Caan: Into The Night

Not so long ago we were introduced to Caan through previous single Every Little Thing, a song which swept one up in a soaring electronic atmosphere and darkly infectious tenderness. Caan Capan, formerly of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool, now returns with new single Into The Night to further provide mesmeric evidence of his fine composing and songwriting ability.

The single is inspired by the formative years of Caan when he listened to UK garage. On it he employs cavernous and ambient arenas of sound wonderfully meshing them with distracted beats and expansive melodic weaves for a full presence.

Released June 11th through Camouflage Recordings, the single pulls one into its depths with a subtle infection and swarming breath of crystalline melodic dazzles. The track offers a suggestion it will erupt into a lively piece than it is but the song is still fully effective and invasive with its enveloping mix of drone inspired energy and pulsating hypnotic synths a pore consuming warmth. Though the song does not light up the ear as much as its predecessor it still treats and spoils the senses with music to feel and absorb with eagerness. It also welcomingly lingers long after its departure to ignite the wish to hear and discover more from the artist.

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Caan – Every Little Thing

A song which on the first listen has one swept up in its flow and joining in like it had been heard multiple times before is not exactly rare but when the deeply infectious pull is triggered by a track dripping dark friendship and not resorting to obvious ploys, it is a special and impressive moment not often come across. The new single from Caan falls into this category, the song a soaring electronic atmospheric piece of composing which wraps itself around the ear with a caring tenderness and almost disturbed passion that cannot fail to engage.

Caan Capan, formerly of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool is back with his second single Every Little Thing, a vibrant piece of work that lays down strong anticipation for his forth coming debut album which is nearing completion. Following up his acclaimed first single Now Hear This My Friends, and his version of the Japan classic song Ghosts which has also been instrumental in raising the praise laid upon him from not only fans but the likes of John Lloyd from Tribes, Eddy Temple Morris and original Japan member Richard Barbieri as well, the new release out March 19th via Camouflage Recordings is sure to increase the attention going the way of Caan.

Every Little Thing pulsates throughout with a subdued yet mesmeric light behind a weighty dark atmosphere. The synths resonate with a distilled vitality which slowly spreads over and through the ear, a slowly dawning shadow that is fulfilling and infectious. The piano that veins the track is wonderfully dramatic and emotive giving a depth and passion to the song in tandem with the bright and expressive vocals of Caan. As mentioned the song is irresistible and impossible not to add a voice to, an impressive quality when the emotion throughout is shadowy and heady. It has a charm and simple flow that ensures full engagement and a familiarity of friendship that is hard to deny.

The track comes with two remixes, the first the classic synth pop Stockholm radio edit and the other a remix from Swedish dub step talent Dynamikk. Both take the track down different paths though not too far from the core of the song, the first is a popular mix which complements the original with the latter giving it a sturdier and more robust feel which works rather well.

If electronic music with thought and variation is the key for your senses than definitely take a listen to Every Little Thing, and join the eager queue for the imminent album from Caan.

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