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Hailing from Exeter in the UK, The Dreamer Within is a band beginning to lure very potent attention with their compelling metalcore bred sound. Young as an outfit, they have already shown themselves a fresh presence and roar on the British metal scene with a stage presence that has audiences swinging s evidence by acclaimed shows with the likes of I Divide, Glamour of the Kill, Skindred, and Palisades. Recently the quintet unveiled a new video for the song Purge for another big poke at broad attention. It had us wanting to know more, so with thanks to the guys we explored the beginnings of The Dreamer Within, their new video, an impending EP, and more besides…

Hello and many thanks for taking time to talk with us.

That’s kewl 😀

Can you first introduce the band and give us some background to how it all started?

Alex and Charlie started writing stuff when they were at Uni many years ago…like 7 years ago (they’re both well old). They both knew each other played guitar from school but Charlie didn’t like Alex because he had better hair and knew how to play more Metallica solos than him. However they ended up jamming together in a covers band and started writing their own stuff just for fun. They’d send each other random riffs and ideas and eventually ended up putting drums to some stuff so things sounded a bit more legit. One day though, Alex decided to put some synth over one of the riffs for a joke, however there was actually no laughing matter – it sounded genius. Well actually it sounded terrible but it started to influence some other things they wrote and eventually synth became a must for any song ideas. To cut a longer story shorter: they eventually got in touch with some people who they thought might be interested in actually playing some stuff live, including Alex’s dear cousin Josh who loves to play a bit of bass. After a few years of practice, writing and re-writing everything and a couple of line-up changes we eventually managed to play a show in July 2014. Ultimately, our love of metalcore probably brought us together, plus we all really like wearing vests. We all have pretty similar music tastes though, ranging from more straight up metal to trance/EDM so going down the contemporary metalcore route was a pretty natural thing for us.

What sparked the decision to form the band and the direction it was to take?

It’s always been quite a natural development, we all love our music heavy and full of synth! As mentioned above, the original conception of the band happened years ago (you can probably still find the original version of Recovery on the internet without having to look too hard) and the direction of the band really just came from a culmination of the things we love about music, minus Taylor Swift’s voice though unfortunately.

The Dreamer Within_RingMasterReviewIs there any specific meaning behind the name?

Choosing our name was a stressful time. We all had terrible ideas and it got pretty frustrating as all the super cool names were taken according to numerous Google searches.  We agonized over so many until one day at practice, Charlie lost it and said “right, I’m going to my car to get my mountain dew and packet of cashews, I want a name by the time I return…” and sure enough, Eliott came up with The Dreamer Within. It probably reminds us most of Charlie being furious and eating cashew nuts, although on a more serious note, we liked it as it vibed well with our style as a lot of our lyrics relate to recognising what’s important within oneself and looking at the world outside the box if you catch our drift. At the core of it, the name refers to the part of yourself that is dormant inside that aspires for greater experiences.

Tell us about your early days as a band; the unforeseen surprises and difficulties which you came up against that maybe musicians do not expect or realise will show themselves.

It’s still pretty early days really! I think one thing we never really considered was just how much effort (and equipment) has to go into creating the kind of sound that we have to manipulate live. I’d say one of the biggest surprises was probably when we played our first show after releasing our debut single Heart of Mine as originally we just wanted to release some music and play a live gig to say that we’d done it; the feedback was so overwhelming that we decided to keep going and never really looked back. In hindsight we could have probably done a far better job at getting ourselves shows at the start – we ended up waiting to be asked by other bands a lot which was awesome when it happened but it did mean we struggled to keep ourselves booked up. Ultimately, we realised that everyone in the local Exeter scene was super nice and talking to people/other bands was the best way to get about. Typically, no one ever has any batteries and we use A LOT of batteries for all the wireless stuff etc. The amount of times we’ve had to do an emergency battery run before a show is ridiculous – we never learn! Josh is the worst for this and also equipment in general. One show we played in Plymouth had him kneeling on the floor playing after his strap broke mid set. Obviously he didn’t have any sort of backup plan so the drummer from The Core of IO had to duct-tape it up for him while he was playing…we looked really awesome…

As you say, it has been a relatively short time that The Dreamer Within has been around; how would you say your sound has evolved in that time?

