Alexis Kings – Keep It Sexy EP


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      Merging the sounds of classic and modern rock into a very solid and appetising debut EP, UK band Alexis Kings have marked themselves as a very promising and engaging proposition. The Keep It Sexy EP consists of two tracks which spark strong interest and over time greater enthusiasm for their offerings and whilst neither sets a fire burning in the belly of passions, they both confirm that this is one exciting band on the ascent.

   Formed in 2010 and hailing from St Albans, Alexis Kings is made up by vocalist/guitarist Brendan Aherne and lead guitarist Sam Privett, two musicians coming together through a love for rock and especially that of the classic kind. Playing extensively across the London area the duo has built a strong and keen following, selling out the likes of The Camden Barfly, St Albans The Horn, Camden Enterprise, and Nambucca along the way and supporting bands such as The Happy Monday’s and Futureproof. Inspiration from artists such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin through to modern bands like Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkeys have spiced their sound, a resourceful flavour which brews a pleasing and enterprising persuasion within their new release and shows why they have already drawn positive attention.

   1972 starts things off; it’s opening wail around portentous beats a sinister beckoning eventually tempered by a warm and Alexis Kings Cover Artworkenticing guitar hook alongside the distinctive vocals of Aherne. The song is soon walking through the ear guided by the continuing to allure groove and firm rhythms. The song does not exactly plod along but certainly it has no appetite to raise any frantic energy in its bluesy almost melancholic gait. Despite that the song still makes a compelling if not striking engagement with the guitar craft of the pair especially magnetic bait in a strong and satisfying song.

    Its companion is a much lively and more impressive encounter; Brothers exceeding the more than decent start as and the band throws off some of their previous restraint. As the first, the track almost ambles into view but soon targets the imagination with another tempting groove in tandem with agitated rhythms and expressive vocals. The song leaps and dances around the ears with a rabidity which transfers to the earnest vocals and the melodic endeavour. It reveals that Arctic Monkeys influence mentioned previously quite pungently but with more than enough imagination and a distinct Alexis Kings twist to easily please even those not real fans of the Alex Turner led band. With also a potent classic rock breath and melodic rock punch, the song easily outweighs its predecessor in sound and presence, confirming and stretching further the promise of the band.

    Keep It Sexy is not a release to open major doors for the band just yet but easily one to recruit a new wealth of attention and hunger for their presence whilst providing a strong base for Alexis Kings to push on from. It is safe to say that we will be hearing much more from this potential drenched band and sooner rather than later hopefully.


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ALEXIS KINGS to release ‘Keep It Sexy’, on 10th March‏

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With a sound that takes from classic rock icons such as The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, and modern rocksters such as Kings Of Leon and Arctic Monkey fused with the band’s affection for old school hip hop, Alexis Kings have genuinely crafted a sound that will quench the thirst of fans needing something solid, fresh, and inspiring from the rock genre. Alexis Kings will rise high as they nationally release ‘Keep It Sexy’ on Monday 10th March, available through all major outlets.
Hailing from St Albans and officially formed in 2010, members Brendan Aherne (Vocals and Guitar) and Sam Privett (Lead Guitar) were brought together by their shared love for rock, particularly classic rock. The guys wasted no time, and began to extensively play throughout the London area, soon amassing a dedicated following. The band have since gone out to play sell out shows at The Camden Barfly, St Albans The Horn, Camden Enterprise and Nambucca, as well as supporting The Happy Monday’s and Futureproof. Alexis Kings have also garnered strong interest and support from BBC Radio and NME.
Onwards and upwards, Alexis Kings recently headed off to the recording studio to put their sound down to tape, strutting out of the studio armed with a killer mini EP. Entitled ‘Keep It Sexy’, the record highlights the band’s deft ability to ink a tune. Short and compact in size, the EP gives a real indication of the combo’s guile and songwriting wizardry. From the swagger and rousing gritty groove of their previous single ‘1972’, to the twisty and engaging rhythms of their new video single ‘Brothers’ (which can be viewed here –, the record is an impressive debut that is sure to harvest widespread national praise.

