Hearts Of Red – Two Hearts EP


What can we tell you about UK alternative rock band Hearts Of Red? Well they come from Bristol and consist of vocalist Grace Bickerton, guitarists Josh Weller and Matthew Ward, and bassist Pierre Muslimani. The rest is to be discovered about this brand new band, with plenty bound to be asked about them once their debut release, the Two Hearts EP which comes out in the near future, and from the trio of songs Pierre kindly sent over for perusal, we can say it is going to be an introduction to excite.

The three songs are loaded with potential and accomplished invention, a potent spring board for the band to leap ahead from. Their sound sits somewhere between Karn8 and Hitchcock Blonde, two bands no longer with us but leaving a gap which Hearts Of Red fill nicely with their more hard rock seeded and raucously appealing sound.

Again track order is unknown but we will start with easily the best song on the upcoming release. You Are The One drips drama and attitude from its first breath and note, an immediate hook as intimidating as it is seductive. As rhythms and riffs prowl the senses Grace croons with magnetic resourcefulness, her tones mischievous and alluring, and finding their strongest potency when she roars as the song hits its impressive crescendo of a chorus. Her delivery is enjoyably varied and as mentioned cheeky, something always good to hear whilst around her attention gripping sounds flirt and entice with energy and low key but open adventure.

Easily a choice of lead single for us, the song is backed up by Motivation and Two Hearts, neither quite matching their predecessor’s might but each adding another piece of the emerging creative jigsaw within the band. The first of the pair explores a bluesy breeding from the start, raw riffs and jabbing beats again As good as stalking vocals and listener with a predatory gait wrapped in melodic enterprise. Adding another colour to the songwriting and sound of the band, the track is a real grower, emerging as a tasty teaser but just lacking the spark and unique character of You Are The One, the same which can be said of Two Hearts. Nevertheless both leave ears and appetite hungry to know and hear more. The third of the three tracks has a musty air to its sonic persuasion, a fuzzy lilt in tone which lies well with the sharper vocals of Grace and the rapier like beats. With the bass tempting of Pierre a strong dark lure and the enterprise of Josh and Matthew inventive and unpredictable, the song is a more than solid proposition just missing a snarl or boldness to step out of the box as found in the outstanding You Are The One.

The Two Hearts EP suggests that Hearts Of Red have the chance of a rather rosy future if they realise the promise fuelling their opening shots in their upcoming debut. Keep a close eye is our suggestion. For more information check the band out @ https://www.facebook.com/HeartsOfRedUK

RingMaster 05/12/2014

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