To be honest not that much – the first two songs we released in 2014: Heart of Mine and Recovery 2.0 are songs that were written alongside a few others that we actually had in mind for our up and coming EP so we’re still very much influenced by our original ideas. We guess that people can probably expect a far heavier EDM presence in some of our more recent compositions but essentially we want to get better at what we started doing rather than change our sound loads of times before people really get to know us.

Do you write and create as a unit?

Alex and Charlie often lay down the primary structure for most of the tunes as they’re both guitarists. They also have the responsibility of recording, mixing and mastering everything so it makes sense for them to take the lead on that side of things. However overall the songs come together from everyone’s ideas as Eliott is a keen synth composer and Matt handles pretty much all the lyrical side of things. As much as we make fun of him, Josh is a sick bass player and he rarely has to be taught anything and is happy to write his own bass parts rather than mimic the guitars…All pretty harmonious really.

 You recently released the video for new track Purge. Tell us about the song’s theme first of all.

Purge is primarily about recognising agents of deception and control in everyday life and “Purging” the feeling that you need to conform to believing what’s force fed to you or allow yourself to be easily influenced by common sources of information. Essentially the message is ‘don’t believe everything you read/see, don’t just sit there letting the world carry you along, get out there and find your own truth.’ We hope we don’t sound too cliché and political!

The press release with its announcement suggested that your new tracks, as well as being more creatively imposing and inventive, have “a darker lyrical tone.” Can you elaborate upon that and The Dreamer Within2_RingMasterReviewdoes Purge epitomise that evolution or are there further dark depths to be discovered?

We think the darker elements come from the overall feel of the songs themselves rather than the lyrics. We find it impossible to write anything in a major key! However regardless of what the song is about, lyrically we always try and put a positive spin on things to inspire a more uplifting feel.

What kind of things most inspires the band’s lyrical side?

We like writing about mankind’s place in the Universe, why we’re all here, what we should be doing while we are here etc. We are all really into space and all that cool stuff so we’d like to think our songs have a really big epic feel to them. We also like writing about some supernatural/potentially supernatural stuff as we think that a lot of potential answers to the world’s great mysteries could lie in thinking a bit more radically than the norm. Our first single, Heart of Mine is actually about Final Fantasy 7 which is one of our favourite video games. Video games are a theme we’d like to explore more in the future. All of us are also massive Star Wars fans so you can probably expect to hear a song in the future that mentions about how Rey from the new film is the greatest female ever.

Back to the video; who did you film it with?

An ace gent who goes by the name of Ben Lumber; the frontman of Acres who are currently killing it in Europe.

Did you, as a band, have a particular idea for it in mind or left it to the director etc. to come up with the basis for what is certainly an eye catching, ear pleasing proposal.

We scouted out what we thought was a pretty cool location for a first video. To be perfectly honest we took a lot of influence from videos that came out in the golden 2008 – 2012 metalcore/(dare we say it) crabcore era. It’s not a big surprise to hear that we love all that stuff. Because it was all performance based, it was up to us to choreograph our moves and group shots. We tried to throw in as much energy from our live shows as possible so what you see in the video is pretty close to what we pull off live, although that can be dependent on the size of the venue! Ben had some great ideas for angles and solo shots etc. but we had a lot of input in the visual side of things and Ben was great at listening to our ideas and working with us.

I believe the band is working on a new EP? Can you give us some insight and spoilers to that?

Cheeky 😉 I think we can probably let slip that the EP is going to be called This Is Not Our Home and will be out at the end of May. It will be made up of 5 tracks including Purge and another new song we’re doing a video for very soon. After listening all the way through, you should end up feeling like you’ve just danced with the Incredible Hulk at a rave until 6am.

Apart from the EP, what is in store for The Dreamer Within fans from hereon in across 2016?

We’ve got some really cool festival announcements coming up over the next few months including Massacre Fest in Gloucester. We also have our first tour booked from June 1st to 5th with High Rise, Follow the Wolf, and Last Hounds which we’re stupidly excited for. It will be our first time playing most of the venues on the schedule including dates in Leeds, Leamington Spa, and London so we’re really looking forward to seeing how we go down in places that aren’t near the South West.

Many thanks again for chatting with us. Anything you would like to add?

