groove metal

Psychogod: Alone

Infusing and manipulating the best essences of multiple genres, Alone the debut album from Romanian metallers Psychogod, is a strikingly mighty and formidable introduction to a band which you can only assume will become a widely acclaimed name in the… Read More ›

Skarthia: Retaliate

For a band labelled on their own profile as melodic death metal/groove metal, London band Skarthia rather underplay the depth and diversity to their sound. They are a band which pulls the ripest flavours across metal before teasing and twisting… Read More ›

Frater – Into The Light

Argentinean band Frater has everything in place to be huge. Outstanding songwriting, superb musicianship, an imaginative invention, and a destructive power ¬†to leave one ¬†roasting in their own juices are all coursing through their music. All they are missing is… Read More ›