Degeneración Debraye: Body & Simphony


The unleashing of important talent through US underground label Engraved Ritual shows no sign of letting up as they start the year with the sizzling debut single from Mexican band Degeneración Debraye. A taster of its forth coming album El Mundo Y Sus Demonios, scheduled for an April release, the track is an irresistible slice of viral dancefloor infection with a provocative and incisive breath. It burns the senses with a delicious sonic wash whilst caressing the smouldering wounds with a melodic kiss which pulsates with an enveloping passion.

The Orizaba, Veracruz project is the solo work of Ygrod Droid, an artist who already is causing great stirrings in the industrial/electro underground. Written, produced, and recorded over the latter half of 2012 by the man, with mastering from Stahlblack Productions in The Netherlands in the dying weeks, Body & Simphony is an immediate introduction to an inspiring creativity, a track which skilfully ignites all the enthused energies of dance sounds whilst evoking and inviting a strong response to the darker inciting lyrics.

The track opens with an epic sounding swell of orchestral infused drama, strokes of synth strings swiping the senses as the thumping3375752036-1 beats and alarmed surges join the engagement. Soon an electro swagger breaks out with melodies laying a wanton dance over the insurgent heart of the track. The clean vocals of Ygrod Droid as he frees the striking lyrical intent, add shadowed warmth which eventually evolves into a blistering vocal squall, its serpentine menace a brewing storm within the world and the darkest corners of the track. As the song spreads further within thoughts and body it offers infectious melodic symphonies which hold a familiarity, a comfort in the bordering bruising confrontation. The passage of the song is a canvas of impossible to refuse sonic suggestions and melodic teasing which sparks a firm and lingering enlistment to its cause.

Like a mix of Gods Destruction and Celldweller, the single enthrals and intimidates with skilled seduction and persuasive imminence to produce a thrilling and invigorating companion. If this is the flavour of the full meal to come with the debut album from Degeneración Debraye, let us skip the next couple of months right now.

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RingMaster 28/01/2013


Cease2Xist – You Are Expendable

You Are Expendable the debut album from Cease2Xist is undoubtedly the sweetest abrasion to be felt this year, the warmest violation and one of the most welcome mesmeric abuses upon the senses. The release from the British band was one of the more eagerly awaited albums this year but one wonders if any one truly expected something this powerful and imaginatively colossal. Crossing and pushing all boundaries musically and with its recipients, You Are Expendable unleashes a storm of industrial, harsh EBM, noise and post punk, in sound as well as attitude and energy. It is a toxic shower of caustic imagination and noise bringing the deepest fullest pleasure and smouldering rapture.

Cease2Xist is primarily Dayve Yates, with the skills of Jay Ruin, Seamus Bradd, and O.S. Entity added to the live setting. Back in 2010 with the release of debut EP Living by the Bullet, Yates immediately grabbed attention with his diverse composing and startling sound. With You are Expendable he has evolved and grown into a much more inventive and towering composer, a true merciless instigator of unforgiving sounds and unrelenting provocation. The album hits and rubs fiercely from beginning to end, its magnetic corrosive breath a mix of Cynical Existence and Gods Destruction, to simplify it, but offering a distinct uniqueness which marks the band as permanently recognisable from mere whispers of sound.

The album has a less than dramatic start if one is honest though that is in hindsight after the further riots have left their mark. Not All Is Wrong is a clash upon the ear of rhythmic surges within a disassociated seemingly crumbling atmosphere. It is a slow enveloping crawl over the senses, a statically bruised ambient smothering underneath the sonic eruptions. Though brief the piece sets up the senses for what is to follow without giving the full picture of the incredible strength and incendiary grandeur in store.    

My Burning Rage waves a melodic weave before the ear then manipulates it into pulsating sonic erosion which one willingly and swiftly succumbs to. The vocals of Yates are partly submerged within the brewing spite, the production and placing of his vocals a constant on the album and it works so well, adding to the shadowed and heart borne anger which sharp clarity would have distilled. The track itself leaves one breathless and smarting from its aural salt but wholly satisfied and eager for more violation.

The title track bakes the senses again with a sizzling contagion of scorched melodic touches and malignant energy to match the lyrical theme whilst the following Still Not Dead creates a dance to enrapture whilst peeling synapses further of their strength. Featuring MiXE1 on vocals alongside Yates, there is a sensational ebb and flow to the song within its rampant energy, the cleaner melodic tones of Mike Evans tempering and firing off of the harsher squalls of Yates.

Tonight is an aural defibrillator, its charged pulse shooting through ear, senses, mind and body, the sonic acid swirls it delivers cutting deeply as they tighten within the emerging sonic sandstorm. The track is as abrasive as the others whilst furthering the vibrant diversity which fuels the release, its melodies diving into the flailed flesh from the energies around them, to prove equally as violent but distinctly beautiful.

The likes of One-Zero, the virulent Teenage America, and the hypnotic I Am Destroyer only increase the depth of quality though all on the album is put into the shade by one song, the highest peak of the album, Occupy Everything. The track is irresistible, a thrilling, infectious, throbbing muscle of brilliance. A brazen and angry stomp bursting with dazzling electro fingerings and spiralling melodic ingenuity, the song is sheer addiction, its burrowing potency and majesty overwhelming whilst its crystalline expulsions and insatiable depravity persuades every cell of the body and all thoughts into subservience.

Cease2Xist has created one of the albums of the year in You Are Expendable, and upon its release on September 29th through Static Distortion Records, a label which seemingly can do no wrong this year, the band and UK industrial music will take its rightful place at the head of the world table.

RingMaster 25/09/2012

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