Thanks for having us! And to those of you coming to our hometown show of the tour on June 2nd – keep your eyes open for a ripped and kewl announcement about that 😉

And finally, give us an insight into the records and artists which could be claimed to have most inspired your own life and creativity.

We’re inspired by a lot of the bands that people wouldn’t be surprised by like Asking Alexandria, Abandon All Ships and Enter Shikari etc. Although collectively, it’s not unusual to see us listening to artists/bands like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bullet for my Valentine, Trivium, Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, Erra, Funeral for a Friend, Paramore, and The Lonely Island to name a few.

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EofE – Self Titled

EofE_RingMaster Review

Earlier this year UK rockers EofE uncaged a rigorously captivating slice of muscular rock ‘n’ roll in the shape of Stars In Hollywood, the fiercely enticing single also a potent lure to the band’s forthcoming full-length. The same song roars just as mightily in the now arrived debut album from the West Midlands quintet, and around it are ten other inescapable rock pop anthems which prove the potential talked of in the band’s previous encounters is now a thrilling reality.

Formed in 2012, EofE has become an increasingly talked of and attention given prospect over the past couple of years with 2014 a highly eventful and potent time for the band. Fair to say it has in turn been eclipsed by this year’s success through the release of the aforementioned acclaimed single, touring the UK in support of Glamour Of The Kill, a highly praised performance as Download, and now one beaut of a first album.

EofE-Cover_RingMaster Review   Get Caught gets album and listener off to a rousing start, its dirty opening riff alone rich coaxing but quickly built upon by grouchy guitar play, rolling beats, and the instantly impressive vocals of Tom Harris. His warm melodic tones and quality are a perfect blend with the more agitated nature of the song led by the scything swings of drummer Nicky Waters and great groaning bass bait offered by the strings of Luke Bradley. As predatory as the song is, it is equally a blaze of melodic enterprise and catchy endeavour as guitarists Dan Bremner and Reece Luke spin their individual webs of seduction and fierce energy in superb unity.

It is an outstanding start to the album powerfully backed by both Wake Up and Bridges. The first is the band’s latest video single, another contagion of thumping beats and a gleefully prowling bassline colluding with fiery craft and guitar attitude. Working on body and imagination from its first breath, the song becomes an anthemic arousal of stadium rock meets virulent pop led superbly by the ever strong and enticing prowess in voice and expression of Harris. Its successor draws in some hard rock tenacity to drive its melodic hues towards a more enveloping catchiness, hooks and grooves a ripe temptation as it takes the listener on a feisty and invigorating ride.

A mellower but no less impassioned and magnetic draw is offered by Save the Night, it’s easy going indie croon further proof of the vocal strength of Harris and imaginative songwriting in the band. For sure the track does not imposingly grip as its predecessors but holds attention and satisfaction firmly in its creative, slight Fall Out Boy like hands before Waiting for Olivia also flows with emotive and simmering energy; though an earthy bassline and rigorous veins of intensity are perpetual fuel to the dramatic roar of the song.

Drifting on a sea of melodic and vocal reflection Lifeboat slips into view next, its opening elegance soon immersed in a thick tide of sonic fire and rhythmic badgering with both contrast subsequently blended in the tempestuous heart and resonance of one increasingly impressive incitement. The likes of You Me At Six, Young Guns, and Mallory Knox are often offered as reference to the EofE sound and more than most this track offers reasons why whilst providing its own identity, the same applying to Close to Me with its tapestry of tangy grooving, swiping rhythms, and vocal flames.

As stated before Stars in Hollywood steals its hefty slice of the plaudits building for the album, the track bounding in on a sonic lace around controlled but keen rhythms before everything swiftly stirs into a hungry blaze. Though things settle down around a stirring deeply throated bass lure and vocals, crescendos continue to brew, erupting in compelling choruses before the delicious cycle is repeated with further invention and imagination in tow across the irresistible anthem. The song alone shows all the attributes and ideation which makes EofE such an exciting proposal with Harris at the same time offering evidence that he is one of the most natural and captivating vocalist in British rock right now.

Both the fascinating Only Get Better and the Y.O.U keeps ears and a greedy appetite happy, the first with its fluid mix of melodic craft within sinewy aggressiveness, their companionship woven into an increasingly volcanic landscape in turn emulated by its successor though it at times brings a more punk like vociferousness to its dynamics. Each of the pair provides a lingering involvement before Ruins closes up the album with a thick rock pop roar which maybe does not match earlier conquests but leaves only the urge to go again.

