Lost Without Cause – Revival

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It has been a while since outfit Lost Without Cause had ears and appetite grabbed with mini album Take Back Everything, six years in fact, but now they are back with a brand new release and a sound which has matured and blossomed into one powerful statement. The Revival EP is an encounter which if it does not get you first time around will on its second sweep through ears. Each of its four songs comes blessed with melodic enterprise and instinctive infectiousness, traits admittedly just as open in its predecessor, but bred with a new confidence of imagination and craft which alone commands attention.

Hailing from the South East of England, Lost Without Cause consists of vocalist/bassist Simon Marks, drummer JamesJJ’ Jaggers, and newest member in guitarist Tony Stead. Formed in 2004, the band swiftly stoked eager fans and attention with their pop infused alternative rock sound. 2011 saw Take Back Everything stir up a whole new ball game of recognition with its lead single, Trigger and accompanying video, being heavily featured on Kerrang TV and supported on national and online radio shows. Live the band has shared stages with the likes of Bastille, Kids In Glass Houses, Fozzy, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis, Sacred Mother Tongue, My Passion, The Crave, Koopa, Fei Comodo, None The Less, Saving Aimee and many more. Revival in some ways reflects the ‘return ‘of the band and what is sure to be a regenerated rise in their reputation and presence within the British music scene.

Breathe starts things off and the track instantly has attention hooked as the dark grumble of Marks’ bass lines up alongside his strong expression carrying vocals. JJ‘s beats in turn hit with relish before it is all wrapped in the melodic enterprise of Stead.  Instantly appetising and swiftly infectious, the song proceeds to stroll with wild nostrils and flirtatious hooks, its melodic jangle a teasing lure in the jungle of more exacting rhythms. It is fair to say that previous song Trigger has been the marker for Lost Without Cause up to this point but no longer as Breathe steals its thunder.

The following Depleted brings a Green Day-esque feel to its rousing canter, a hue soon immersed in the band’s own character of sound and invention. Great vocal harmonies and support to Marks across the band light up an already earthily anthemic incitement; swinging rhythms and spicy grooves all adding to the riotous yet skilfully controlled encounter.

Teardrops and Cigarettes in contrast is a mellow aired, warm seduction playing like a blend of China Crisis and Placebo with a further spice of Jimmy Eat World involved. Its gentle but lively sway has hips quickly involved, the sultry strains of the guitar courting the imagination as swiftly though it is the vocal unity again and the song’s adventurously imaginative landscape which seals the deal, not forgetting one glorious finale of emotion and power.

The EP finishes with Another End, a slice of rock pop which might not quite match up to those before it for personal tastes but only adds to the overall pleasure with its catchy rock ‘n’ roll and sonic dexterity.

Listening to Revival, it is easy to feel that Lost Without Cause’s time to make an indelible mark is imminent, if not with their fiercely flavoursome new EP with whatever comes next.

Revival is out now across most online stores.

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Pete RingMaster 10/10/2017

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Evanstar: I Won’t Regret

   I Won’t Regret is the stunning debut release from UK alternative rock band Evanstar, a single which despite the band being together barely long enough to raise a whisper let alone the riot of compulsive sound within their first introduction, is a strikingly impressive and enthralling feast of creative pleasure.

Only formed in September of this year, the Leicester based quartet of vocalist and rhythms guitarist Stuart James, lead guitarist Gary Yeates, bassist Mikey Yeates, and drummer Dan Farnell, instantly captivate thoughts and musical appetite with their rich and vibrant sounds. It is music which evokes emotions and passion, the band showing a refined craft to their blending of passion driven and boisterous energies with emotive and tender melodic imagination. Their influences are cited as the likes of Young Guns, You Me At Six, Deaf Havana, Foo Fighters, Alter Bridge, Stone Sour and more, that eclectic mix certainly offering a flavour of the sound the band bring but it is merely an expanse of spices which  the quartet merge into their own unique recipe.

I Won’t Regret announces itself with a glowing electronic sun, its crystalline radiance soaking the ear from the warm dazzling keys. As it soaks the senses the guitars begin to shape the song with scythes of riffs and sonic caresses. The initial gentle touch evolves into a stirring incitement as the beats become a forceful confrontation and the bass of Mikey brings a snarl to proceedings. Into the thick of its intensity the impressive vocals of Gary are expressive as the strong and passionate lyrics find a voice to share their heart. The thumping rhythms of Dan hold the senses tightly with their hypnotic strength whilst the guitars fire up the heart with a passion which is as unmistakable and invigorating as the energy and lyrical core of the song. As the track unleashes more of its smouldering emotive grandeur the track offers a mix of the inciting invention of Manic Street Preachers and the melodic washes of My Passion with the intense emotive depth of Mind Museum. It is a masterful and fiery experience which leaves one glowing in satisfaction and pleasure.

