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    Hailing from Zrenjanin in Serbia, Hype! is a band on the march and with their debut album about to set European rock music alight. Blending an incendiary blend of alternative rock, punk, and mischievous rock n roll, the band with their outstanding album is on the first step of a rapid rise of recognition, certainly if there is any reward for providing such an impressive and thrilling release.

Formed in 2009, Hype! takes influences from the classic rock and the punk fleshing of Seattle and Detroit in their prime. With a more than healthy wind of rock pop in the mix their sound is epidemically infectious with intimidating sinews coated ion the most delicious seduction. Openly accessible but still with a menace to all who enter, the album is the mightiest introduction to a band which is as honest as it is passionate and accomplished. Since forming the band has earned a strong reputation for their live performances which has seen them igniting numerous festivals including Exit, Warriors Dance Festival, and the INmusic Festival. The time is ripe for the band to step into the view of a much wider and further afield audience and they could not have made a more impressive first encounter than with Hype.

The Odlican Hrcak released album takes mere moments to set ears and senses on alert, the initial firm riffs and rhythms of Weird 862626_4790575076235_1416792272_nsetting the scene for the soon to join fiery guitar teasing and the outstanding vocals of Dragana Mijatović aka Gaga Lee. With a mutual snarl and melodic kiss to her tones the front lady oozes attitude and seduction with her delivery to bring the lyrics and heart of songs to life alongside the inspiring energy and creativity of her band mates. Into its prowling and accusing stride the track is a compelling instigator with loud whispers of Spinnerette and L7 to its presence, and an irresistible first engagement which is unafraid to switch tact and gait within its imaginative confrontation.

The single from the album Erase steps up next, the song retaining the feisty elements and tones of its predecessor whilst adding deviously addictive grooves and barbed melodic beckoning which remind of Biting Elbows at times. With a roguish bassline entangled by sonic hooks and acidic guitar wraps, the song romps with restraint but unbridled passion to continue the already in place infatuation upon the release, something the likes of What Do You Want From Me, Still Right Here, and Just A Boy only elevate. Though arguably the trio do not have the same impact as the first pair, all captivate with diverse and vibrant invention, and it is only the might of the other two which leave these slightly in their shadow. Still Right Here with its smouldering vocals and great throaty bass taunts from Miloš Kralj (also in Memlah) as well as air sizzling guitar craft from Pavle Kirćanski (Impurita) and  Dalibor Kurjak (ex-Gluve Kučke),leaves warm and excited emotions behind whilst the bluesy Just A Boy is simply a heated fascination.

From the Karn8 like joy of Same Stuff, the album hits its greatest heights with firstly Come Get Some soon equalled by Kill ’em All. The first of the pair is a maelstrom of agitated rhythms and slashing riffs thrust into a psyche rock riot of invention, sound, and belligerence. Offering a further Red Hot Chili Peppers/ SOAD like grooved interference caged by the sturdy rhythms of drummer Darko Kurjak (Partibrejkers, Memlah), the track is an irresistible infestation of noise rock imagination. The following Kill ’em All is a thumping pulse firing slab of melodic punk with Distillers spite attached to a Jimmy Eats World melodic craft, and again impossibly addictive, both tracks cementing the already seeded ardour with hungry relish and enterprise.

The magnetic Soulmates and the mesmeric Suicide with its smouldering elegance and enveloping shadows complete a truly impressive and breath-taking album. An explosive spectrum of imagination and varied flavoursome sounds, Hype is a release which sets Hype! as one of the immensely promising and invigorating bands to hit rock music in recent times.




RingMaster 14/03/2013

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Broken Lungs: We’re In This Together EP

Not yet to reach their first year as a band, alternative rockers Broken Lungs release their debut EP We’re In This Together to inspire firm acclaim and even greater promise for the band ahead. The release may not be the finished article in some ways but stands ahead of a mass of releases from older and more mature bands in quality and melodic prowess.

Formed last August the Liverpool quartet of vocalist and guitarist Karl Eginton, lead guitarist Carl Fitzpatrick, alongside Alex Forde and Mark Highdale on bass and drums respectively, have worked hard and with a defined intent in forming and creating a sound which is as strikingly and keenly melodic as it is energised and passionate. The EP released June 11th, marks their first step into the gaze and ears of the UK and it is not too much of a stretch to imagine the band and their melodic rock sounds making a big and deep impression.