EofE has announced themselves on the UK rock scene in big style with their outstanding album; they were already forcibly nudging it but now there is certainly no ignoring them.

The EofE album is released October 9th via Cream Records digitally via iTunes and on CD.


Pete RingMaster 08/10/2015

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EofE – Stars In Hollywood


Formed in 2012, UK rockers EofE has been stirring up attention with a handful of potent releases though their new single Stars In Hollywood is the first to cross our radar. It is destined not to be the last though as the track alone proves enough to understand and reinforce the growing buzz around the Black Country quintet. The single is a rigorously captivating slice of muscular rock ‘n’ roll with nothing lightweight about its enterprise and everything captivating in its presence.

Stars In Hollywood has been announced as the band’s first official single but follows a host of digital tracks released on the likes of iTunes across 2014. Each of Dirty Diana, Lust, Kiss Me Like You Mean It, and Piece of You awoke increasing attention, which now after hindsight listens is easy to understand, but it was the acclaimed Bridges last November which breached greater media and fan spotlights. Its success and keen radio play was backed by an 11-date headline tour across the UK. Now EofE follow it up with Stars In Hollywood, its unveiling coming straight after the band completes another extensive tour supporting UK metallers Glamour Of The Kill. 2015 is sizing up to be another potent year for the quintet of Tom Harris, Dan Bremner, Luke Bradley, Nicky Waters, and Reece Luke, with Stars In Hollywood the next striking temptation.

The single rides in on a sonic lure and jabbing beats, building up its walls before it all crashes down into a melodically fuelled yet pungently weighty proposal. The dark throated bassline is an immediate attraction, its heavy growl never far from the surface of the song and sparking great satisfaction. Swiftly in full energetic stroll, the song’s great vocals align to just as expressive guitar enterprise. Stars In Hollywood is also unafraid at times to relax for just a voice and bass seduction and other moments the same of vocals and guitar, but ultimately t storms senses and the imagination with a rousing stride of sonic tenacity and melodic invention. The anthemic urgency and prowess of the song is just as impacting and inescapable, easily pushing EofE onto that continual to watch list.

Stars In Hollywood is a treat, a single which whether an introduction to the band or confirmation for fans of their impressing growth, sets down a new marker and peak for the band’s creativity and sound to date. We will be joining a great many keenly anticipating their next proposition from hereon in.

Stars In Hollywood is available from March 9th @

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Us Amongst The Rest – Follow the Truth


Impassioned and skilfully driven, the alternative rock bred sound running through Follow the Truth is an easily impressive proposition. The debut album from UK band Us Amongst The Rest, it contains twelve tracks which are ablaze with invention and emotive fire to spark a definite keen appetite for their creators. It is a curious affair though, in that it impresses and oozes enterprise on every level but lacks the indefinable spark to completely excite. To be fair there are tracks where it is easy to shout loud about their potency and thrilling presence but ultimately the album is more about the sizeable potential within it leading to an anticipation of big things for and from the band ahead.

Formed in 2012, the quartet from York is a maturely accomplished proposition through the previous exploits and experiences of its members and an obvious instinctive ability to write infectious and intelligently sculpted rock songs. Follow the Truth provides all the evidence needed to back up that claim, the album which was recorded with Sam and Joe Graves (Axewound, Glamour of the Kill, Asking Alexandria) at InnerSounds Studios, a collection of stylishly crafted and passionately paraded intriguing encounters. Lyrically its songs are themed by personal struggles and emotional conflicts and again this only adds to the undeniable emotive blaze at the heart of release and contents.

From its piano shaped atmospheric Intro, the album swiftly cages ears and imagination with Fields of Fray and its feisty blaze of thumping rhythms and aggressive riffs. It comes bound in an instantly engaging melodic enticement from guitarists Danny Beardmore and Dan Stockdale, resulting in a stirring entrance soon enhanced by the excellent and increasingly impressive vocals of bassist Karl Sandor. Once established the track settles in to a powerful stride of sonic and melodic tenacity, like a mix of Atreyu and Alterbridge with spicing from 30 Seconds to Mars and the band’s own inventive twists. It is a pleasing if unspectacular beginning to the album which is straight away reinforced by Love Is the Bull. Punctuated by the punchy beats of Paul Fernandez, the track supplies emotional flames over persuasive guitar and bass temptation to wrap ears and thoughts in provocative textures and expression. As the album in many ways, it is hard to announce real originality to the song but easy to announce the superb craft and melodic depths within it.

