Counterpoint – If Not Now, Why?

Almost demanding attention, UK rockers Counterpoint provide a thumping introduction to themselves with their debut EP. If Not Now, Why? offers five slices of rousing thickly flavoured alternative rock, tracks which has the body bouncing as eagerly as it has the appetite keen to savour plenty more from the Liverpool formed, Manchester based quartet.

Spawned from the ashes of their previous band, Operation: AEON, Counterpoint was formed by vocalist Dominic Lucock and guitarist Martin “Ted” O’Neil in 2015. Numerous ears were enticed by an early demo track in Borrow Your Past, Steal Your Future, including producer Jim Pinder (Bullet For My Valentine) who offered an interest in working with the band on their first release. Cementing a praise earning live presence since then, with a recent show with Crazy Town only pushing their increasing reputation, Counterpoint subsequently joined Pinder and Dan Jeffries in Treehouse Studios with If Not Now, Why? the potent outcome.

It opens up with Leave It All Behind, an immediate tease of sound and anthemic intent which looms up and envelops the senses. Swiftly it finds its muscular stroll, the swinging beats of Ed Sutton inciting alongside the throbbing canter of Mikey Gaffney’s bass and O’Neil’s lively riffs and grooves. At the same time Lucock blends raw and melodic enterprise in his vocal enticement, it all coming together for an inescapably catchy yet energetically imposing proposition.

The great start continues through Honestly, it too gathering its attributes in its initial breath before gripping ears with its subsequent enterprise. Ebbing and flowing in its aggression, perpetually captivating in its resourceful dynamics and imagination, the song creates a tapestry of melodic intrigue, emotive suggestion, and tempestuous energy which just beguiles the imagination. References to the likes of letlive, Papa Roach, Deftones, and While She Sleeps have been offered before the Counterpoint sound and easy to understand why with the EP’s opening pair of encounters.

The following Between You And Me has a great irritability to its heart and raw air which does not defuse its infectious virulence and harmonic prowess; a trait and creative agility which reminds of Reuben in some ways. Every handful of seconds brings a fresh twist and a hungry surge of persuasion, each combining with the other to match the heights of its predecessor’s triumphs, in certain moments eclipsing them before next up DownDownDown boldly swaggers in. It too reveals a skilfully woven mix of rapacious aggression and melodic seduction in its boisterous stomp in creating its own inescapably catchy and stirring incitement.

The EP closes up with One Sided Conversations, a calmer melody tempting serenade with power in its voice and intensity in its heart which inflames the song’s increasing urgency and zeal. It is a fever which soon has the track storming the senses but with the ability to slip into mellower breaths for sublimely captivating moments.

It is a fine end to a striking first listen to Counterpoint, If Not Now, When? a release suggesting a band with all the traits to make a rich impact on the UK rock scene if they realise and develop its bold potential and easy to greedily enjoy sound.

If Not Now, When? is released February 9th

Pete RingMaster 09/01/2018

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Milk White Throat – Self Titled EP

With their self titled EP Brighton band Milk White Throat bring a unique and impressive blend of flavours and influences that are transformed into their own distinct array of inspired ideas and sounds. Across the five tracks the sextet show a band confident and determined to make music they want to hear, their passion oozing out of the release from every track.

The band are listed as progressive rock but their creative music brings so much more than that, the elements of metal, hardcore and death metal making a heady mix of distinct power and originality. The technical skill of the band consisting of Tom Humphrey (guitar/vocals), Tom Bates (guitar), Will Gardner (saxophone/vocals), Gareth Harwood (keyboard), Guillaume Croizon (drums), and Brian Thomas (bass/vocals) adds a math rock spice into the brew too resulting in an intelligent and individual sound.  

The EP opens with the ten minute epic ‘Home’, entering on a lingering hypnotic drum beat, guitars probe and play as they expand into an equal mix of crushing riffs and expressive progressive meanderings. With a taste of Unearth, At The Drive-In and Pain Of Salvation the song is a glorious journey of creativity from the band, a clever hybrid of styles fused into intelligent songwriting.

Mother I’ the following track is an emotive song in lyrical content and sound. Carrying a soulful progressive flow not out of place within a Mars Volta release the song punches relentlessly with driving riffs and forceful bass and drum rhythms. It plays eagerly on the ear perfectly combining diverse melodies and attacking surges of power. As with the first track it is a joy to engage with music that has its own distinction and exceptional individuality.

The power comes harder with ‘On The Road’, the harmonious dual energy of aggression and melodic inspiration the evidence of quality song creation and realisation by an emerging band with an extremely positive future. The song has a touch of Letlive to it but as in all the references given it is a mere spice and the tracks themselves as mentioned uniquely Milk White Throat.

Still’ closes the EP with the same sense of an epic as the opener in length and feel. Starting with a slow melodic amble and instilling a soaring ambience the song floats around the senses before slamming down hard with intense aggressive vocals and probing guitar manipulations. It does not have the direct assertive ferocity of earlier tracks but it has equal effect in its impressive construct and senses touching power.

Milk White Throat are on the verge of a band about to trigger mass awareness if there is any sense in music, their EP showing an already impressive ability and skill in song writing and bringing it to their audiences and suggests there is much more yet to come as the band develops and evolves. Do yourselves a favour and find out how great they are now rather than later when you will be hearing them everywhere.

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