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theLights – Dust and Stone


Whisked from the forthcoming successor to their acclaimed debut album Teenager Of The Century, UK melodic alternative pop band theLights begin tempting anticipation with new song Dust and Stone. Building on the sound and presence established and keenly received by media and fans alike with their previous album, the Birmingham quintet make a rather potent and captivating invitation to check out their impending arrival with the single. It is not a song which leaves you breathless or reeling from something exceptionally unique but with a sound which is distinctly theLights and a rich infectious breath to its full bodied melodic colour and structure, it is an invitation which lays down a bait simply impossible to ignore.

The band has returned to the studio for the single and upcoming album with renowned producer Gavin Monaghan (Bloc Party, The 1378147_10151925055689793_265662188_nTwang, Kings Of Leon) who also worked on its predecessor. The result with Dust and Stone is a song which makes easy work of drawing full attention and inspiring up strong intrigue for what the band has in store. From its opening seconds the track dances gently with ears and thoughts, the guitars of Dan Tombs and Shaun Kelly weaving an elegant pattern around the expressive vocals of Kelly backed by the smouldering vocals of Liz Sheils. The rhythm section upon the track is respectful and generous to the woven melodic beauty and though relatively understated veins the adventure with evocative dark lines and firm beats from Gaz Worton and Woz Meadows respectively. There is a country rock tease to the song throughout which adds to the rich hues of the song but equally the guitar invention and enticement provides a sense of Lightning Seeds and in little ways, The Farmers Boys which only enhances the flirtation with the passions.

Dust and Stone is an extremely satisfying track which though it does not spark the passions into any rigorous activity, enjoyably simmers away inspiring a keen appetite for the arrival of theLights’ new album. If you are looking for some folk seeded melodic pop which is a little different and beautifully crafted this single is a gateway to a new melodic exploit to get very excited over and it is hard to imagine the band providing anything less with their sophomore full length ahead.


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The Hot Soul Psychos – Everfunk Junior EP


The Everfunk Junior EP is one of those releases which yes you have probably heard it all before but coming with such energy and passionate appetite to draw the funk out of its listeners it is one you cannot help liking, and liking a lot. The release comes from Irish funk rock band The Hot Soul Psychos, and consists of three tracks which stomp through and romp around the ear as well as the senses. It is not without flaws but overrides them with an infectiousness which is hard to dismiss or turn down.

Hailing from Newbridge , Co Kildare, the trio of vocalist/guitarist Dan O’Shaughnessy, bassist Ciaran Goulding, and drummer Domhnall Hurley have lit up their local scene and further afield with their energetic and sweat spraying live performances since forming just over a year ago. Their reputation continues to increase and with festival appearances at the likes of Fleadh Beag, The Galway Fringe Festival, Ballinamore Fringe Festival, Biker Rallys, and the Prosperous Music Festival filling the weeks ahead they are building up an intensive presence. Recorded with bass player Tom Cosgrave of Irish rock n roll trio The Minutes and mastered by Aidan Foley (U2, The Coronas, and Sinead O’Connor), Everfunk Junior EP is equally primed to take the band’s name and sound further afield.

Opening track Keep It That Way teases the ear with guitar caresses and rising percussive enticements, soon joined by the lurkingcover throaty menace of the bass, all restrained in their stride but eager in their temptation. Taking a breath’s pause the song then bursts into a strolling swagger of blues funk endeavour and vocal mischief, the clean vocals filled with party borne expression. The bass of Goulding snarls and carves a slightly carnivorous voice to its inventive provocation whilst the guitar paints a sonic narrative which is captivating. Admittedly the drop into an almost indulgent pass of instrumentation does not quite work but once into its swift footed stomp of again blues lit rock the track is a richly pleasing and contagious lure.