The single is completed by Living Nightmares, a song which shows Evan star can be just as mightily aggressive and direct as they were masterful in weaving skilful and impressive melodic sensations in the first track. Not that the track is lacking in provocative and heightened colourful harmonies and enflaming melodies, the song as heated and explosive in instinctive emotive force as in its predecessor, but here the raw and charged intensity with enslaves the appetite is a muscular and impacting show of the diversity within the band. It may only be two songs but already you feel Evanstar has much yet inside to unleash and great heights to rise to from an opening base which is immense and irresistible.

With I Won’t Regret, Evanstar has brought one of the most stunning debuts and introductions to ignite 2012, and for us their next release cannot come quick enough.


RingMaster 09/11/2012

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The City Divided – The Endless Moment EP

Released August 6th, The Endless Moment EP from UK pop metalers (yep the term made us shudder too) The City Divided is a rather impressive little creature which arguably sets greater promise for the band ahead than marks them as a major force right now. The reason for this is that though the four track release is startling at times and always intriguingly compulsive it also raises a few questions. Where it works which is in many places, it is an exciting and striking piece of work but there are moments where one is not sure where the band is going or their intent musically, and once or twice one asks if even the band are sure.

It should be noted at this point that we thoroughly enjoyed The Endless Moment despite what one hesitates to call ‘flaws’ raising uncertainty at times. The promo sheet for the release states the band with the EP ‘served up a resourceful slice of modern rock stirring the sounds of such bands as Busted, Dead By April, Iron Maiden, and Enter Shikari into the melting pot.’ A combination to inspire the listener or make them hide behind the sofa and it is this eclectic mix which leaves the biggest question mark over the band, their music encapsulating those and more in flavour to leave one unsure of what is in the thoughts of the band. For the main it does work and at times magnificently, it is just that the ‘confused’ blend at times makes one feel this could have been a classic with more control and a more puritanical hand on their ideas.

Since forming in 200, the quartet of vocalist/guitarist Alex Choo, guitarist Ash Maxwell, bassist James Langbridge, and drummer Alfie Powell, have built a strong and firmly growing following though their live shows which has seen them share stages with bands like We Are The Ocean, My Passion, Never Means Maybe, Heights, Fell Silent and The Eyes Of A Traitor. Their single Blue recorded with Dan Lancaster (Proceed) drew good acclaim something which The Endless Moment again recorded with Lancaster is sure to accelerate. It is an EP which crosses sub genres to offer something for many brought with a musicianship and accomplishment which is undeniable.

The release opens with Can’t Stop Their Laughing, a track which instantly sets the band apart. Off of an emotive piano caress and the great voice of Choo the song flexes its muscles with rippling riffs, firm rhythms and a shadowing glow of keys. It does not take long to notice the quality of the guitar work with the bass of Langbridge adding a depth with his instinctive presence within the craft of Choo and Maxwell. With stirring metal elements and scorching guitar strikes coming in behind the dual and varied clean vocals the track ups its intensity and adds dirty growls to the mix. This unfortunately does not work and as following songs show it is a mistake which threatens to derail the fine work already created. Thankfully here it is a brief and the beauty of the song spreads its wings as it progresses to make for a heated and very pleasing beginning.

Next up Higher Ground electrifies the atmosphere with sharp melodic guitar play and a brewing energy. It does not take long before the flat growls come in and one is again deflated. The clean and smooth vocals with Choo backed by Maxwell and Powell are outstanding whilst the scowling shouts work a treat throughout the whole release but the hardcore delivery is a mistake, a move which hopefully they review. The song has a classic metal feel which reminds of bands like Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold at times and is a boisterous riot combined with further strong passionate melodic enterprise. Though one hates to use the word pop it is bordering that field too but with a steel and bruising intent to keep it valid.

Though not as impressive as the opener the song is more than decent and matched by Watching The World Burn. The song has a more electro breath and is a restful piece of songwriting brought with a craft and air which is easy to immerse within. Again it does not light raging fires but shows the diversity and skill of the band perfectly and works well with its more singular direction. Its intelligent invention leads into the best track Waiting At The Gates, a bruising melodic metalcore beast. Once more the extreme vocals fall at the first hurdle but the rest of the track is a mighty and explosive piece of metal, the technical prowess and merciless aggression veined with strong melodic touches immense. Taste hopes the band explore this more in their future as the band have a real feel for the combination of extremes proven with this song.

The Endless Moment is a definite marker for a band more than likely to light up UK metal ahead whilst giving strong satisfaction in the here and now, even if it also leaves one with many thoughts.


