The Final Clause Of Tacitus – Peace In Chaos


With a reputation ascending as boisterously as their fusion of sound infests the senses, UK rockers The Final Clause Of Tacitus make their global introduction with the mouth-watering Peace In Chaos EP.  The Reading hailing outfit create a roar of rap, funk, and metal which easily draws comparisons to the likes of Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and early Faith No More. There is no mistaking or escaping their influences, so much so that the band’s sound is right now not the most unique yet it feels as fresh as most things out there with already glimpses of real individuality in songs and such their fiercely captivating prowess any wait for that potential to be realised will be no hardship.

Formed in early 2016, TFCOT quickly hit their stride live earning a potent name for themselves which in time saw the band gain support slots for bands such as Crazytown, Electric 6, and the Kamikaze Test Pilots as well as being invited to play the Skindred after party. Listening to Peace In Chaos, it is easy to imagine the raucous energy and exploits the band offer live and understand why they have increasingly established themselves firmly on the UK live scene.

The EP opens up with 7 Years, it instantly ensnaring ears in a web of steely grooves courted by a just as tempting throaty bassline. The rap style delivery of vocalist Matt Dunne is swift in appearance and persuasion, his expressive attack dancing on the thick grooves of guitarist Tom Burden as the bass of Andy Silva snarls. As suggested, the song’s sound is unapologetically recognisable but leaps around with enterprise and zeal to only please a quickly awoken appetite for its proposal. With the heavily swung beats of Luke Silver driving things, the song makes for a richly enjoyable start which continues with the following Give Them Blood.

ep-front_RingMasterReviewThe second track makes a sombre low key entrance, a touch of The Kennedy Soundtrack coming with it before the attitude at the heart of the track expels raw intensity in a funk infused, metal honed incitement. Riffs cut at the senses, scything across them as beats stab with precise aggravation. The track continues to twist and turn; the fire in its belly constant whilst ebbing and flowing as Dunne, backed by the plaintive cries of Burden, roars.

Without Resolve grabs ears next, its core hook pure bait for attention as the vocals and melodies scowl and sizzle respectively. Silva’s bass emulates that essential lure with its own funky groan, the song keeping its minimalistic but thick body controlled for pleasing results. A tango of a pleasing incitement, the track makes way for the impressive creative throes of Snake Town. Another rival to the first for best track, it boldly involves the band’s RHCP inspiration, infesting feet and hips with its excitable increasingly volatile funk.

TFCOT infuse some blues goodness into the agitated stroll of Your Next Click, adding a spicy hue to the funk metal honed groove the character of the track spins around. As its predecessor, there is no avoiding the track’s manipulation of body and enjoyment, a success just as readily found by closing track Hidden Patterns with its blaze of RATM attitude meets The Real Thing era Faith No More tenacity.

It is a fine end to a thoroughly enjoyable first listen of The Final Clause Of Tacitus. They are at the start of an adventure and growth already showing signs of stirring potential and invention. If rap/funk fuelled metal is your flavour than Peace In Chaos is a feast of promise and pleasure.

The Peace in Chaos EP is out now through most online stores.

Pete RingMaster 01/03/2017

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Reform The Resistance : The Truth Is Dangerous


Sometimes when a band creates a truly eclectic album the collection of songs can become an entangled but unconnected aural web which leaves as much confusion as pleasure. US melodic rock band Reform The Resistance with their debut album The Truth Is Dangerous is a fine example of how it can work and though at rare times the album does venture towards that uncertainty the Nashville based trio overall has created a release which cleanly impacts on the ear, emotions, and thoughts.

The band emerged from the ashes of Phoenix band Justifide which contained Reform The Resistance vocalist/guitarist Jason Moncivaiz and bassist Sambo Moncivaiz. Within two years of the demise of the their former band the duo returned with Reform The Resistance in 2007 with the skills of drummer Ryan Dugger brought in to complete their new vision. There was no rush to the creativity, the evolution of their ideas and sound allowed an organic pace and emergence. The following year saw the band release the …And It Begins EP followed by tours throughout Europe and shows in the US. Once touring finished the threesome began working on The Truth Is Dangerous, completing it in October 2010. Produced by Jason Moncivaiz and recorded in his own studio, the album found its way into the attention of Wuli Records through Doug McBride of Gravity Studios where the album was mastered. This led to the release of the album last year to seemingly constant acclaim from all who discover its charms. With the quality and fine invention of all  eleven songs contained within its walls it is no surprise the amount of positive and eager responses it has been receiving, the album being fresh, unpredictable, and most of all openly satisfying.

As mentioned The Truth is Dangerous is brazenly varied bringing to mind the likes of Deftones, Radiohead, Mutemath, Snow Patrol and more. The sound though is distinctive to Reform The Resistance and despite the multiple flavours heard their invention ensures there is never a moment the album truly sounds like someone else and whilst musically they employ various shades of rock from electronica, R&B, punk rock and hip hop to name a few of the spices permeating the whole album everything is a seamless blend.