The following Connie instantly lays a web of growling guitar and bass calls upon the ear, their funk dance soon aided by a jumping rhythmic enticement and the again keen vocals. With equally a feisty rock core to its leaping invention the song gives open evidence to the band’s inspirations which include the likes of The Black Keys , Wolfmother , CCR , Rory Gallagher , Kings of Leon , and Jack White. Many will argue it is too close to some of these influences and it would be hard to argue but for a debut from a band obviously finding its feet still and the enjoyment it offers, laying the lack of true originality as a reason not to investigate Everfunk Junior would be a mistake.

From the again potent second song the EP is closed by One Es Dancer, another track which leaves its irresistible mark. Its start is outstanding, the guitars raising a fifties rockabilly like temptation which explores its imagination to create another flaming mix of blues, classic rock, and sixties inspired enterprise, whilst not forgetting its funk rock intent. It is a bouncing  and invigorating tease which leads feet and passions into its appealing aural escapade with ease and stands as the best track on the release.

There is a rawness to the release which at times brings the songs live to the senses but at other moments stifles the vibrancy of elements, as in the approaching climax of the final song but it never depletes the satisfaction gained, just suggests the band has things to work on as they evolve their sound one suspects into a more distinct and unique proposition. Available as a free download at the EP is well worth more than a minute of your time.


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Holocene – Flaws In Us All

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With a fine line in jangly guitars and melodic persuasion Flaws In Us All, the new single from UK indie rock band Holocene makes a solid and appetising persuasion as to why we should keep a firm eye on this Birmingham quartet. The single does not leap at the ear and demand attention, preferring to seduce and smoulder on the senses and thoughts until the same intent is earned, but it is a captivating release that sparks a definite appetite for more of the appealing sound.

Formed in the September of 2011 and taking inspirations from the likes of Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon into their invention, Holocene took no time in securing a strong and eagerly growing fanbase through their constant gigging, their debut coming at the 02 Academy in Birmingham. Their sound has also brought support from not only local press and radio stations but people such as Carl Barat and Gary Powell of the Libertines. It is a strong base the quartet of Bishan Davies (vocals and rhythm guitar), Marcello Sanzari (lead guitarist), Aaron Barnett (bass), and Benedict Campbell (drums and backing vocals) look to build upon and certainly the two tracks, which were recorded with Gavin Monaghan (Editors/ The Twang), that make up the single will only add to their growing presence.

Flaws In Us All opens with a deep throaty bassline, its lone call instantly tempting as it opens up the ear for the following melodic course of guitars and vocals. Immediately there is a post punk feel to the track, essences of Joy Division and Flesh For Lulu whispering richly, though once into its stride and the melodic coaxing is at full sway the one reference which calls out is China Crisis. For all of that though the sound has a unique flavour to its voice which is bred solely from Holocene and offers a persistent temptation across the warm and discord skirting intrigue. The vocals of Davies are strong whilst blending perfectly into the caressing intent of the song and the backing vocals, though arguably lacking a needed bite, serve as a pleasing companion. It is a track which takes ear and thoughts in a tender but energetic embrace and stokes up the emotions to want to know and hear more from the band.

The accompanying song serves one of those needs right away and only adds to the lure of the release. Grab My Coat from the start lays down irresistible bait through the guitar before it is joined by the rest of the band in a mix of power pop/indie rock, a romp of infectious hooks and melodies veined by contagious rhythms. There is a familiar air to the track which again turns back time for thoughts and makes an easy to access climb on board its addictive dance. Like with the title song there is debatably a snarl to the sound needed to lift it above the heads of the pack, a nip or acidic shadow which brings an edge, but they feel on course to achieving a distinct stance going by these two songs alone.

