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Having impressed with the single Lose Control just a few weeks back, UK alternative rockers Nishe now back it up with the equally pleasing Underlaps EP. The single was a tenacious temptation on ears and imagination with the ability to linger in thoughts after its departure. The band’s new offering is all that times four with a quartet of songs which either eclipse, match, or closely back up their acclaimed predecessor, but all leaving pleasure rich and the reputation of Nishe further enhanced.

The London based trio first made their mark with debut EP This is Nishe early 2014, around a year after forming. It swiftly drew praise and attention as well as airplay on local and web radio, the likes of BBC Introducing included in those drawn to the band’s sound on both sides of the Atlantic. Lose Control made an even bigger impact which the threesome of Giovanni Zappa (lead vocals, guitar, electronics), Harold Wilson (bass), and Nicolas Py (drums) look like pushing on again with Underlaps.

Artwork Underlaps (EP)_RingMaster Review   The EP starts with the rousing exploits of Out Of Place, the track a wash of riffs from its first breath and a rolling rhythmic stomp a few moments later. Quickly into a robust stride complete with jangly hooks, a fuzzy atmosphere, and energetic resourcefulness, the song easily incites emotions and appetite with its angular but well-rounded rock ‘n’ roll temptation. A little scuzzy, a touch grungy, and all anthemic prowess, an impressive and dynamic start to Underlaps is made, a success continuing with Minors.

The second song breaks on ears with a bass grumble and a tempestuous air bred by Py’s rhythms and Zappa’s guitar but swiftly relaxes into a ska kissed swagger with mellow and expressive vocals. This comes with an immediate virulence which has hips and the imagination enslaved, its Fall Out Boy meets [Spunge] like adventure irresistible, but just one passage in the imagination driving the song. Blues rock, punk pop, and fiery rock all join the colour and invention shaping the majorly thrilling escapade, the track simply and powerfully another contagion fuelled slice of rock ‘n’ roll from Nishe.

Warm reggae seeded seducing lines the opening of Want It Back next, the song soon boiling up its indie rock invention to similarly potent and enticing effect. It is fair to say that the song does not reach the same heights as its predecessors yet with magnetic invention inspiring its grooves and catchy hooks, the song holds keen ears firm whilst the band’s obvious passion simply translates into the heart and captivating roar of the encounter.

Closing track (All My) Sense Blows is the most ‘reserved’ track on the EP, tempting rather than imposing on attention but with boisterously engaging rhythms, pulsating electronic flirtation, and the ever rich persuasion of the vocals and melodies, it only sparks full enjoyment with its emotive blaze. Revealing more of the depth to the band’s songwriting, the song brings Underlaps to a thoroughly satisfying and eventful close.

This year has been a strong one in the rise of Nishe but 2016 promises to be their most successful yet simply off the back of the excellent Underlaps.

The Underlaps EP is released December 11th

Pete RingMaster 10/12/2015

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Nishe – Lose Control

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Having missed their debut EP a couple years back, Lose Control is our first acquaintance with UK rock band Nishe, a long overdue one if their new single is the kind of thing we have been missing. Without turning the alternative/indie rock world on its head, the track is a sizzling temptation on ears and imagination but equally a lingering draw which hangs around like a brooding lover luring attention again and again. In a never ceasing torrent of tracks wanting to seduce your attention, it is a quality when aligned to impressive craft that does the band no harm at all.

cover_RingMaster Review   Hailing from London, Nishe consists of Giovanni Zappa (lead vocals, guitar, electronics), Harold Wilson (bass, backing vocals), and Thomas Romer-Smith (drums). It is a trio uniting their individual influences for a sound which fuses guitar led snarl and adventure with evocative and similarly infectious electronics. The This is Nishe EP was quick proof of that, its creation coming three months after the band emerged in the August of 2013. It was acclaimed and supported by quickly grouping fans as well as online press and radio shows, including BBC Introducing, on both sides of the Atlantic, many marking Nishe out as the band to watch closely.

Earlier this year, they visited New York where new inspirations struck the band’s songwriting and imagination, Lose Control the first slice of magnetic evidence to its effect. From the opening lure of synths, the song is in command, the rhythmic swing which follows increasing its potency as too the confident vocals of Zappa. Continuing to stroll with an infectiously smiling swagger, the track draws in richer flames of guitar, emotive tenacity, and simply more intensive enterprise from all aspects.

Increasingly compelling with every listen, the track is a tenacious blaze of guitar and electro rock, a contagion which may not be the best song heard this year but it will be one of those most remembered once it infects the psyche.

Lose Control is out on October 9th

Pete RingMaster 07/10/2015

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