Goodnight Lois: Hollywood

Hailing from Bristol, British alternative rock band Goodnight Lois have made their national debut with a riot of energy and infectious might in the shape of first single Hollywood. It is a song which lights up the ear with contagious melodies and irresistible hooks whilst rousing the senses with a rampant drive and passionate energy. Whether it offers anything particularly new is debatable but the insatiable heart and contagious breath it does unleash is beyond dispute and makes for a pretty impressive introduction.

Consisting of vocalist Daniel West, guitarists Jordan Shortman and Simon Bright (ex-Sloppy Joe and The Following Announcement respectively), bassist Karl Hargreaves (ex-Labotomies), and drummer Danny Watts (ex- The Following Announcement), the band since forming in 2011, has lit up the south west of England with their energy driven performances. Released through Like Records, Hollywood is now set to put the rest of the country on alert with its imaginative rock pop urgency and acutely crafted sounds.

Opening with a lone jangly guitar against a crackling atmosphere, Hollywood soon emerges as a stomping virus to send the senses into heated responses and enjoyment. Rapping beats soon enter the fray before the track fully opens its arms with spidery sonic weaves and a pulsating stride. Keys are soon enflaming the skies with their glowing and radiant spotlights of sound whilst the vocals of West are expressive and strongly compliment the evocative sounds. Fully in charge of voice and limbs, its charge an irresistible union sparking companion, the song unleashes a scorching guitar solo and a full depth of passion to make for a contagion which is more than just something to sing-a-long to. Like the city itself, the track is a bustling energy with dazzling colour and the cause of many addictive returns.

The single is completed by the emotive ballad New Orleans. The song shows another side to the band, its mesmeric wash of melancholic sounds through impassioned strings and acoustic caresses an enveloping pleasure with the again impressive vocals of West a stirring reflection of the lyrical outpouring. Though not as instantaneous and compelling as Hollywood, the song captivates with its open passion and accomplished elegance.

Two songs are never really enough to tell if a band has the makings of something truly special but Hollywood certainly offers enough evidence to avoid initial doubts. Anthemic and loaded with feeling, the single is a strong and pleasing first engagement with Goodnight Lois.

RingMaster 13/11/2012

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Scout Killers – The Waves

Formed in late 2009 UK band Scout Killers has gathered and inspired a growing strong acclaim and interest in their expressive blend of alternative rock and indie sounds. Last year saw the release of the well received EP We Cage the Storm as well as a successful tour across the UK. The band started 2012 by signing with independent label Like Records followed by the release of their new single The Waves, a song which marks the band as one full of impressive promise.

Consisting of vocalist Scott Cox, guitarists Beau Stevens and Julien Morrez, drummer Chris Phillips, and new bassist Pierre Frankie Lee Muslimani from Falling in Difference who replaced the departing Toby Robertson, Scout Killers are working on and recording their debut album and if the single is any indication it should be a very intriguing and imaginative release.

The Waves is an emotive and expressive song which envelopes the senses from its opening notes.  Slowly brewing through percussion and guitar it raises its head to shower the ear with sunspots of melody and tingling ambience. The excellent vocals of Cox offer a heart given rawness to the smooth atmosphere surrounding them to add an excellent companion coarse tint. This blend consumes with a warmth and passion which is as deep as the lyrical intent they wrap. The guitars of Stevens and Morrez lick like melodic flames at the emotions whilst the bass of Muslimani as shown from his work in Falling in Difference adds a deep mood and depth to the track.

Driven by the restrained yet gripping rhythms of Phillips, the song is an impassioned piece of music and songwriting which plays like a mix of Pearl Jam, Doves, and Alice In Chains. It also shows the band evolving impressively from their excellent EP of last year in to a band with deeper maturity and imagination in all aspects which makes their album upon its future release an essential investigation.

Powerful and fresh The Waves is one of the more inspiring songs to appear in recent months and Scout Killers a band who should have a big say in the future of UK indie music ahead.

RingMaster 29/07/2012

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