The Nika Riots – Set Fire

Having found the Norwegian hardcore scene a rather fruitful place to excite personal tastes, there was a definite twinge of eager anticipation when we found ourselves receiving he debut EP from Oslo outfit The Nika Riots, especially upon seeing it features members from bands such as Man the Machetes, Torch, and IEatHeartAttacks. The prospect of hearing something flavoursome to really get the teeth into was quickly confirmed by Set Fire and only reinforced across its six ferocious tracks.

Consisting of Christopher Iversen (Man The Machetes), Jørgen Berg (Torch), Kristen Fjeldstad, Morten Vikanes, and Noppers Myren (IEatHeartAttacks), The Nika Riots fuse their hardcore with voracious metal essences while drawing on the inspirations of bands such as Every Time I Die, the Dillinger Escape Plan, and Rise Against for its still individual character. It is a mix which grooves like a Bokassa, snarls like a Shevils, and has the irritable melodic punk fuelled fury of Bad Religion aligned to the unpredictable dexterity of Every Time I Die and all delivered with a defiant antagonism living up to the historical unrest behind their name. Those metal bred essences add yet another aspect to their sound, a hungry trespass which accentuates every other thread in its fractious web.

As soon as the rousing rhythmic invitation of Anti-Social Social Club was launched within a raw sonic breath attention was grabbed, the initial handful of seconds of the opener a welcoming intrusion which swiftly becomes a tirade of addictive grooves, thumping beats, and vocal argument. The track proceeds to swing along with intrusive hardcore tenacity, inciting ears and spirit at every turn with the imagination hooked by its melodic punk hues. Metal textures equally give it a diverse nature and potency as the song gets Set Fire off to a heady start.

A chest beating roar of defiance, it is pretty much matched by the following Knock ‘em Dead. Straight away it is sharing solicitous hooks, a touch of Billy talent in their spicing before its punk canter brings a great bend of throat scarring and melodically sandy vocals. As in its predecessor, attitude fuels every note and syllable, the melodies even carrying a slight toxic edge to their temptation but it all combining for another fiercely infectious affair before allowing the excellent Kill This Chaos emerges from its last sonic sigh on a rhythmic roll. This leads to another contagious intrusion equipped with hungrily anthemic rhythms, vocal irritancy, and caustic riffs. It is pure magnetism, especially when the incitement of drums and throb of bass only accompanies raw throated appeals, guitars accentuating the bait on their return with strains of heavy metal in their attack.

A melancholic melodic caress opens up Hanged Drawn & Quartered but all time becoming dirtier and unsettled before breaking into punk thrusting rock ‘n roll though that too is only another shade to the song as melodic metal essences take their moment to captivate. It epitomises the fluid resourcefulness of the band’s sound, a quality as open if not to the same prevalence within next up Skeleton Crew. Opening with an Avenged Sevenfold scented beckoning, the song soon rattles the cages with its hardcore guile and fury lined acuteness aligned to punk rock virulence.

All Hail the Queen completes the attack, its body breeding its own fusion of sound and enterprise. As the previous track, it did not quite light the fires as dramatically as those before them but with vines of grooves wrapping round the ears and a rich bluster of energy wearing the senses, it simply left pleasure and appetite hungry for more.

Set Fire is a striking introduction to The Nika Riots hinting at even bigger and bolder exploits ahead whilst stirring the passion and instincts for uncompromising punk rock; Norwegian hardcore continues to impress and excite.

Set Fire is released January 19th through Negative Vibe Records.

Pete RingMaster 18/01/2018

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IEatHeartAttacks – You Don’t Need Oxygen To Walk On This Fake Moon


Stepping forward to brawl with the senses and ignite their hunger at the same time, Norwegian hardcore band IEatHeartAttacks is one of those thrilling introductions which proves that noise annoys is a term coined by the clinically uninspired. The pair of brothers making up the band challenge with a wonderful abrasion of sonic provocation and addictive imagination which toys with pain and seduction, though even that has a willing cost in sanity such the unpredictable fury and corrosive breath at work.

The bio for the band simply says ‘Two guys from the same womb got together and started playing hardcore.’ Those musicians are Jon Iver Myren and Arne Mathias Myren, siblings offering a guitar and drum attack with squalling vocals which wring every ounce of passion and spite from their words. Other than that and the fact that their new EP You Don’t Need Oxygen To Walk On This Fake Moon was recorded in January at RUB Studios, produced by Erik Fossmo, engineered and mixed by Terry Smith, and is wrapped in the artwork of Jan Magne Abel Opsahl, there is not much more we can tell you about the creators of this fine release. It does follow their previous also impressive two track release .​.​.​And The Pianos Become The Teeth and cements the band as one to keep a close eye and ear upon; whether they can make a major breakthrough is hard to predict as with any band, but the prospect of them producing more intriguing and contagious sounds is surely a given.

The release immediately sets the passions on alert with the opening to Black Hearts, the scaly rust coated grooves which flare up coversimply delicious whilst the storming drum rhythms equally incite an immediate awakening of the senses. The vocals scar with their caustic embrace, the squalling storm of expression demanding whilst the music and its shifting presence and ideas enthralling. It is a dramatic and contagious union which leaves exhausted satisfaction in its wake even at its brief length. It is an immense start which already has forged a strong connection between thoughts, passion, and the release.

The following Refuge Tropicana springs from a distance before pouncing with its intensity primed and hunger gnawing at the ear. It is a less forceful encounter compared to its predecessor yet has an intimidation and strength which is equally imposing and caging. Again the rhythms round up the appetite with their rolling and roaming rapaciousness whilst the vocals engrain their raucous voice deeper into the lure of the release. Though not close enough to be in touching distance of two minutes, the incendiary temptation of the guitar and its sonic beckoning as well as the bulging rampancy of those beats makes its swiping attack irresistible.

Both E.I.I.E and Two-step Paranoia explore the wounds made with masterful craft and thought, the first with a simple yet impossibly potent grilling of riffs and sonic groove littered expression whilst the closing song on the EP is a final tempest of provocation, the drums asking the questions and the guitar coaxing the answers forth, whilst the vocals dispute everything. It is a tremendous end to an outstanding release.

If you are looking for some adventure and something different from your hardcore then IEatHeartAttacks and the You Don’t Need Oxygen To Walk On This Fake Moon EP is a must and as it is available as a free download from why are you still here?


RingMaster 24/04/2013

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