No Religion – Self Titled EP

There seem a few bands with the same moniker across the globe but the one making a really potent impression with their latest release is a British duo crafting highly enjoyable and suggestive instrumental rock as heavy as it is melodically potent. There is not a great deal we can tell you about Bradford hailing No Religion apart from it consists of guitarist Andy Ledder and drummer Darren Brearton who together made up one half of the sadly demised melodic rockers One Day Remains who grabbed attention with The Agony Is Abated EP back in 2011/12.

In sound though, the pair make a real vocal statement; the three songs making up their latest and we are assuming debut EP, an adventure for ears and imagination alike. Opening track, One Line, quickly takes the senses to a darkly intriguing place. Its opening coaxing is almost portentous, a sonic vapour from within which wiry grooves and spiny melodies collude as the swinging beats of Brearton land with purposeful intent. The hook lined surface of those grooves make for a nagging appeal, Ledder using every note as suggestive bait for ears and thoughts. The cinematic air of the piece is a mix of danger and adventure, a creative emprise which is as compelling as it is enterprising with a nice essence of Irish project Arcade Messiah to it.

Second song is Devils Grin, a thick embrace of sound more emotionally intensive than the bolder almost heroic escapade of its predecessor. Ledder again spins a web of melodic exploration as Brearton’s rhythms roam with weight and poise, punctuating every twist and turn in the sonic design of the track. The shadowy depths of the piece add to its emotive design, ears and imagination firmly and increasingly engaged before Blind brings the release to a fine conclusion.

Though it never quite matches the strengths and temptations of the previous pair, the song rises up around ears like a dawning melodic sunrise. Its bluesy air and country-rock scent are fresh hues within a piece of music hinting at dark moments and danger trespassed surrounds but keeping them at bay with its elegant melody woven poetry.

There is no obvious connecting theme to the three pieces of music making up the EP, each seemingly offering individual premises, yet they still feel like they are part of a bigger adventure; glimpses of a broader creative travelogue and emotional subterfuge. Most importantly though, they offer a first listen to the potential loaded imagination and sure craft of No Religion in a release which may not provide major surprises but has ears enthralled and an appetite for more eager with ease.

The No Religion EP is out now through iTunes and other stores.

Pete RingMaster 23/05/2017

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One Day Remains – The Agony Is Abated EP

One could argue that the hard rock genre over the past decade has been at its strongest and with new bands appearing on every street corner will carry on staying at that intensity for a long time to come. From the various subgenres of it and bands like Nickelback, Creed and Hinder through to the new breed like Our Innocence Lost and The Ourz, not forgetting the return of The Darkness, as much as we try, fans have been spoilt and had a feast this past decade. Now there is another band to firmly add to the new breed camp and they are One Day Remains from Bradford, UK.

The quartet consisting of Liam Jarvis on vocals, guitarist Andy Ledder, and Jord Doherty and Daz Brearton, bass and drums respectively, have just released their debut EP The Agony Is Abated showing they are a force to watch closely and to listen to intently. Consisting of a trio of tracks it is an inspiring collection of songs that shows a distinct ability to write and create melodic and heavy music that is passionate and emotive.  

The band is becoming renowned for their very lively shows and though the EP does not portray the franticness of their gigs it does clearly reproduce the intensity. Their sound recalls the likes of Alter Bridge, where maybe or maybe not the band’s name comes from,  Seether , and Staind, though One Day Remains carry a power often missing in those bands.

Opening track ‘The Reason’ immediately sets the tone with commanding basslines and forceful drums whilst Ledder’s guitar is soulful and probing in equal measure. The vocals of Jarvis brings home the emotion of the words cleanly and impressively, never forced but a flowing part of the song, there is no sense there is a star in the band and that all stand equally in contribution and prowess.

The impressive quality is continued into the second track ‘Try’ with the same set up of stirring riffs, especially the surging metal one that leaps out from time to time, and eager melodies. The song is a neat blend of metal and hard rock in places and at one point was almost moshable, if one rushed. As previously mentioned the band is a shared four way unit but it has to be said the guitar of Ledder is especially impressive on this track.

Broken Lies’ closes the EP, a slow ballad paced track that is powerful for its emotion though against the previous two tracks slips a level, but that is more down to personal taste as certainly the song is a well constructed and presented piece of music and words.

The Agony Is Abated EP is an impressive debut for a band that will easily become a friend to more and more ears over the months ahead. The only criticism that could be levelled at it is the similarity across the tracks but in many ways that is clutching at straws for something to level against it and with the songs being this strong for a first release One Day Remains has a more than promising future ahead.

To steal a closing line from the band themselves  ”… Spread the word, One Day Remains…”

Pete RingMaster 28/06/2011 Registered & Protected

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