Reckless Intentions – Lights EP

UK outfit Reckless Intentions might be primarily tagged as pop punks but as their debut EP shows, they have an instinctive devilment and creative belligerence which reveals there is much more to their aggressively magnetic sound.

Embracing inspirations from the likes of Green Day, The Clash, and Foo Fighters through to others such as All Time Low and Moose Blood, Reckless Intentions host varied flavours in their music which is clearly audible and potent within the Lights EP. Equally, the Brighton hailing quartet bring an individual character to their songs and presence which is maybe still slightly more potential than realisation but is already helping shape them into a prospect which stands out.

Formed in 2016, the band concentrated scene last year on establishing themselves on the south coast music, and successfully so, before linking up with Alex Gordon at Brighton Electric Studios to work on and record their first release in the sprightly shape of Lights. With its five boisterous tracks, the EP quickly shows it has the intent and energy to stir up richer attention the way of the foursome but more so the imagination to make Reckless Intentions a rather exciting prospect.

The EP opens with the outstanding Ghost Town, a song swiftly making a successful claim for best moment and most potent lure within Lights. With a great slightly off-kilter indie rock revelry to its punk rock tenacity, the track like a mix of Asylums and The Wildhearts, things are swiftly bold and sweaty as the swinging beats of  Josh Woolnough scythe through the nagging riffs and spiky grooves of guitarists Matty Halliwell and Lewis Horsley respectively. The energetic vocals of the former equally inject an energy and fresh identity to the encounter, it all colluding in an adventurous and unpredictable mix driven by the alluringly throbbing groan of Laurence Burkitt’s bassline. In no time body and vocal chords are enlisted by the arousing antics of the song, its dynamic and almost bitchy start the perfect introduction to Reckless Intentions.

Stitches, the band’s latest single is next, its melodic bait and harmonic enticement quickly flirting with ears. The hooks of Horsley beckon within a more familiar temptation of sound; the track openly sharing All Time Low meets Brand New like essences within its infectiously swinging exploits. Halliwell again makes a potent vocal lead, his tones giving the track something more unique than other pop punk outfits though something its enjoyable sounds arguably lack a touch. Nevertheless, the song hits the spot before evolving into the short instrumental of the EP’s title track, a piece which neither detracts or adds to the overall strength of the release but keeps an appetite for its adventure on board.

The following Outcast only enriches the fun though, its instant Smash Mouth like swagger led by the ever flirtatious bass easy to get hooked on prime bait with vocals again a strong pull at its core. Becoming more punk ‘n’ roll with every lively beat and niggling riff, the song growls at and flirts with the listener, all the time brewing a pop catchiness which has hips enlisted in quick time. The song also reveals yet another hue to the band’s songwriting and sound, a variety exposed once more by closing song Home. With his own suggestive piano melody alongside, Halliwell plaintively croons from the speakers; melancholy lining his words and fingers. Alluring ears with ease, things only become more intense and potent as the band eventfully bring their emotion and craft to the reflection; the song catching fire with pop punk catchiness caught in an emotion soaked blaze.

It is a fine end to an ear pleasing first delving into the Reckless Intentions adventure, the first of many more highly pleasurable unions if they build on the undoubted potential and fun of Lights.

The Lights EP is out now across most online stores.

Pete RingMaster 18/07/2017

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Our People Vs Yours – Lights EP

With an already solid base of acclaim and strong reviews Essex metalcore band Our People Vs Yours are sure to push out into even stronger and loftier heights with their new EP Lights. Raw and aggressive the release intimidates and thrills in equal measure, Our People Vs Yours reinforcing their stature as one of UK’s more potent and promising metalcore bands.

Originally formed in 2008 the band ‘Re-formed’ with current line-up of guitarist and vocalist James Sweeting, vocalist  Joe Miles, bassist  Dan Clark, guitarist Josh Nunn, and Harvey Freeman on drums in 2009, taking in a new avenue with the addition of cleaner and melodic vocals to their powerful sound. Debut 2008 EP Here Comes The Flood and 2010 second EP Southern Colours set them apart from similar veined metalcore bands as well as garnering distinct attention and praise, backed up by the single Time To Rise in the latter part of last year. Shows with the likes of Deaf Havana, Lower Than Atlantis, This Is Colour, Young Guns, The Elijah and The Ocean Between Us and festival appearances along bands like Architects, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Funeral For A Friend added to their reputation and respect for their hard working ethic.

     Lights see the quintet again blend hard hitting intense riffs and guitar driven energy drawn from a pool of noise bands like Architects, Underoath and Norma Jean fuel their beasts from with the melodic and progressive sensibilities of the likes of Between The Buried And Me and Periphery. Consisting of four dynamic and forceful tracks Lights is an enterprising and fluid exchange of engaging insightful melodies and technical skill and formidable attitude soaked aggression.

The title track opens the release immediately displaying the varied sounds and styles the band brings into their distinctive music. The song is a pulsating and captivating mix of incisive skilful guitars, energises riffs and rhythms, and smooth flowing melodies and vocal mix. Balancing a perfect fusion of growls and dripping attitude with emotive harmonies, the vocals match the music perfectly. The song is memorable despite not carrying obvious hooks, choruses or hypnotic riffs, a testament to the songwriting of the band.

As good as the title track is it is the following two songs that really stand out and where the band let fly with a heavier and more intense purpose. ‘Ariha’ is colossal, the best track on the release and proof to why the band is so highly rated and followed. Like a tumbling wall riffs and beats pummel the senses incessantly without neglecting fine melodic and creative razor sharp play. The song leads straight into ‘I’ve Had Better Days’, a song almost on par with its predecessor. Soaring vocals smooth and screaming attack the ear as battering riffs and pulse bursting rhythms rage intently and throughout a deep cavernous groove veins the song menacingly. Though both songs depart in under three minutes they leave one breathless and desperate for more.

In Unity’ completes the release with equal effect and success. Bridging the melodic and smoother attack of the opener and the deliberate power of the other two, the song nestles in the ear with a caress and slap at the same time. It is probably the most creative of the four songs on show, carefully structured and layered with intelligent and skilful progressive sounds to compliment and oppose the heavy direct power.

Our People Versus Yours are already marked as the band to watch and drive UK metal, the Lights EP is simply more impressive and undeniable evidence.

RingMaster 15/11/2011 Registered & Protected


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