Holocene is a band well worth keeping a close eye on and Flaws In Us All a single certainly worth adding to your playlists.!/HoloceneUK


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The Howling Tongues – Keep The Dust Down

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If you have an appetite for some old school rock n roll with vibrant resonance musically and passionately dripping from every note and element then Atlanta rockers The Howling Tongues is the band for you. Taking rich influences from the likes of Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Raconteurs, Band of Skulls, and Black Keys into their own distinctive ideas and adventure, the quintet leave thoughts and emotions aflame with their ‘Southern Rock & Roll Revivalist Movement’. This is a band on a rapid rise since forming two years ago and their EP Keep The Dust Down giving all the evidence as to why.

Ignited into action as a band in 2011 by guitarist Nick Magliochetti, vocalist Taylor Harlow, and drummer Tylor James, they soon recruited bassist Zach Smith and keyboardist Thomas Wainwright as the project instantly took off. An early EP and their live performances garnered a hungry and rapidly growing fanbase for their sound as they filled and lit up notable venues such as The Vinyl and The Hard Rock, their sound, self-termed as “no regret rock-n-roll”, igniting a greedy appetite in fans for more. Keep The Dust Down is their response, a six track burst of insatiable rock with loud guitars, thumping drums, and fiery melodics primed to ignite the passions. Recorded with top producer Tom Tapley, the release easily backs up the claim of a great many that the band is destined to be a household name in the very near future, as well as sparking the mightiest anticipation for their debut album currently being recorded and mixed for a release later this year.

The EP opens with a song whose title says it all, Party. Swaggering into view with stick beats and a lone beckoning guitar, the trackhowling tongues explodes into a muscular stroll of scuzz lined riffs and throaty bass calls within a cage of rhythmic sinews and acid warm keys. Taking a breath for the vocals of Harlow to start their lyrical declaration with an effect coating to his expressive delivery, the song stomps its rhythmic feet and waves a welcoming sonic finger at the emotions which is irresistible. There is wantonness to the stirring and sturdy spine of the song whilst the keys and melodic caresses within the riotous breath bring virulently infectious sultry temptation.  The track dances like a combination of The Black Keys, Kings Of Leon, and Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux, leaving no passion and primal urge untouched.

The single from the release Makes You Tick  walks up to the ear with bulging beats from James offering a hypnotic lure to trigger instant intrigue before the guitar flashes its singular persuasion.  Once the outstanding vocals of Harlow and the keys of Wainwright bring their flames to the surface of the song the seduction is in full swing and reinforced by the outstanding bass invention of Smith, his dark grizzly notes prowling and enticing the senses with imagination and devilment. Like its predecessor the song has a confidence which recruits full captivation of ear and thoughts whilst the inventive textures and shifting gait of the track are incendiary temptations to fall hungrily before.

Both Nagasaki and One-Eye’d Barber induce further glee with their thrilling enterprise and imaginative blues enriched escapades, the first a track bringing stronger ripples of vintage breath, its engrossing melodic theatrics and again inciting swagger offering thoughts of the likes of Led Zeppelin and The Black Keys as well as in lesser strength other such as The Doors and Kyuss, whilst the second of the two is a slower emotive heat of intent and passion. It is as all the songs, locked in a mesh of formidable and enslaving rhythmic strength which entraps the listener so the potently expressive outpouring of the vocal and melodic narrative from the heart of the offering can seize the fullest focus and welcome.

The bass of Smith leaves more gravelly paws on the ear as next up Alibi sizes up the listener before strutting straight on through to the emotions with the guitar of Magliochetti scoring with impressive riffs and inventive teasing hand in hand with the continually outstanding bass taunting. Once the great vocal harmonies slip into play with scintillating variation to court the equally magnetic keys, the track stands to its full height with compelling and contagious grandeur consequently inducing a large sigh of bliss between its departure and final song José No Sé, yet another to induce predator strong greed for much more.

Keep The Dust Down is an exceptional release which makes the wait for the album impatient and probably irritable for you can never get enough of a good thing and that is certainly what The Howling Tongues bring. That idea of the band being a household name has certainly got impressive legs to its charge after this.