The release opens with the eager and sure We Stand Tall. The song immediately lays out the melodic skill of Broken Lungs as the guitars light up the senses amongst firm basslines and attentive rhythms. Though the song arguably lacks a bite to match the likes of Foo Fighters who many have compared some aspects of their sound to, the track has an infectiousness which grows as it plays within the ear. Vocalist Eginton has a great smooth voice matching the clean cut melodies of the song and all combined the song is an impressive start to the release.

I’m Done With Desperation follows next with a harder rock spine and energy. With a great gravelly bassline the song ripples with a deeper intensity against the sharper and more intrusive melodic patterns elsewhere within the song. Though not as instant as the opener the song shows diversity to the sound of the band and their songwriting strength. Again personally more of a snarl to it would have been welcome but it is hard to place any real criticism at its feet.

Next the band brings another assured rock fuelled entry to the release in the shape of Try As I Might. The track is an eager melodic stomp across the ear with more than a tinge of anthemic essence to its breath. It plays with an air of Jimmy Eats World meets Biffy Clyro, teasing the ear with an energetic purpose and emotive slowed down melodic grace. The sound is seemingly familiar which adds to its appeal and captivation, the lure of the song almost siren like.

Closing with the more restrained Alleyways and acoustic Lost At Sea, two songs which show the softer elements of the band though they do not quite find the heights of the other tracks, the EP is an impressive debut and a release that marks the band as one to keep a close eye on. The feeling is though that as time passes and the band evolves one will be hearing plenty of and from them without having to look. UK melodic rock looks to be in promising hands led by the impressive Broken Lungs.


RingMaster 04/06/2012

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FireFallDown: These Wounds

Excitable and bursting with a plethora of things to share and as many sounds to pleasure with, the debut album from UK funk punk band FireFallDown is an infectious and thrilling treat. These Wounds has an insatiable hunger to leave everyone partying and broadly grinning, taking them into an elevated emotional state and fulfilled in heart and thoughts. With a passion and an impressively crafted collection of songs the album is a refreshing and vibrant dynamo of great imaginative sounds and unbridled boisterous energy.

London based Filipino-British trio FireFallDown began in 2006and took no time in inciting attention with a relentless and persistent touring of the UK, Philippines, Poland, and the U.S., building on the immediate attraction and lure their expressive and tightly melodic fusion of pop punk, high energy rock  and jazzy funk has upon the ear. Two singles garnered them further concentrated acclaim whilst support slots for Coheed and Cambria only raised their profile further. Now with the release of These Wounds as well as the band headlining the 150 Fest UK-wide tour next spring there is a sense they are about to explode and draw in a great many more to their sonic mission.

Released through the newly formed Small Town Records sub-label Love Music Movement on May 21st, These Wounds immediately introduces itself to the ear with the roisterous energy of Mr. Rockstar. A pop punk song with irresistible funk tendencies it riles up the senses with open and honest addictive melodies and stirring riffs.  It is a song that refuses to be ignored, exhilarating with persuasive and impossible to deny energy veined with fun warm melodic hooks and passion driven lyrical and musical intent. The band openly state their influences as the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink 182 and at times throughout the album that is easy to hear but another predominate flavour that comes through here is Alien Ant Farm, though FireFallDown have a tighter and more defined infection than the Americans ever cultivated.

The album from a strong start just gets better and better as each track teases and pleases. From the following Jimmy Eats World meets NOFX like punk sounds of Commissioned, through the excellent rampaging single and title track from the album, to the mesmeric Dear Mom And Dad with its Green Day spicery, the album ignites and sparks welcomed emotions. The trio know how to captivate their audience through a combined intelligence of songwriting and thoroughly intriguing and surprising array of sounds. No song is alike but always distinctly FireFallDown and though it carries many tastes that one can find as seeds from other bands all is twisted into their own recipe of impressive and expressive funkcore.