RingMaster 02/08/2012

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Our Innocence Lost – Like A Complete Unknown

From Manchester, UK rockers Our Innocence Lost is a band with a difference. They robustly incite and flare up the senses like many other quality bands but surrounding their heavy forceful riffs and direct and far reaching melodies there is a passion and personality to their sounds which few other bands can bring as readily and consummately as the North West quartet. The music comes from beyond the heart, the band putting their soul into the eagerly absorbing creations they produce. Their new and second album Like A Complete Unknown is the perfect proof of their natural and organic use of this heartfelt emotion. It is taken and blended into an infectious melodic rock sound that never stands still, forever provocative and always trying new diverse ideas.

Formed in 2006 Our Innocence Lost has taken the UK by storm up and down its length as well as venturing over into the United States to great effect. Critical acclaim surrounded the band with the release of their debut album Facts Called Fiction via Sideout Records of Japan in 2008, the country alerted to a fine emerging rock band which was emphasised and built upon by a 36 date UK tour with American band Darling Waste and sharing stages with the likes of Voodoo 6, Glamour Of The Kill, Jody Has A Hitlist, Dear Superstar, Reckless Love, My Passion and Kiros over the past two years. Written and recorded during 2011 at Patron Studios with producer Elliot Middleton, Our Innocence Lost has unleashed in Like A Complete Unknown, an album which takes you to its heart instantly. It is a strong successor to their debut and more importantly an impressive continuation of the bands maturity and songwriting ability.

The album offers a heady blend of songs spawn from the flavoursome mix of alternative rock and post hardcore sounds that have evolved over the past years.  From the opening Worthless it attacks with a surety of a band confident in its path and skilled in its ability to get there. With sturdy riffs and attitude soaked vocals from James Holman the song plunders the ear with a defiance and strength which is impossible to resist. The guitar of Tom Crane is inventive as it leans on the senses with a striking melodic energy ably supported by the stirring bass of Steve Taylor and drummer Johnathan Kendrick, who constantly demands attention with his muscular beats.

One of the things that has grown within the band in the recent years is the harsher side of their sound, the post hardcore intensity raised to form a tight contrast and companion to the melodic prowess the band possesses. Holman growls and expresses a caustic malevolence at times which is an opposite extreme to his excellent clean vocals. It works impressively with the band using both spectrums seamlessly and always at the moments a song needs it.  Shout It Out is a perfect example. It is a song which engages the ear through mesmeric melodies and calm emotion but then removes the safety net with harsh interventions that stir things up wonderfully, expressing the lyrical turmoil to great effect. The song has led many people in eager anticipation for this new album, finding repeated airplay with the likes of The Reputation Introduces Radio Show. The song also raised expectations for the future which have been answered and surpassed with Like A Complete Unknown.

The songs come thick and fast in power and emotive creativity. The likes of the excellent End Of Time with a glorious bass led mid section where the band unleash their ability to out rock any band metal or other, the impressively diverse monster How Soon We All Forget, a song which easily combines a towering intensity and hard riffs with caressing smooth melodies, and the metal guided hard rock glory of Thank You take the album to distinct heights. It is a thoroughly consistent album too, from the more urgent strikes from songs like Breathe Deep and Over And Over to the inventive and exploratory sounds of the power ballad like Damaged Goods and Last Goodbye, the album never fails to bring a deep satisfaction and pleasure.

It is hard to pick any holes in the release apart from maybe an initial similarity which runs seemingly across it. Close attention shows that it is not so and there is a deep wealth of sound and variety within its walls but that initial impression does deceive quite strongly. Like A Complete Unknown is an excellent album from one of the very best emerging rock bands in the UK, do yourself a favour by taking a listen.


Ringmaster 09/03/2012


Ourfamous Dead: Claws at the Door

As the twilight weeks of last year closed their eyes there was one release which lit up those dark nights with a sound that roughed up the senses whilst mesmerising them at the same time. The EP in question was I Am Human from UK electro rockers Ourfamous Dead. Consisting of four tracks which stokes up limbs and emotions through infectious hook fuelled electronic punk sounds and eager explosive melodies, the release though not quite perfect installed the band as one to keep a close eye upon. Now the band returns with their new single Claws at the Door to not only repeat the irrepressible energy and intent found on the earlier release but to take it forward many huge steps to produce a song which is a feast for the ear.

Formed in 2009 the Leeds based band has made formidable strides in capturing attention and acclaim through their debut single Untitled Part 2 and the EP as well as their high energy live shows. The quintet found themselves under positive media scrutiny and as they continued to work hard sharing stages with the likes of The Blackout, Funeral For a Friend and Gallows. Now with the new single the anticipation that it will ignite 2012 for the band is more than a strong wish.

