocals). Despite the demo in 2009 Cacophonous Aural Wickedness the band is still relatively unknown though it grabbed enough attention to fuel a link up with Funeral Rain Records for their debut album’s release.

      Legions of Crows is a venomous release, the band’s uncompromising hatred, disgust, and nihilistic opinion on everything from religion and politics to conforming to an oppressive life and its directors, dripping with caustic intensity throughout. The intent and vehemence disruptively provocative from the band and as challenging and consuming as their crushing black sounds. As the eight tracks do their worst one feels like they are being judged and punished whilst at the same time having every sense fed with unexpected but addictive creativity, like the worst hypnotic horror no matter how you try you cannot turn away or really want to. 

The album is book ended by two tracks that evolve from church like ‘innocence’ into blackened malevolence. The opener ‘Provident Hymn-Malediction’ starts with church bells and a chilly atmosphere to bring forth a hymn which is soon consumed by a heavy ominous doom fuelled sound and threatening riffs. When the two merge further along it is a disconcerting but hypnotic effect. Alongside the clean choir vocals the wizened crone like vocals of Atilla spit venom and despise to ensure no moral comfort will be freely given. Closing track ‘Coventry Carol’ has a similar start, a church organ announcing and accompanying the blackened aural monstrosity devouring all senses. The track then turns into another hymn like doom dirge with the guest vocals of Paul Di’Anno (Iron Maiden, Battlezone) leading the way with the venomous tones of Attila in the background alongside a wonderful choir like backing from Tracey Benecke, the contrast between all and the punishing sounds extremely agreeable.

In between the other tracks are threatening, distorted and doom metal at its more ingenious. Though the sounds on the surface do not immediately stand out from those found elsewhere it is with the delving into a tracks depth and focusing on the creative use and placing of unexpected and unpredictable elements that make the release a more eager proposition. At times tracks such as ‘Legions Of Crows’ with its electronic taunts , ‘Carrion Pond Drove’ and its disturbed filthy beauty and carnal like bestiality, and ‘Bullshit Acres’ intrigue and experiment with the senses as they twist them inside out with slowly crushing riffs and melodies from the blackest abyss. The latter is a formidable march of deliberate antagonistic intensity and probing brutality and easily the best track on the album.

Whether Stab Me will bring Legions of Crows to a much wider recognition it is hard to tell as the album will certainly put off as many as it draws into its black tapestries. It needs work to listen to and many are never prepared to go deeper to explore and welcome the expressions and borderline indulgences bands like Legions Of Crows bring forth. Stab Me is far from being an album of the year choice and still leaves one undecided but it does invite regular continued assessment.

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