Morning Bells – Fall From The Velvet Sky

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From its evocative title to the intimacy of its heart bred lyrics alone, the new EP from US indie rock outfit Morning Bells makes for a richly alluring proposition and bound in just as provocative and arousing sounds Fall From The Velvet Sky quite simply proved one richly compelling encounter.

Hailing from Raleigh in N. Carolina, Morning Bells began with the creative union of drummer Bryan Fransman and long-time friend, vocalist Ric Denton. Swiftly the emerging band grew as bassist Laura Weislo was enlisted by the duo with in time guitarist Emory Ball and keyboardist Peele Wimberley completing the quintet. Their sound is said to embrace inspirations ranging from Johnny Marr, Television, and The Gun Club to The Smiths, Yo La Tengo, David Sylvian, and Talk Talk alongside for us upon their first EP a certain R.E.M. scenting.

In saying that, the opening track of Fall From The Velvet Sky has a thick dark creative breath which reminds of Scottish band, The Filthy Tongues. The initial melodic glisten of Ghost Story is soon descended upon by emotive shadows, keys and rhythms united in their gothic intimation even before Denton shares his equally suggestive tones. The psych rock breath of those keys continues to light the haunting embrace of the song, its reflective stroll a prowling instigator on ears and imagination.

The track is superb remaining our favourite moment within Fall From The Velvet Sky with relative ease though its companions like the following Through The Dark are no less potent in their captivation and creative incitement. As its predecessor, the EP’s second track immediately enticed keen attention with its first melodic touch, guitar and keys swiftly engaging the senses before the shadowy lure of rhythms and Denton’s ever magnetic tones and words escalate the enticement. The bewitching serenade of the song simply had us hooked before The Truth Is matched its success with its own absorbing temptation. Pop and rock traits entangle within the captivation woven and addiction bred, thick fascination spawned in the web of sound and voice.

Next up, The Night You Touched My Hand shares an eighties indie pop seduction in its melodies and nineties rock rapacity, a fusion further invigorated by volatile urgency and touches with the result another track which just got under the skin and had us hooked and involved in swift time.

The EP concludes with Tonight; a track which maybe did not quite match up to its companions yet had ears eagerly held and our pleasure in full flow as Fall From The Velvet Sky completed its beguiling adventure. It is a release which quickly and increasingly impressed and aroused, thoughts soon relishing the band’s own imagination us eager anticipation blossomed for the next fresh creative resonance from Morning Bells.

Fall From The Velvet Sky is out now; available @

Pete RingMaster 04/01/2020

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Two Skies – When the Storm Hits EP


Almost a year after the success of their senses enveloping single, Feel / Broken Hearts, British psych/alternative rock trio Two Skies have released an arguably even more immersive and certainly enthralling encounter in the shape of second EP, When the Storm Hits. Containing four tracks of varied yet mutually dramatic proposals, the release is a fascinating confirmation and further evidence of the band’s creative imagination and persuasive craft.

Consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dan Cutts, bassist Jamie Cheetham, and drummer Oliver Harrap, the Sheffield hailing Two Skies has lured attention and praise through a host of singles since emerging with their first track in 2011. Fair to say though, the Red EP of 2014 sparked greater intrigue, being backed and its sound pushed on again through a couple more singles including the previously mentioned Feel. It explored a new creative breath to the band’s already absorbing sound, a landscape of invention and emotion as haunting as it was sonically mesmeric. When the Storm Hits follows in the same vein but takes the attributes of its predecessor to new imaginative and impacting heights.

Live the band has become a seriously renowned proposal for their fiery sound and dynamics too, with shows alongside the likes of Toy, Wooden Shjips, Ultrasound, Howling Bells, Six by Seven, Joy Formidable, and Johnny Marr under their belts. They are raw essences which equal attract and transfix within When the Storm Hits, starting with its title track. Straight away a brooding bassline strolls within an atmospheric synth laid caress veined by the melancholy of wispy strains of guitar, that emotion matched in the expression of Cutts’ swiftly impressing vocals too. Like a slightly portentous mist, the song expands and rolls in over the senses, bursts of intensity in its climate shared by cacophonous guitar enterprise and an intrusive sonic shimmer. It is a magnetic affair as inciting for the imagination as it is for ears and emotions.