Claws at the Door is a track that demands and seizes attention from its opening dark electronic prowling around the ear right through to its punk punchy chorus to the siren bred climax. Showing a stronger maturity to their song writing the song is a well rounded and incessant beast which beats up the ear with the mix of punk, hardcore and electronica the band is becoming well known for. The vocals of AJ Reeves once more massage the ear with fine clean tones and a grouchy harsher delivery ably supported by the combined group shouts and chants of the rest of the band. This vocal blend is a perfect ally to the similarly enthused music, the guitars of Callum Knight and Rich Jennings, the pulsating bass of Simon Green, and the thumping rhythms of drummer Robin “Bobbyo” Speight, as one in pushing down defences with their aggressive punk urgency and revitalising them with a flowing melodic infection which permeates deeply. As the synths swirl and ignite emotions behind the forceful barracking, the song leaves one breathless for more and gives rise to an impatient anticipation for their forthcoming debut album.

In a mere few months the band has grown to reveal a sure hand on their creativity and a firmer definition to their sound. Ourfamous Dead have forged their own style which still lies between the likes of The Browning and Enter Shikari with flavouring of the likes of My Passion and Linkin Park but as the single indicates has evolved into music with its own breath and heart.

With a tour alongside another band to watch out for The Sun Explodes through April, a video for Claws at the Door due any day, and the previously mentioned album on the horizon, now is the right time to introduce yourselves to Ourfamous Dead, one of the most exciting UK bands around right now.



RingMaster 03/03/2012

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Ourfamous Dead – I Am Human

Earlier in the year Leeds electronicore punk band Ourfamous Dead released their single Untitled Part 2 and it was clear from then on they were a band to closely watch and there was a definite keen anticipation for the next offering from the band. The I Am Human EP is the follow up to be released November  14th and brings more of their striking and eager mix of infectious hook fuelled electronic punk sounds, swimming in attitude and irrepressible melodies to excite and engage.

Since their formation in 2009 Ourfamous Dead have worked steadily and intently in defining their sound and laying down foundations with gigs around the UK. Earlier this year they started work on the songs that make up the rippling and exciting I Am Human EP, working to the point where their ever growing following and the rest of the country and beyond can fully immerse in the band’s contagious sound.

The four track EP though not flawless is an impressive and vibrant release showing a band confident in their sound and ability. There is also a good varied mix to the songs in style but also in attack which in some bands might suggest a confusion of direction but with this quintet it comes off as more evidence of their writing skills and assuredness in their music and ideas. 

Rate My Hate’ opens up the release bursting in with a hardcore attack over pulsating synths that wrap themselves around the ear. Defiant musically and from the shouts of AJ Reeves, the track bristles with attitude and aggression before midway switching to a mellower and softer attack, the vocals of Reeves and drummer Robin “Bobbyo” Speight uniting in a harmonious flow that changes the songs emphasis firmly though the drums and guitars still continue to strike hard. Though it does not detract from the song it feels like it is in two parts that though they work seamlessly are more effective in the angrier thrust of the start.

The opening slow notes of a piano bring ‘Untitled’ into view next but it only takes a few seconds before the track erupts into a great pop punk track showing a different and impressive side to the band. Though not as to the fore as on the opener the synths of Rich Jennings wonderfully play as a support to the driving bass pulse of Simon Green and the striking guitars of Callum “crabcore” Knight. Reminding of the likes of Drive A the song flooded with excited energy straight form their live shows, hits hard and fast. This is the EP’s strongest and most satisfying track.

The third track again changes the approach with a strong blend of expressive and coaxing synths alongside a direct and powerful attack from the rest of the band behind clean melodic vocals and gang chants. The song never takes off fully despite the eagerness of the band but nicely stays with a subdued and full sound.  ‘The Great And Inevitable (Change)‘ is in many ways the strongest song writing wise with its good amalgam of styles all laid in an enticing tapestry of melodic play.

Untitled Pt.2‘ completes the package, its swirling synths once more seeking every sense it can to play with. The song mixes in a heavier moment showing the band’s capability to work with aggression as well as sweetly flowing harmonies.

The flaws? Well to be fair flaws is the wrong word it is more down to personal taste. The band lay somewhere between Enter Shikari and My Passion in many ways but it is when they increase the intensity and aggression that they take a distinct step forward. They are far from the likes of The Browning in that way but a harder edge to their music does make the band even more impressive.

I Am Human is a great and thoroughly enjoyable release that is more than agreeable to the ear and shows the immense potential of  Ourfamous Dead for the future.

RingMaster 04/10/2011

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