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Monster Jaw  @ Neil Chapman (

Monster Jaw @ Neil Chapman (

Three tracks of scuzz kissed, punk bred garage rock, Get A Tattoo is a thoroughly captivating introduction to its creators Monster Jaw, a trio hailing from Leeds and Bradford. The band since forming has already been brewing a keen buzz around themselves and it is not hard to see why using their debut EP as evidence. Drenched in promise and an intriguing raw pleasure, the UK band have made an impressive and tempting start to what suspicions suggest will be a potent ascent through UK indie rock.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Mik Davis (ex-New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack), bassist Neil Short (ex- Down the Machine), and drummer John Bradford (ex-Utopian Love Revival), and formed in February of this year, Monster Jaw soon found themselves under attention for their live performances and mix of grunge, indie, and punk rock. Since announcing their arrival the trio has supported Stiff Little Fingers and New Model Army on their UK tours as well as having a track from the EP recently featured on the BBC Introducing Alan Raw Show. The release of Get A Tattoo takes it all up another gear as the Wes Maybe (The Libertines, Roger Waters, Robert Plant) produced EP produces a potential spark to a much fuller recognition.

Get A Tattoo opens with its title track, a smouldering enticement which takes time to burn its lingering mark but leaves an 1405_214930308680679_340717591_nappetite for its almost caustic charm. From a coaxing electronic whisper the guitar starts winding out its sonic bait around the ear as rhythms slowly walk the perimeter of the emerging design. A prowling encounter with Davis’ falsetto touched vocals a simmering lure, The Barracudas meets The Libertines with an infusion of The Boo Bradleys like track does not ignite major flames within its presence or the passions but certainly makes an infection leaden starter to a release which only gets stronger as it unveils its other two thirds.

We Don’t Care About Anything is the next to strike and makes an instant recruitment of the imagination and emotions. With striding rhythms guiding the song as the bass of Short stomps its own path through the garage punk bred adventure, a contagion is soon rioting with the passions as choppy riffs tease the ears whilst sonic enterprise strokes them with tempered rascality, the distinctive croon of Davis melting over the stirring concoction. Not reaching two minutes in length, the track is a simple but gripping romp of punk rock designed to enslave.

The closing Summer Girl is nagging at the senses with its persistent riffs from its first breath whilst the bass intimidatingly roams the intrigue being woven over thoughts. The open Pixies like enticement is accentuated by the great vocal mix, Davis leading with a dour hypnotic delivery whilst harmonies add their appealing vibrancy light the shadows and dance with the melodic hook which like the riffs has a repetitive toxicity which is quite delicious. The best song of the three, it brings an exciting release to a thrilling close.

Whether the production fully exploits the depths and temptress like potency of the songs can be debated, only the last really striking a flint to enflame the passions as all the songs deserve, but Get A Tattoo is fuelled by a potential which is mouth-watering and surely will be furthered and fully realised over future time and releases. Anticipation for that is already clouded with impatience.


RingMaster 13/12/2013

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