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King of Asgard – Karg

With their new album our introduction to King of Asgard, expectations of Karg were bred from the influence and suggestion of others. The band’s third album follows the widely acclaimed debut Fi’mbulvintr of 2010 and the similarly well-received …to North… Read More ›

Darkest Era – Severance

Taking the inventive promise and striking quality of their acclaimed debut album to another creative level, Northern Ireland band Darkest Era unveil their sophomore release Severance. It is a weighty and potently persuasive encounter sure to replicate and intensify the… Read More ›

Pilgrim II: Void Worship

The second chapter in their aural adventure embracing wizards and warriors in a doom metal landscape, Pilgrim – II: Void Worship is a transfixing album of heavyweight persuasion and similar intensive sounds. The eight track highly anticipated continuation of the… Read More ›