Kosoti – Gone Too Far

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Having had our attention awoken and ears pleased by previous single Bark and Sticks it was hard not to take an intrigued and keen smile into the next offering from UK folk/rock pop band Kosoti. Gone Too Far is the band’s new release, a song which builds on the qualities of its accomplished predecessor and discovers some of the ingredients which it was also slightly lacking. Those elements are a potent addition to Gone Too Far, the song alive with a creative drama absent on its magnetic predecessor. The song starts as another inviting simmering engagement on the ear but evolves into an anthemic and emotionally rousing incitement to light the passions.

Kosoti - Gone Too Far - Cover Art   The beginnings and seeds of the Newcastle hailing Kosoti spring from a near death experience in 2013 experienced by lead singer and songwriter Allan Hyslop. Realising he needed to treasure every moment of his life by doing what he loved most, writing and performing music, Hyslop began linking up with musicians and friends to “write songs and enjoy each other’s company.” Around eighteen months ago new personnel brought a fresh spark to the band’s impetus and an emerging sound different to what they were crafting previously. The band released the War/Pirouettes single early 2014 following it with the acclaimed Cradle EP and the even more successful Bark and Stick, a song drawing in new fans and greater media attention with its release. In hindsight it too in was in many ways just a flavoursome taster for bigger bolder things, songs like Gone Too Far.

With Christos Worsley, George Hutton, Paul Holdsworth, Rebecca Gregson, and Seth Tinsley alongside Hyslop, the Adrian Hall produced Gone Too Far opens with an inviting caress of guitar wrapping the warm tones of Hyslop’s voice, an entrance added to by the supporting melodic tones of Gregson. There is an immediate harmony between the voices which provide a thrilling constant within Kosoti songs. The gentle smoulder of the track is subsequently infused with a burst of heat, bolder rhythms and evocative textures erupting for a few seconds to provide a hint of things to come before the song relaxes into another mellow but slightly more agitated emotive enticing. The climactic moments posing as a chorus return again and again with increasing effect, a creative and impassioned roar punctuating the sensitive moments of song and narrative whilst igniting richer hues of drama and emotional anguish.

It is a gripping element but so is the song as a whole with its intimate shadow kissed peace as compelling a presence as the dynamic eruptions. As enjoyable and impressive as Bark and Sticks and songs before were, they are outshone by Gone Too Far, a slice of aural theatre revealing new and exciting potential within the sound and imagination of the band.

Gone Too Far is available now @ https://www.musicglue.com/kosoti/products/gone-too-far-mp3-320kbps/

https://www.facebook.com/kosotimusic   http://www.kosoti.com/

Upcoming Kosoti Gigs:

Friday 15.05.15 – The Great Escape Festival, Brighton (venue TBC)

Tuesday 19.05.15 – The Cluny 2, Newcastle Upon Tyne (with special guests Lake Malawi)

Saturday 27.06.15 – Northumberland Live Festival, The Links, Blyth.

Sunday 12.07.15 – Mouth of the Tyne Festival, Tynemouth, UK

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Kosoti – Bark and Sticks

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Though it does not exactly light a fire in the passions, the new single from UK band Kosoti certainly makes a highly flavoursome and satisfying appetiser for things to come. Bark and Sticks is an intriguing festival of healthy emotion and strong engaging sounds, a track which lingers long after its departure and incites a keen appetite for the band ahead. As mentioned it does not set the heart ablaze but easily reinforces the Newcastle sextet as a thoroughly tantalising proposition.

The seeds of the band, and certainly its impassioned sound, seems to have come from a near death experience in 2013 for vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Allan Hyslop, the press release for the single stating that he ‘realised that he should treasure every moment of his life doing what he loved, MUSIC!’. That emotion and emotional intensity is a rich soak to Bark and Sticks, and a band which from forming last year was soon impressing through the double A-sided single War/Pirouettes and soon after the Cradle EP. With a settled line-up of guitarist Seth Tinsley, bassist Christos Worsley, drummer George Hutton, vocalist Rebecca Gregson, and Paul Holdsworth on banjo alongside Hyslop, Kosoti has PromoImageevolved new twists to their sound and drive to their creative flame. Bark and Sticks is the evidence, a song which may not set the world alight but definitely gives it a warm enticing glow in anticipation of greater things from the band with its enterprising mix of folk and pop rock adventure.

A guitar caress and charming harmonies open up the song before a pulsating bassline alongside melodic enticement, wraps the ear as the warm grainy tones of Hyslop begins the song’s home town inspired narrative. It is a resourceful invitation which is soon revelling in an eager shuffle shaped by a great fusion between acoustic and electric guitar, which in turn is courted by the bubbling energy of the banjo. Vocally there is a reflective intimacy which equally shines thanks to the hazy voice of Hyslop and Gregson’s outstanding and varied vocal seducing.

Quick footed yet perfectly restrained to pull the listener physically and emotionally into its embrace, Bark and Sticks is only missing that final spark to turn impressed admiration into lustful enthusiasm. The track though shows that the potential is there and well within the band’s ability to grab even greater success over their incoming horizons.

Bark and Sticks is available digitally and on Ltd ED CD from September 29th @ http://www.kosoti.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html


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