These Wounds is exceptional and an album which works itself deeper into the heart the more it is allowed to wrap its enthusiastic creativity and incessant charms around the senses. Without a weak track or an ounce of predictability the release is a consistent gift to the senses. Strong and giving throughout there is a trio of consecutive tracks where it reaches its fullest height and satisfaction. I Am The Way races in on mischievous rhythms from Andrew to lead one straight into the incendiary guitar of Jon who lights things up further into the song with an explosive solo. His vocals as throughout the album are excellent and welcoming with a bite and edge ensuring one pays attention to his words. The bass of Joel is a prowling brooding creature which again as with the other two enhances each song with well crafted lines and play. Another Alien Ant Farm like song with traces of Sugar Ray it is immediately followed by the equally immense Stand Tall. This is an aggressive rock track recalling the Red Hot Chili Peppers when they were at their best with a punk intensity that kicks open the way for the song to release its raucous muscular energy.

Logic and Fallacy completes the three exceptional peaks with another heavier rock driven power and sturdy spine. It further shows the diversity within the band and their creativity offering a fuller Incubus/ Bad Religion lined slice of punk rock. It is triumphant and as with every song on These Wounds sets FireFallDown out as a band that inspires and lights up all who welcome it into their individual worlds.

These Wounds is excellent; a release that the more you allow it to entertain incites thrills that go deeper and deeper. Simply FireFallDown are the future of UK pop punk with their inspiring multifaceted sound.

FireFallDown have donated all the proceeds from the album launch, Heal These Wounds towards the medical expenses of their close friend Brittany Kamruddin in her fight against Lyme disease, for more info go to their website www.firefalldown.com    

RingMaster 10/05/2012

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Promise Me Tomorrow – Through It All

UK pop punk/rock band Promise Me Tomorrow have steadily made a growing impression on the British rock scene with their eager and well formed melody veined songs and  hard work attitude. January 23rd sees the release of their mini-album Through It All and their next step to bigger and more expansive things. Complete with boundless energy and vibrant songs the release offers up Promise Me Tomorrow as the next band top challenge to the leading pop rock bands currently gracing the UK and already ahead of a great many others.

From Kent and formed early 2010 the band has already made great strides with their clean cut up-beat sounds tinged with essences of punk capturing some national airplay and sharing stages with the likes of Army of Freshmen, Pegasus Bridge, Francesqa, Paige, Summerlin and Jody has a Hitlist, and The Morning Of. The same year saw the band release their debut EP This Picture, A Memory but it was 2011 and the single ‘You Haven’t Seen The Best Of Me’ with its video that saw the band made a deeper mark and draw firmer attention, something the new release will reinforce and enhance.

Through It All is a strong solidly rounded album though it is not until halfway it really ignites. Throughout it offers well crafted melodies with infectious hooks and fluid harmonies that cruise around the ear with keen exuberance. Opening with the instant accessibility of ‘More Than You Know’ the band shows themselves to lie somewhere between the likes of You Me At Six, Kids In Glass Houses and Jimmy Eats World though they do not quite find the irresistible elements of the latter’s best songs yet. The group harmonies here and throughout are a strong feature to thoroughly compliment the impressively composed and crafted melodies. The guitars weave strong patterns to ensure attention to their creative strolls whilst the rhythms and basslines steer tracks firmly without demanding total compliance allowing the songs to flow with ease. Vocalist Craig Lawrence has a good control and with only a wish for tracks to occasionally add roughened up vocals and growls the delivery brings a willing bond to the sounds.

The previously mentioned single is included and it is obvious as to why it opened up more and more to the band’s music with it’s willing to please hunger and excited urgency. Along with the opener these tracks seem to be the lead ones to bring people into the release but as fine as they are it is the likes of ‘For All The Wrong Reasons’ and ‘All Or Nothing’ that raise the levels a notable notch. The first starts on a light opening that brings queries about whether it is going to have anything special about it to enthral. The group harmonies around the chorus soon dispel doubts and the track swells with lingering melodies. The second of the two attaches to the ear with a punk fused greediness and intensity. It never dips into real aggression but shows the band can be enthused in attitude as well as any pop punk band and is the highlight of the release plus the provocation to want more harshness added vocally to some tracks.

It is fair to say Promise Me Tomorrow are still searching for their distinctly own sound but with the songs mentioned added to by the strong creative showings of ‘Go Get ‘Em Kid’ and ‘Knockbacks & Heart Attacks’ they are well on their way and already a satisfying addition to any eager energetic melody seeking playlist.


RingMaster 11/01/2012

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