Risa Hall – Sixth Sense/Inconsistently Consistent


As her new album lures ears and acclaim, Risa Hall provides further temptation for it with new double A-sided single Sixth Sense/Inconsistently Consistent. Previous single Kids on Victoria Avenue provided a rousing teaser for Love is Telepathic, sparking only eager anticipation for Hall’s second album, which the new pairing of songs, also taken from the full-length, now firmly backs.

The great-niece of Estee Lauder and friend of The New York Dolls, New York City born and now UK, Manchester to be exact, based Hall has been no stranger to praise through her acting work and music through the likes of the Apple Tarte EP and debut album Glass Full…? which she recorded with Nigel Stonier (Waterboys, Thea Gilmore, Sandi Thom).  Love is Telepathic is quickly drawing even stronger plaudits with many reasons why apparent in Hall’s new single.

Sixth Sense is a warm caress of the senses, acoustic guitar and melancholic melody uniting to cradle the magnetically engaging voice of Hall. There is not an overriding feeling of sadness washing ears though, the warmth of all elements a boldly catchy temper to the shadows coating the heart bred lyrical reflection. Increasingly captivating with every passing minute let alone each listen, the song is pure seduction.

Its companion, Inconsistently Consistent, is a livelier engagement from the first note; starting on a keen stroll which its partner built up to. Again melody and voice steal attention though the spicy flame of a solo which breaks out takes its share of eager focus too. Kids on Victoria Avenue showed an enjoyable Chrissie Hynde/Pretenders hue to its adventure which Inconsistently Consistent also touches if with not quite as much firmness.

Both songs please ears and spark further intrigue to check out Love is Telepathic, with for personal tastes Sixth Sense stealing the show and especially revealing everything potent and enjoyable about Risa Hall.

Sixth Sense/Inconsistently Consistent is released October 7th with Love is Telepathic available now @ http://risahall.com/product/love-is-telepathic/

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Pete RingMaster 07/10/2016

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Risa Hall – Kids on Victoria Avenue

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Photo – Andy Darbyshire

New York City born and now Manchester, England residing, singer songwriter Risa Hall has a voice and heartiness to her melody rich rock ‘n roll which simply urges ears to pay attention. The evidence comes with new single Kids on Victoria Avenue, a song rousing the spirit whilst laying down a rather tasty teaser for her upcoming album, Love is Telepathic.

An attendee of Forest Hills High, which was immortalised in The Ramones’ Rock and Roll High School and also lists Simon and Garfunkel among former students, with the legendary quartet great friends of Hall, she has built a healthy background as an actress before turning to guitar and songwriting; appearing as Frenchy in the Broadway Cast of Grease, touring as Mae in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and performing in radio plays among her successes. Inspired by KT Tunstall and Nerina Pallot, she turned to music with the well-received Apple Tarte EP catching eager attention with potent radio play on both sides of the Atlantic following.

Subsequently working with Nigel Stonier (Waterboys, Thea Gilmore, Sandi Thom), Hall released the well-received album Glass Full…?, an eclectic collection of ten ear catching songs. New album Love is Telepathic is its anticipated successor, a release recorded with producer Daniel J. Logan and being offered a potent teaser through Kids on Victoria Avenue. Straight away a romancing melody escapes the guitar to caress ears, rhythms similarly inviting as Hall’s voice and lyrical suggestiveness paints a warm picture for the imagination. A great Chrissie Hynde hue lines her voice, adding to an instinctive drama in tone and word which lures the listener in with ease.

Musically the song is just as gripping, its vibrant catchiness a spark for shuffling feet and a lively spirit easily involving the listener from first note to last. It is an infection wrapping insightful lyrics and sure to awaken some keen anticipation for the forthcoming Love is Telepathic.

Kids on Victoria Avenue is released June 24th.

http://risahall.com/   https://www.facebook.com/Risahall   https://twitter.com/risahall

Pete RingMaster 16/06/2016

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