Get the album Keep the Dust Down for FREE @


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My Jerusalem: Preachers

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     Preachers from post-modern gothic soul conjurors My Jerusalem,  is an exceptional and impacting delight which at times feels like the perfect soundtrack to a union of TV shows Carnivàle and American Gothic with its smouldering shadows and menacing breath. It is a release which haunts emotions and thoughts whilst evoking images and feelings wrapped in drapes of dark and inspiring suggestive ingenuity. It is a delicious piece of imagination and enterprise which goes far beyond the ear as its provocative warmth kisses every pore like a passion driven flickering candle.

Preachers is described on its accompanying promo sheet as ‘the first My Jerusalem album genuinely made by a band, not just performed by a group of musicians.’ This suggests that their second album felt a more instinctive and natural creation than its predecessor, the critically acclaimed debut Gone For Good of 2010, for the band. It certainly has the presence of something organically spawn, a creation brought from a union of imagination and passion rather than a mere collection of ideas. It flows over the senses and thoughts like a smouldering seductive breath equipped with tension brewing surges and blackened enrapturing elegance. Formed by vocalist Jeff Klein (ex-Gutter Twins, The Twilight Singers), the Austin, Texas band recorded the record with Spoon drummer Jim Eno at his Public Hi-Fi studio, and achieved according to guitarist/keyboardist Jon Merza sound and release which is “more representative of what our live shows sound like.

As keys open up the title track to start off the escapade into enthrallment, there is an immediate chilled caress which puts ones attention on alert. Swiftly following harmonies and an enticing bass beckoning herald the outstanding expressive baritone vocals of Klein within the thick atmosphere enveloping, its shimmering charm laying a lush canvas for the song to ignite melodic fires and emotive sparks upon to enhance rather than ward off the closely watching shadows. It is a hauntingly mesmeric start which has a beauty and reassuring clasp as potent as the oppressive menace of its theme.

Things just explore and expand to greater heights then on in across the album, with firstly the wonderful Shatter Together. The song is the perfect dark pop song, its crawling bass murmurs and golden shards of melodic infection a delicious adventure which invigorates whilst opening up the elegance of dark painful love. It is quite glorious and sets up the passions for the following senses scorching stroll of Born in The Belly. The Southern burn to the angst soaked plaintive fire of Klein transports one into a squall of emotive intensity erupting at the heart of the song. It is another stunning slice of dramatic imagination with once more the bass of Geena Spigarelli a compulsive lure alongside the strong cage of rhythms built by drummer Grant Van Amburgh, but it is the vocals and titanic play from Merza and multi-instrumentalist Michael St. Clair which reap the fullest furnace of pleasure for their efforts.

The thrilling engagement continues at the established hypnotic great height through the likes of This Time, a track which plays like Johnny Cash meets Kings Of Leon through a majestic dusty western haze, and the persistent Death Valley, its dark rampancy of rhythms and consuming shadows igniting a Max Payne like imagery and presence. It is an urgent rolling insistence which frames expansive and inciting melodic invocations to leave one basking in sheer insurgent beauty.

The latter part of Preachers unveils songs which gently wrap themselves around the heart, the likes of Devoe, Between Space, and Chameleon glancing rich heart borne caresses across thoughts and emotions for rewards as equally irresistible as the more urgently driven encounters. Amongst them though there is the stirring rocker Oh Little Sister, a track which just romps with excitement inspired by the teasing bass lines, heart bursting horns, and the sensational acidic discord soaked guitar. It is a brilliant final thrust of dynamic energy before the stunning closer, I Left My Conscience In You. The song coaxes with subdued and subtle tendrils of warm creativity with the expressive breath of vocal and acoustic guitar gently aided by keys and bass. As it progresses though there is a slowly building ambience and increasing bristling of sounds which eventually erupts into a riot of passion and energy for a fiery and climactic crescendo to leave one breathless.

Released via The End Records, Preachers is simply sensational, easily one of the emotive and musical highlights of the year made from the colossal combination of shadows and imagination of My Jerusalem, and a release which just gets better and more powerful with each and every listen

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