Lemonhaze – Mercury


Continuing their ascent within the British underground towards broader cast spotlights, Scottish quartet Lemonhaze recently released new single Mercury. Pulsating and roaring with the blending of indie and alternative rock with Neo-psychedelia hues, the song shimmers like a sun breaking from dark emotive shadows to transfix and infect the senses.

In many ways, the single offers few surprises in that it is another slice of the rich and adventurous sound the Paisley band is already becoming renowned for. But as with all their releases to date, there is new freshness in air and character from that of its predecessors as Lemonhaze continue to push their songwriting and boundaries.

Formed late 2012/early 2013, Lemonhaze consists of Gerald Doran (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Steven Hillcoat (lead guitar and vocals), Jonny Adams (bass and vocals), and Jamie McLachlan (drums and percussion). Their first year saw the band become a keen supported live presence on the Glasgow music scene, its successor marked by the band expanding their presence and over time gracing venues such as Manchester Academy, King Tuts, Oran Mor, Maggie May’s and many more. The Say Goodbye to Felix EP of 2013 poked at even wider recognition which subsequent singles have only added their creative weight to. Now it is Mercury working its lively melodic charm with no doubt more success and attention waiting for the band through it.

Keys caress ears on the song’s first breath, guitars and rhythms leaping in on the third with the pulsating bassline of Adams especially vocal and inviting. Doran’s vocals equally have the kind of natural invitation to them which is hard to ignore, both rich elements enticing within the melodic smoulder of keys and the elegant jangle of the guitars. Those keys also bring a great eighties spice to the mix whilst the celestial harmonies which seduce throughout hold a hint of The Communards to them.

The track continues to busily provide a tapestry of textures and infectious enterprise, its eager stroll enticing feet and hips to get as involved as ears and imagination by the time of the song’s departure; to be honest well before it takes its leave.

Mercury is a song impossible not to take a real liking to, the kind of rock pop which even if their style is not someone’s prime cup of tea is likely to still get under the skin with craft and virulent temptation.

Mercury is out now @ https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/mercury-single/id1107635218

http://www.lemonhaze.co.uk/   https://www.facebook.com/lemonhazeMUSIC   https://twitter.com/lemonhazeband

Pete RingMaster 11/05/2016

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Juggling Wolves – Mercury


Ahead of their debut album, UK rock band Juggling Wolves unveil first single Mercury to spice up a definite anticipation for its full-length source. A merger of alternative and progressive rock with experimental hues and striking ambient colours, the track is a captivating proposition which alone ensures that How To Salvage A Failing Butterfly upon its release in October will get keen attention.

Hailing from Ireland, Juggling Wolves is the creative alternative experimental adventure of Jimmy Deface from folk/blues rockers Rufus Coates & the Blackened Trees and Johno Leader of acoustic indie rock band The Radioactive Grandma. It is a very different proposition from the pair’s other exploits but just as rich with earthy melodies and organic breath. In late 2012, the duo united in The Beast-Suite Studios in Co Cavan, combining their skills and ideas for what would become How to Salvage a Failing Butterfly. One track does not make an album but taking Mercury as evidence and a potent teaser, the album is destined to be a provocateur for the imagination and seduction to the ears.

The single opens with a distant caress of keys and radiant yet fiery harmonies, the song drifting in keenly but with restraint as a guitar circles ears with its resourceful coaxing. It is not long though before rigorous stabs of sound break through, sinew crafted rhythms and sturdy strokes of guitar splicing the air. The union of both calm and fire entwine as an atmospheric wind of melodic expression and percussive agitation unite for a milder but no less pungent flight of endeavour. With keys bringing an emotive drama as bass shadows surround the slow vocals tones with a melancholic hug, the song evocatively glides across senses and thoughts. It is a masterful incitement, a waltz which seamlessly either flirts with emotional intensity or dances with vivacious appetite whilst leading the imagination into a poetic landscape of suggestion and reflection.

As unpredictable as it is enthrallingly mesmeric, Mercury is a thick yet smoothly flowing sunset of emotions and sound. The track constantly surprises as it relentlessly wraps inspirationally textured ingenuity around ears. If this is a hint to what we should expect with the band’s first album then roll on the short weeks to its arrival.

The self-released How to Salvage a Failing Butterfly is available worldwide from mid-October and Mercury on August 7th.




RingMaster 02/07/2014

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Mike Oldfield – Incantations Deluxe Edition

Legend, innovator, a singular musical mind, and an inspiration for many are just a few of the labels that can be placed firmly upon the mantel of Mike Oldfield. Whether a fan of his music or not, he brings respect and admiration for his creative work from all. Never resting on the laurels of his seminal Tubular Bells he explored and boldly realised his ideas and musical thoughts with often surprising but generally always satisfying results.

As done with three others of his albums to date, the 1978 Incantations album has been carefully remastered by Oldfield with Mercury, to whom his Virgin catalogue moved to in 2008, their care and attention to the process obvious with the high standard and generous extras on the Incantations Deluxe Edition.

Incantations was Oldfield’s first and only studio double album, consisting of four immense emotion inspiring movements of the title track across a double album it was some of the most spiritual, ethereal, and sensual music found anywhere outside of his own creations. On the remastered Deluxe Edition we are given not only the impressive double album but also an abundance of beautiful and senses caressing musical manna in the likes of the legendary 1979 single ‘Guilty recorded in New York City at the height of the disco movement, his stirring version of the ‘William Tell Overture’, and the wonderful ‘Hiawatha’ where the voice of Oldfield’s sister Sally Oldfield is rapture over the instinctive percussion.

The music throughout Incantations and the songs within the package come from the wondrous musical ability of Mike Oldfield but also feature the great musical skills of numerous guests including David Bedford (strings & chorus), Terry Oldfield (flutes), Maddy Pryor (vocals), and The Queens College Girls Choir. It is the use and placing of such talent as much as their prowess that makes their contributions as essential to the music as it is. Whether instrumentation, voices or simply his ideas, nothing is just an addition or a piece of musical dressing, everything is integral to the ultimate destination the music takes the listener to. Certainly on the four tracks that makes up ‘Incantations’ it is a stunning emotive adventure and experience that one never forgets or can avoid feeling upon every listen. As a whole it is a great symphonic piece, grabbing the attention and feeding the heart whether during the gentle and tender quiet moments or the rockier eager phases, a pleasing landscape of ambient glory, a masterpiece of minimalism.

It is unfair to pick out parts that standout over the others as really ‘Incantations’ should be taken as a whole but the vibrant rock edge of ‘Part Three’ brings an extra kick and lift that makes listening grasp such a high plateau. Something that can also be said about the treat and closing track the previously unreleased ‘Diana – Desiderata’. It is a gloriously atmospheric track combining moody guitars and emotive choral backing, a pure jewel.

The release is a real gift of magic for all Oldfield fans but also a wonderful introduction for others not yet aware of any of the his work beyond Tubular Bells if at all.

Incantations Deluxe Edition is available now.

RingMaster 27/07/2011

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