Bring the Fuel is another matter, a track to wax lyrical about with pumping energy and contagious enterprise uniting for an anthemic stomp lorded masterfully over by the voice of Sandor and the inventive adventure of the guitars. The Us Amongst The Rest album artworksinger’s bass exploits too find a heady virulence in their temptation matched by the crisp jabs of Fernandez. With essences of Avenged Sevenfold definitely spicing up the excellent track, it makes for the first pinnacle of the album and no surprise it has raised such interest and anticipation for the album as a single alone in a great many.

The track gives a tough task to follow for both Blood in Me and Angels, one which they provide strong offerings in reply. The first of the two is a pungent mix of scorching melodies and stabbing riffs resulting in a track which sways from seductive warmth to antagonistic intensity with seamless success whilst the second is a radiant power ballad confirming the vocal and individual skills of the band perfectly. As with many of the songs it does not startle but leaves a healthy appetite in place for the album and the band’s emerging diversity in songwriting and presence.

The excellent title track steps up next, it’s initial almost melancholic idle up to ears again a refreshing caress of vocal and melodic expression which leads to a richer and forceful sonic fire framed by probing rhythms. It is a slow burner of a song to some extent but another emerging as one of the album’s highlights before stepping aside for the less successful but enjoyable Silver & Lead. Expectations are not left hungry by the track but still fed a tasty slab of melodic metal which sparks only satisfaction which next up Horizons gives a spicier rewarding incitement to through its catchy grooves and dramatic heart bred tenacity.

Unforgettable similarly gets feet and ears swiftly on board if passions are left more reserved with its creative resourcefulness and vocal potency whilst Rise whips up another riveting anthem. Arguably the most inventive track on the album with its subtle vocal twists and entwining sonic threads, it is a tantalising proposition which as all tracks is drenched in the potential suggesting that the band will ascend to impressive heights ahead.

Completed by the very decent and pleasing Falling Skies, which also vocally features Sam Graves, Follow The Truth is undeniably an impressive and attention grabbing release which raises expectations and hopes for Us Amongst The Rest, something going by their first release you can see the band probably surpassing with relish and ease.

Follow The Truth is available now on Two Star Records @

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K-Lacura: Portraits Of The Faceless

Unleashing their debut album Portraits Of The Faceless, UK metalers K-Lacura easily set themselves as one of the most promising bands to emerge lately. The album is a vibrant and ear grabbing beast that with strong variety and even more impressive creativity and energy is sure to greatly increase the attention they have already garnered their way. The album sees the band place claws in multiple genres to snatch up the best that is on offer and meld them into their own flavoursome inventive sound. The release rampages through the ear with a groove/progressive/nu-metal core veined with rippling strands of hardcore, melodic metal, and occasional raging extreme metal essences. Combined the result is an album that satisfies instantaneously but also have an element of growth that unveils more and more the further attention it receives.

From Didcot in Oxfordshire, K-Lacura began in 2006 when the quintet of Iann Gillian (Vocals), Stephen Stone (Bass), Neil Raynor (Rhythm Guitar), Phillip Greenaway (Lead Guitar), and Mark Lambourne (Drums), came together with firm ideas and direction of what they wanted to create. The striking combination of mighty sounds, irrepressible energy, and impressively crafted songs soon drew them eager responses through their live shows. The edgy and dynamic sound the band produces has led them to supporting the likes of Glamour Of The Kill, Chthonic, and Ghosts Of A Thousand and many headlining gigs of their own across the south of England. The band blisters the ear with sounds and structures taken from a wealth of influences openly stated by the band as bands like Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engage, and August Burns Red, through to RATM and Limp Bizkit, but truthfully their music encompasses much more. Upon Portraits Of The Faceless the band stirs these flavours up with their own ideas to consistently surprise and intrigue. Their sound is expansive without losing a tight grip on their direction and core intention making an album that pleases strongly and persistently offers up deep anticipation for what they will bring in the future.