It opens with the melodic punk fuelled Kill Lies, an eager and formidable track of bristling energy and welcoming anthemic breath. With warm harmonies wrapped around the pulsating muscle of the song the track riles up the ear with a taste of punk to whiffs of hardcore and a rap punk intervention reminding of the likes of the Kennedy Soundtrack. By its end the impressive opener has the ear eager for much more.

Next the band with Tonight We Ride brews up a powerful melodic rock storm. It is restrained in intensity but powerful in emotion and irresistibly captures the imagination with further anthemic strength and compulsion. This is the first twist in the distinct diversity the band brings to the album though it is a nearer companion to its predecessor than later tracks are to their side by side playmates.

Preceded by an expressive instrumental in Depressed But Alive, the enchanting Starlight with a Coldplay like essence and the electronic lined Are You One Of Us Or Are You One Of Them proceed to light up the senses. Both are completely different but both mesmeric and easy to find a connection and rapport with. The latter of the two is an ever shifting piece of invention sweeping from its electro metal like entrance through a melodic release of the heart into a stirring and decisive pleasuring of the ear.

Best song on the album is Mercy In Blood, a song offering an aggressive and striking intensity without losing any melodic and touching harmonic infection. With a distorted finish to energy and sounds the song is a fully engaging and surprising pleasure and is as removed from other tracks as it is their eager companion.

The album brings further good moments as in This Present Darkness and If I Can Survive but it does fail to reach the earlier heights again before it takes its leave. The great variety relinquishing the previously firm connection between the tracks compared to previously. Overall though The Truth Is Dangerous is an impressive album with Reform The Resistance surely on the verge of making a distinct and lingering mark.

RingMaster 05/06/2012 Registered & Protected

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Collisions: Believe In This EP

Just when we thought Irish band iBurn had already wrapped up our EP of the year choice even this early in the year, there comes along UK electro metallers Collisions to challenge and make us just think about our choice. Feeling like a bookie who has already paid out on Manchester City winning the English Premiership title a couple of  months back, the Brighton quartet has shown that nothing is ever clear cut.

Collisions has unleashed a pulsating mesmeric release that shows UK metal is just as vibrant as any where let alone as that of its Irish counterparts. Consisting of five tracks that exhilarate and incite the senses, Believe In This is a feisty cross breed of metal, electro, punk, and drum n bass that eagerly pulls one to their feet and drills them in the way of having infectious fun. The sounds that burst from the EP are tight, energetic, insatiable, and an infection that one just wants to go deeper and linger.

Formed in 2010 the band took no time in making a mark on their local scene which considering the perpetual health and competition in the Brighton area is a CV marker all on its own. Their impressive sharing of stages with the likes of Senser and Floors & Walls led them through an ever growing attention to headlining their own sold out show at The Hydrant and recently a European tour supporting (Hed)pe. It is hard to imagine anything other than a triumphant explosion of attention coming their way once Believe In This is released on May 7th, and maybe exploding onto the UK underground metal scene the least they can expect.

The moment the opening Middle Eastern electro vocal chants swarm around the ear on the opening title track the anticipation of something special is rife. A beckoning riff and electro teasing draws one into big meaty riffs and an irresistible energised punk attack. Immediate thoughts are Max Raptor meets Breed 77 and as the song explores and tantalises the senses that  feeling is imprinted further with touches of Dub War added to a special flavouring that is all Collisions. The song rampages with great vocals from Olly Simmons over moody distorted riffs that rile up the emotions and rhythms that drive with an excitable but controlled enthusiasm.

If this was the only good song on the release compliance is still a given but the band simply slams their quality home with an even better track in Fire Fire. The track is glorious, a feast of dance rhythms, ragga metal, and punk that leaves one breathless and deeply eager to dive right into it again. There is a definite Skindred stamp to it with essences of Billy Talent and Pendulum for extra spicery. From the tight controlling beats of Will Chapman and the brooding bass of Richard Speaight to the blood boiling riffs and melodic intrusions of guitarist Andy Trewin, the song blisters the ear and sends the senses into blissful spasms. Once more the vocals of Simmons  lead the charge magnificently ably backed up by the rest of the band in great group choruses and shouts.

Two down and great heights reached so there has to be a lull or drop in intensity right? Not at all just a change in sound showing the strong diversity the band brings to their music. Chasing Forms begins with an emotive rap metal vocal opening through an atmospheric slow enveloping of the ear, with electro elements to the forth the song then makes its full presence known with intense riffs and sturdy rhythms that expand to include intelligent melodic invention. Again the Pendulum feel flows through the song bringing an inventive form to the Kennedy Soundtrack like restrained slower moments.

Push and  Once Weary Eyes (remix) complete this stunning release. The first of the two is an electro/trance metal lined track that lies somewhere between Pendulum, Silent Descent and Ourfamous Dead. It is a powerful animal that burns itself into the senses with scorched melodies, unfettered rhythms and riffs that strike with a fully intensified metal heart.  The closing song Once Weary Eyes rounds things off perfectly with its drum n bass/metal sounds that wraps around the ear and beyond with a hungry intent.

Believe In This is immense and the finest declaration that Collisions are a band about to brew up a storm and a fresh breath for UK metal.

RingMaster 24/04/2012 Registered & Protected

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