The great start is soon surpassed by the outstanding Drone Attack NP 19. Straight away there is an air of energy to it which in a handful of seconds more is powering the swinging stride of the song led by another throbbing and infectious bassline. Harrap’s beats match the virulent gait of Cheetham’s bass as around them guitars cast a web of melodic tendrils amidst a nagging but welcoming sonic wash. There is also a slightly nostalgic feel to the song; eighties band Modern English especially coming to mind in certain moments, though there is no mistaking that the song, as the EP, is inescapably distinct to Two Skies as it tenacious saunters along roaring in voice and sound.

The similarly tantalising Arrows comes next, offering a less urgent senses badgering presence but with an equally contagious catchiness to its body and tone. Cutts again captivates in voice as potently as the sounds surrounding his expressive and emotive delivery; keys and guitars weaving another tapestry of atmospheric rapture and melodic reflection through gentle sways and rousing crescendos.

Hypnotist brings the EP to a fine close with a cloud of mesmeric sound surrounding the song’s slightly tempestuous character. It is a charming proposal with a fiery edge and heart; a track as seductive as it is imposing with the great almost drone like persistence which lines much of the band’s encounters as riveting and tempting as ever.

The When the Storm Hits EP is undoubtedly the finest hour, or sixteen odd minutes, of Two Skies; a band simply becoming more individual and compelling with every release.

The When the Storm Hits EP is out now via Sister 9 Recordings @

Pete RingMaster 11/05/2016

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Jake Evans – This is Life

Jake Evans  Picture 15

This is Life is one of those tracks which just triggers the sweet spot, treats it to a masterful seduction of stirring rock music which lingers and simply grows with time. It is perhaps no real surprise that the new single from UK singer/songwriter Jake Evans is so potent and exhilarating with its following of his acclaimed debut single Easy On My Soul, as well as impressive musical history, but there is something in its heart and presence which catches the breath and imagination far beyond expectations. It is a stunning encounter, thrilling and laying down a teaser of Evan’s forthcoming first album Day One which is irresistible.

Macclesfield based Evans first come to the fore with Rambo & Leroy, earning a reputation and spotlight which took him to the attention of Bernard Sumner and his band Bad Lieutenant after the second demise of New Order. As the band’s co-front-man, guitarist and songwriter, alongside Summer and New Order band mate Stephen Morris (also New Order) as well as Blur’s Alex James, Evans increased his reputation within the band’s success which led to invitations to support the likes of Paul Weller, New Order, Johnny Marr and Doves’ Jimi Goodwin once emerging as a solo artist in 2012. Easy On My Soul was drenched in eager acclaim upon its release slotting nicely in with highly praised appearances at Festival No 6 and the iconic Jodrell Bank music festival. This Is Life is the next adventure and certain to open up a new depth of ardour for his impressively evolving creative persuasion.

The song is a tide of virulent hooks coming in varied shapes and designs, the first an immediate temptation as This is Life opens. A sonic Jake Evans a2486262845_10sigh lights the fuse to a weave of acidically melodic guitar bred hues which instantly recalls The Cult, delicious bait which subsequently embraces the shadows of Sisters Of Mercy too as a great throaty bass seduction and crystalline keys explore the imagination. Evans’ voice has a slightly grainy feel to his expressive tones which only adds richer colour and texture to the contagious enticement, his delivery holding a whisper of Paul Marsh of The Mighty Lemon Drops, as does some of the melodic suasion lapping around his voice. It is a gloriously fascinating proposition which only flourishes further through fine guitar coaxing and a steady but potent rhythmic framing to the smouldering intensity and passion of the song.

Those essences of eighties and nineties bands bring a familiarity to the song which only increases its contagion and appeal but equally there is an originality and invention which as mentioned at the start, fondles and incites an instinctive rapture to the impressive encounter.

It is impossible not to breed a healthy anticipation for the impending Day One from This Is Life alone but placed alongside Easy On My Soul expectations and hopes reach skywards, though you sense they will be well fed and pleasured by Evans when the time comes.

This Is Life is available digitally June 16th @


RingMaster 15/06/2014

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