Bask in Feathers: Introducing Rooster Cole

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If like us you have been impressed and excited by Brighton band Black Black Hills, you might just get a tingle, again just like us, at the thought of a solo project from the band’s frontman Mark S. Aaron. When the man in question got in touch telling us about his new solo project Rooster Cole, there was an immediate intrigue and excited eagerness to find out more and once we had embraced the first two songs from this new adventure, there was little option then to share. As expected from previous exploits there is an elegance and grandeur to the sound of Rooster Cole but equally it has an intimate presence skirted by wonderfully invasive shadows. Nick Cave springs to mind as a comparison in many ways but truly the project has a uniqueness which seduces from the first note and syllable.

As mentioned Mark S. Aaron was /is the frontman to Black Black Hills, not too sure on their state of being right now to be honest, a band which has supported the likes of Twin Shadow, Maps & Atlases, and The Vaccines. Their sound also found good acclaim from the likes of Edith Bowman, Nick Grimshaw, and Huw Stephens, with their single Far From My Arms chosen by Lauren Laverne as one of her show’s MPFrees of the Day and placed on the Radio 1 playlist. Rooster Cole sees Aaron step out alone with a pair of captivating tracks as his first temptation. Still to play live as he works on further songs with a single and video planned for later this year, Aaron is already brewing up some hungry attention and it is easy to see why with the magnetic charm of his first offerings.

The two songs marking Rooster Cole’s emergence are More Than You and The Waiting Place, two sultry evocative persuasions which simply entrance the imagination as potently as the ears. More Than You moves into view on a breeze of jangling guitars and a broody bass tone, all gentle and restrained in their gait but rich in their expressive hues. Once the distinctive tones of Aaron open up the narrative’s croon a thicker emotive embrace cradles thoughts immersing the listener into a smouldering climate of heat and incitingly suggestive seduction. The song is still tempered in its urgency yet has a sway and swing which makes feet submissive but once the epic voice of sound and vocals in their varied delivery clasp the chorus, new incendiary heights and tempting depths are opened up. The song is simply glorious, its broad shoulder of sound expansive yet intimately caressing with lyrical and vocal enterprise. With keys bringing further colour rich flavour to the song it alone sparks a hunger to keep Rooster Cole under close attention.

The Waiting Place is a slower bewitchment, a piano led walk through resourceful scenery of discord kissed melodies, percussive kisses, and the noble come sombre yet emotionally incendiary vocals of Aaron. The song is covered by a red skied emotive climate, its potent vivacity a tempering lure to the shadows unfolding within the irresistible tale. There is an essence of Helldorado and Saint Agnes to the track at times and of the Dennis Hopper Choppers too, but all mere comparative spices in the ingenious design of Rooster Cole.

Though not official releases the two songs are available from Rooster Cole as free downloads from, an offering it is easy to loudly recommend all treat themselves to. Using the pair as inspiration, the suggestion that Rooster Cole will be a name on the lips of the country and in the ears of a legion of feather enthusiasts on a future horizon is unavoidable.

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Vinyl Jacket – Red Light

Ever been dazzled by a pulsating mesmeric light that makes you step back whilst appreciating its strength and array of eager colours? Then you will know what to expect when listening to the new single from UK pop band Vinyl Jacket except this time it is sonically bedazzling. Red Light the third single from the Northumberland quintet is a kaleidoscope of musical hues which court and engage from second to second every corner of the senses. Released via The Calico Print label the single is a vibrant wave of warmth to ignite smiles and fun.

Emerging from the  small village of Wylam the band create upbeat pop which is slightly off kilter and a cousin to quirky discordant indie sounds. Formed in 2010 the band has already seized the attention of the likes of Chris Moyles, Huw Stephens Steve Lamacq, Lauren Laverne, and Tom Robinson, their debut single Painting Stations and its successor Koala capturing ever eager hearts. Supporting Little Comets around the UK and appearances at the Evolution Festival, the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury Festival, as well as radio plays and features all went to make 2011 a big year for the band. The new single seems set to take this success into 2012 and the combined skill and creativity of Ben Dancer, Sam Quilliam, Jack Dancer, Andrew Roberts, and David Pullen sure to continue their formidable ascent as Vinyl Jackets.

Red Light opens on tingling beats and falsetto vocals that instantly alert the ear to something unique. A sparkling crescendo of enthused guitars make their addition to the already infectious start and the song evolves into one which ebbs and flows with reserved temptation and urgent desire to fire up the senses. The band swings their melodies before the ear like lanterns, coming in and out with a depth and touch that offers unpredictability and flourishing enjoyment. The mix of the expressive voice, stirring guitars, and synths which swarm over the ear wonderfully leaves the listener in a warm daze and eager to fall back into the songs sparkling arms.

The single comes with a remix version from Mercury-nominated artist Everything Everything. Here the song is taken to a place where its shine is dulled and length stretched to an earthier but no less enveloping presence. As it should be the original version out radiates the remix but it has a charm and essence of its own to add to an impressive release.

Vinyl Jacket are a band on a rise which shows no sign of slowing and with Red Light, their previous singles plus tracks like the party in the ear Isabelle and the brilliant feast of sound that is Lucky Soldiers already treating the ear, the band, pop and joy itself has a very exciting time ahead.

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