Top Buzzer – Inside is a Room Vol. 1EP


It has been two and a half years since British pop punk ‘n’ rollers Top Buzzer had us leaping around with the thrilling stomp of The Sprollie EP. It is a time though which has seen the band still a busy live proposition and its members, especially vocalist/bassist Andy ‘Dukey’ Duke, get involved in a horde of other projects and bands alongside the ‘day job’. Now to stir up and entertain ears at home again, the London based trio have uncaged the Inside is a Room Vol. 1 EP; four tracks of the band’s inimitable and contagious rock ‘n’ roll. It might be more recognisable prime Top Buzzer devilry but the release also reveals a broader embracing of punk and varied rock flavours within a fresh snarl and even keener hooks than ever.

Originally Jersey bred and formed in 2011, Top Buzzer has been a feisty punk proposition from day one, in sound and DIY attitude. Quickly they created their own label Back2Forward Records for first release, the Hands Up EP, and in turn the highly successful single Remission which followed. Praise and support followed across the written press, such as Kerrang, Rock Sound, and Big Cheese and on radio as UK and US shows and stations, terrestrial and online, took a shine to their mischievous pop punk revelry. Debut album Outside Is A World, again released that first year, grabbed greater and keener attention which was subsequently eclipsed by The Sprollie EP in 2013 and the band’s contribution a year earlier to the 2012 Rebel On The Underground – A Tribute To X-Ray Spex compilation.

As mentioned it has been a fair old gap between releases, but now Dukey, guitarist/vocalist Soni, and drummer/vocalist Welshy ensure the wait for something new is a quickly forgotten moan with Inside is a Room and indeed opener Trapped In The Room. Straight away ears are accosted by a swarm of riffs and rhythms, guitars and bass instantly lining that initial surge with sharp catchy hooks before expanding them further as the song settles into its tenacious stroll. Feet and hips are a swift blur to the equally animated nature and motion of the song. Dukey’s familiar tones adding to the recognisable air of the song but equally pushing the new lusty and punchy nature to the band’s sound. Like the ‘bad’ kid down the road your mother warned you about, the one destined to cause trouble and encourage develop bad habits, the track stirs up the spirit and an urge to lose inhibitions.

That same irresistible nagging arises with Meanwhile in San Francisco and its deliciously spicy melodic beckoning around Welshy’s enslaving anthemic bait. There is a touch of The Vibrators to the song as it settles and blossoms a thick lure of beats and bass temptation whilst on top Soni’s guitar uncages a blues frisked spiral of sonic enterprise. Ultimately creating a rousing proposal which at times is almost akin to Toy Dolls meets The Adicts, the track has body and voice firmly involved before allowing Denny’s Song the chance to run its grittier hard rock meets pop punk persuasion by ears for a matching success. Again resistance to getting physically and emotionally involved is futile once hooks and swinging rhythms seize hips and the imagination; the vocals across the band only stirring things up further with their boisterous encouragement.

The EP ends with the old school punk seeded Live is Blind where the three prong vocal attack alone is a riveting and thickly enjoyable incitement. Imagine The Ramones, Radio Stars, and The Wildhearts colluding for a riotous, rip-roaring stomp and Top Buzzer have that covered with the excellent closer to another thrilling incitement of ears and bold fun.

We have had a serious sweet tooth for Top Buzzer since that first EP, no denying that, and with releases like Inside is a Room EP, it only gets more acute. Pop infested punk ‘n’ roll does not get much more fun and to be honest better than this.

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Top Buzzer – The Sprollie EP


It has been two years since pop punksters Top Buzzer paraded their irresistible talents and mischievous sounds on debut album Outside Is a World, twenty four months or so full of impatience certainly in the past half a year waiting for more of their devilish goodness. Finally the London based quartet has returned to tease and rummage in our ears with a new energetic slice of punk rock devilment in The Sprollie EP. Consisting of four songs which in many ways continues where the album left off whilst bringing another fresh sail to their contagious flights of creative fancy, the release does not exactly surprise in any shape or form but as an encounter which leads the passions and body into a compelling dance of pleasure, it is one thrilling riot of enterprising infectiousness.

Hailing originally from Jersey and formed in 2011, the band has driven their own path from day one, creating their own label Back2Forward Records as they made their debut with The Hands Up EP and forging an impressive reputation for their live performances especially once they relocated to London. First single Remission and the aforementioned album took the band into the media awareness of everyone home and in the US from Kerrang, Rock Sound and Big Cheese in the written press, Kerrang, Q Radio, BBC Introducing, KROQ, and Marky Ramone’s Punk Rock Blitzkrieg show on the radio, and internet forging shows like and The Bone Orchard. The new EP follows their stunning contribution to the 2012 Rebel On The Underground – A Tribute To X-Ray Spex compilation, a release in aid of the US charity Sweet Relief, and sees original members vocalist/bassist Dukey, guitarist/vocalist Becksi, and drummer/vocalist Welshy joined by newest member on guitar and vocals Soni.  Alongside the release of The Sprollie EP, Top Buzzer are currently playing European shows with Californian legends Face To Face and CH3 leading to their appearance at the Rebellion Festival. They have never been away really despite our opening line, with a wealth of gigs but something tangible in hands and ears for everyday use is what was yearned for and now satisfied by this delicious treat.