Beneath The Buried opens up the release with contentious riffs and rhythms that squabble to pull in the most attention resulting in an attack that is lively and wonderfully demanding. The drums flatten the ear whilst the riffs trample the senses combining in a mighty first assault and alongside the vocals of Gillian cruise coarse and smooth confidently and impressively to offer a constant varied flow throughout the aggression. With its insistent grove and scorched guitar moments the song has one immediately and fully engaged in the release.

The following Carouse has a more tempered drive, its slightly meandering journey bursting with dazzling melodic invention and further heavyweight intentions. The song is great but sandwiched between the opener and the excellent title track its effect is diminished. Portraits Of The Faceless ruptures every blood vessel on its surge through to the senses, leaving one breathless and excited. The song punctures with intimidating bestial riffs and ignites the heart with an almost exotic groove that twists and winds itself around each and every synapse. It is ferocious and venomous and like all wicked things deeply mesmeric.

From this point one really feels this is a band going somewhere and fast, the next track Drop Down as mighty and brutal as its predecessor as spices of grindcore tease and taunt and rhythms treat their recipient like punch bags. As the track before it the song is near flawless with it impossible to come up with any real thought or suggestion that could make it any better. The two songs are similar in structure and intensity though distinct enough with the stronger variety coming in other songs like Severed And Silenced, a mountainous beast of a track that awakens with a wonderful and well thought out melodic instrumental intro to evolve into a totally consuming obliterating threat, and Fold. The latter of these two is a side step into melodic rock with a caustic tone and energised boisterous flow to its fine creation.

The album across its length is highly addictive and skilfully brought forth, songs like the stomping and wonderful Thirty3 alongside the muscular rampaging 7448 fuelling deep affection and leaving a lingering deep pleasure long after they have rested their final notes as does equally the thunderous and excellent Receiving End Of Bullets.

Portraits Of The Faceless is immense a real pleasure that gives more and more the further and longer time and focus it is given. K-Lacura will be a major force in the years to come; it is just a matter of time.

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Skarlett Riot: Villain

If you have not come across UK rock band Skarlett Riot yet that will soon change with the release of their new EP Villain on March 19th. Bristling with formidable sounds, confrontational attitude, and a bearing of its fangs, the release is mighty; a deeply gratifying feast of heavy and explosive riffs fuelled by instinctive melodies and barely controlled energy. Villain stomps all over the senses and then goes back to give them another kicking after reviving them with its invigorating charm and infectious sounds.

Formed in 2010 Skarlett Riot has already garnered fine praise and acclaim for their live shows and debut EP. Their sharing of stages with the likes of Taking Dawn, Crashdiet, Glamour of the Kill, Black Spiders, Forever Never, Deaf Havana, and Francesqa and recent successful appearance at the Tramlines Festival set them as a band to watch something Villain strongly confirms. With a sound that takes the essences of the likes of Paramore and Halestorm and twists them into a stylish rod of melodic prowess to fuse with the bands aggressive and intense rock n roll, the band are about to make a powerful statement with the EP, an affirmation and declaration of intent and power from one of the best emerging UK bands.

The release goes for the jugular from the off, the opener doing exactly what its title says Party Hard. The song walks into rather than storms the ear, its nicely crafted and free flowing guitars from Danny and Skarlett stroking and badgering the senses eagerly. The vocals of Skarlett are impressive, her commanding and quarrelsome delivery perfectly riding the tremendous pummelling of Lukes drums and the belligerent bass lines of Tom. The song gains momentum as it progresses to set a strong start to the release.

Read My Lips soon takes things further though, with pulsating riffs that dazzle as the bass plunders the ear with menace. The song is an easy infection for the ear, an defiant anthemic muscular track that marks the band down for much greater things ahead. The songs hooks are irrepressible and its heart captivating, a great song that sets a high bench mark for the rest of the EP.