First to accost and light up the ears on the release is Mannish Girl, an irrepressible piece of pop punk with the distinctive Top Buzzer a0483369368_2stamp of irritatingly addictive hooks and tongue in cheek intent, though that part of the song’s anatomy does wander to lick at and incite everything from ear and senses to thoughts and passions. From the opening flurry of riffs and rhythmic beckoning the song launches straight into its tempting chorus which lays its lures in two parts before Dukey begins the simple and irreverently appealing narrative. Flames of grooves and melodic barbs swing out from within the hungry drive of the song, the guitar sculpted persuasion reminding of The Vibrators whilst the vocal mix and melodic suasion offers a mix of Baddies and seventies band The Flys from within something wholly Top Buzzer.

The following Look At You initially gallops into view with hooks and riffs open before finding a canter of fiery imagination ridden by the ever boisterous delivery of Dukey vocally and on bass matched in eagerness by the rhythms of Welshy and the great group backing vocals. There feels something different to those to be honest, whether that is the presence of Soni adding his tones we will find out in due course , but there is a great variety behind the lead delivery which captures the imagination as much as the heated guitar play around them.

We Are Merely Filters has the sense of early Buzzcocks to its initial impression, the again virulently infectious call of the song leading energies on a rampant swagger of invention and rascality. Midway the song slips into a blues/ska smelling stroll which for personal tastes pulls the charge of the song up into a near stall though its creation and craft is excellent, but back into the romping pace and energy which set off the track it leaves only the strongest taste and pleasure in its feisty wake.

Final track Wet Pets is one minute of Dickies like shenanigans, a burst of punk roasting with the anthemic heights of a bunny girl. It is pure bliss and completes another scintillating release from one of Britain’s best punk rock bands. The Sprollie EP is a real joy and rock ‘n’ roll at its infectious best, and as the release plays in greedy ears whilst writing another thought comes to life…maybe in all the best senses of the description Top Buzzer is the twenty first century reincarnation of The Leyton Buzzards…just a thought.


RingMaster 29/07/2013

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Top Buzzer – Outside Is A World

Channel Island band Top Buzzer with the release of their single ‘Remission’ a mere few weeks ago, immediately raised an excited enthusiasm for the imminent release of their debut album. The track’s instant burst of irresistible melodies and punk hooks wrapping around smart stinging lyrics, the best possible invite to investigate the album.
Outside Is A World is unleashed June 27th on their own label Back2Forward Records and The Ringmaster Review can announce that the album more than lives up to the awaiting enthusiastic anticipation and in fact goes far beyond. Consisting of eleven vibrant songs the Jersey trio have created a release that gets the pulse racing, body moving, and smiles flowing with their punk pop directness and ingenuity. Though recorded in the UK it was mainly mixed in New York City by Kennan Keating (Nine Inch Nails and Blondie), finding a combination of British and US vision that brings an overall openness and directness that delights.
Over the brief years the band has been operating, they have shared stages with the likes of Futureheads, Macabees, and Primal Scream and from the album there is no doubt they have watched, noted and learned from those bands, taking the strongest elements and turning them into their own unique attributes. Rippling with firm riffs and addictive melodies and hooks that never let go, each song on Outside Is A World is a mini event culminating in one big show of an album.
It opens up with the punk burst of ‘All I Want To Do’, all attitude and personal social commentary delivered in an enticing vibrancy of sound, the guitar of Becksi surging skilfully as Welshy drives the track with his firm and direct drumming; the punchy bass of Dukey completing the compulsive attack as he delivers the smart lyrics in the style of his playing. As the last note drifts away second track ‘Wake Up Call’ takes over with a Devo like opening riff and its group chant chorus, defying all not to join in by the second repeat of the line. Here as with many songs there is a deeper meaningful premise behind the cleverly and instant lyrical writing and delving is well worth the time.  
The single ‘Remission’ follows next, it’s brash, urgent, and witty representation of a relationships end still as essential from the first listen when appearing weeks back. The band calls on many punk influences from the late 70’s into the 80’s, reminders of bands stepping forth in the mind as the album moves through track after track. They are never big elements though as the sound is distinctly Top Buzzer nothing more, the references mere spices. From the Radio Stars/Max Raptor feel of the single through to the Baddies tone of ‘Are You In?’, and in ‘You’re So Good You’re Great’ with its punk vibe of The Lurkers, there are varied flavours the threesome bring to their energised punk rock and make their own.
With their ability to bring into and use without indulgence simple but siren like hooks and melodies the songs fly by but always with total satisfaction. Not in sound so much but in that style of songwriting they recall The Undertones especially in the last two tracks on the album, the lustful ‘When I Look At You’ and another song impossible to not sing-a-long with, ‘Deeply Shallow’.
Truly the whole album buzzes away and feeds the ear welcomingly, even the cover of the M song ‘Pop Musik’. If anyone can turn a song that we all know and probably wish we did not, into a great version I am still not sure but Top Buzzer give a fine attempt and it does bring plenty of smiles as well as showing how strong their own songs are in comparison.
The eagerness to entertain by Outside Is A World is equalled by the total pleasure from listening. It is an irrepressible package that shows Top Buzzer are about to take centre stage for many more people as they come across the album. Spread the word and bless many more with the sounds of Top Buzzer.
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