Luckily it is up to it with You’re The Enemy and Villain more than capable of keeping the wave of intensity and irresistible engagement going. The first is a guitar delight; a darker and more venomous track the riffs are challenging and the solo creates sparks from its wonderful scorching of the ear as it explodes. Villain rivals Read My Lips for best track on the release with the grumbling bass from Tom prowling around the striking drums and incisive guitars deliciously. As on every song Skarletts vocals rage with a passion and controlled attitude that takes the music into other complimentary avenues to its mighty intensity. If there was a dispute you would put your money on her, she steers the thunderous sound the band creates skilfully, the quartet as a whole masterful in merging the brawly sound to their melodic artistry.

Villain is a great release that all rock fans need to check out. Skarlett Riot are as mentioned emerging as one of the finest new rock ‘n’ roll bands in the UK, this EP suggests maybe the best.

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Our Innocence Lost – Like A Complete Unknown

From Manchester, UK rockers Our Innocence Lost is a band with a difference. They robustly incite and flare up the senses like many other quality bands but surrounding their heavy forceful riffs and direct and far reaching melodies there is a passion and personality to their sounds which few other bands can bring as readily and consummately as the North West quartet. The music comes from beyond the heart, the band putting their soul into the eagerly absorbing creations they produce. Their new and second album Like A Complete Unknown is the perfect proof of their natural and organic use of this heartfelt emotion. It is taken and blended into an infectious melodic rock sound that never stands still, forever provocative and always trying new diverse ideas.

Formed in 2006 Our Innocence Lost has taken the UK by storm up and down its length as well as venturing over into the United States to great effect. Critical acclaim surrounded the band with the release of their debut album Facts Called Fiction via Sideout Records of Japan in 2008, the country alerted to a fine emerging rock band which was emphasised and built upon by a 36 date UK tour with American band Darling Waste and sharing stages with the likes of Voodoo 6, Glamour Of The Kill, Jody Has A Hitlist, Dear Superstar, Reckless Love, My Passion and Kiros over the past two years. Written and recorded during 2011 at Patron Studios with producer Elliot Middleton, Our Innocence Lost has unleashed in Like A Complete Unknown, an album which takes you to its heart instantly. It is a strong successor to their debut and more importantly an impressive continuation of the bands maturity and songwriting ability.

The album offers a heady blend of songs spawn from the flavoursome mix of alternative rock and post hardcore sounds that have evolved over the past years.  From the opening Worthless it attacks with a surety of a band confident in its path and skilled in its ability to get there. With sturdy riffs and attitude soaked vocals from James Holman the song plunders the ear with a defiance and strength which is impossible to resist. The guitar of Tom Crane is inventive as it leans on the senses with a striking melodic energy ably supported by the stirring bass of Steve Taylor and drummer Johnathan Kendrick, who constantly demands attention with his muscular beats.

One of the things that has grown within the band in the recent years is the harsher side of their sound, the post hardcore intensity raised to form a tight contrast and companion to the melodic prowess the band possesses. Holman growls and expresses a caustic malevolence at times which is an opposite extreme to his excellent clean vocals. It works impressively with the band using both spectrums seamlessly and always at the moments a song needs it.  Shout It Out is a perfect example. It is a song which engages the ear through mesmeric melodies and calm emotion but then removes the safety net with harsh interventions that stir things up wonderfully, expressing the lyrical turmoil to great effect. The song has led many people in eager anticipation for this new album, finding repeated airplay with the likes of The Reputation Introduces Radio Show. The song also raised expectations for the future which have been answered and surpassed with Like A Complete Unknown.

The songs come thick and fast in power and emotive creativity. The likes of the excellent End Of Time with a glorious bass led mid section where the band unleash their ability to out rock any band metal or other, the impressively diverse monster How Soon We All Forget, a song which easily combines a towering intensity and hard riffs with caressing smooth melodies, and the metal guided hard rock glory of Thank You take the album to distinct heights. It is a thoroughly consistent album too, from the more urgent strikes from songs like Breathe Deep and Over And Over to the inventive and exploratory sounds of the power ballad like Damaged Goods and Last Goodbye, the album never fails to bring a deep satisfaction and pleasure.

It is hard to pick any holes in the release apart from maybe an initial similarity which runs seemingly across it. Close attention shows that it is not so and there is a deep wealth of sound and variety within its walls but that initial impression does deceive quite strongly. Like A Complete Unknown is an excellent album from one of the very best emerging rock bands in the UK, do yourself a favour by taking a listen.

Ringmaster 09/03/2012