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Last year saw a debut EP from a UK band which had the potential to take emotive and atmospheric enterprise into a new depth of inciting invention. Generation Wars from Where The Skeletons Play was a dramatic and absorbing immersion into thick ambiences and enveloping passion drenched provocation, a release which made a striking imprint on the psyche and opened up a promise which held excitement in its hands. The duo of Stitch (vocals and all vocal effect) and Bones (all instrumentation) return with new release Serotonin Blueprints, an EP which made what came before seem like a mere appetizer. The six track emotive confrontation is a scintillating fire of imagination and invention, a compelling flame which musically and lyrically either burns brightly and vigorously or slowly with a far reaching smoulder, but always with an engrossing searing of thoughts and emotions.

Forming in 2011 as solely a studio project, the band reaped the essences of the likes of Pelican, Deftones Nine Inch Nails, and Tool, seeding them into their own potent form of rock. It is a sound which despite obvious references which can be placed alongside it, especially the Deftones one, evolves a unique breath and presence. Unpredictable and as diverse as any release, it is a sound as evidenced by Serotonin Blueprints which shares its heart and ingenuity not only with the ear, but the thoughts, imagination, and passion of the listener.

As a ‘creaking yawn’ creases the opening ambience of Perspex Queen, there is an instant sense of an impending and possibly Where The Skeletons Play Cover Artworkintimidating atmosphere brewing. The first song on the EP gently opens its arms as emerging firm rhythms and an equally stoic breath of intensity fill the ear, it all eventually exploding into clear focus. Expressive angst drawn vocals sway and writhe within the now sinewy grip of rhythms and sonic temptation, their hold resisting full muscle but still intimidating within the mutually intrusive and inciting ambience. At times the track feels like it wants to declare its heart and shadows but when it does it comes with a spite and reluctance which overspills in attitude. It is a riveting soundscape of emotion and shadowed beauty, a personal expulsion unbridled in passion and framed by the outstanding bass lure and guitar sculpting.

The following Punctuate The Sky finds its fuel in the same emotive shadows as its predecessor but pushes it through sturdier metallic veins and energy, spearing it with a stoner/blues lilted groove and niggling bass pokes alongside acidic sonic scythes of intensity. Whereas first song had that Deftones/NIN there is a richer Kyuss/QOTSA flame to the second with a Placebo/Mind Museum spice, certainly vocally and melodically.

The outstanding If We Just Pretend…. is a thrilling evocation of mind and emotion, a song which teases and gently coaxes full engagement then expels tension fuelled shafts of sonic provocation and melodic persuasion honed into a lingering and cathartic fire. There is a familiarity about it at times, though there is nothing recognisable, which makes it soundtrack personal doubts and disappointments perfectly, its instinctive understanding wrapping every note and texture.

Your Innocence Exists is an acoustic led haunting, its vocals and lonely ambience casting their voices from a distant realm, a sheltered isolated stance offering whispered anguish. It is a fascinating and mesmeric temptation bringing further diversity to the EP and making a striking counter to the snarling title track. Serotonin Blueprints immediately growls and claws at the ear with resonating hunger but then reins it in with another atmosphere of unreserved impassioned utterances, their touch moving from reserved earnest persuasion to feverish potency, framed and coloured with an equally intense kaleidoscope of sonic imagination and melodic paint. As in every song the dark depths of the rhythms and bass hold everything tightly and set down amongst the blackest expression, and though at times, though not on this particular song, their contribution is a quieter prowl their heavy shadows shape the whole emotive alchemy.

Closing on the provocative piano led Serendipity, a piece of music as powerful and descriptive as anything on the release with its indistinct whispers and heart sourced despair, Serotonin Blueprints is a sensational release which not only feeds that promise we talked of fully but sets up even more staggering possibilities for Where The Skeletons Play, the thought that there is still much more within the pair exciting. This is a must check out release for all emotively bred appetites



RingMaster 24/05/2013

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Where The Skeletons Play: Generation Wars

Generation Wars is the debut EP from UK band Where The Skeletons Play and a release which envelopes and inspires thoughts and emotions for a fully engaging and provocative experience. The EP has no intention of bewitching the ear with obvious hooks and melodies or leaving it soaked in shallow caresses, it instead soaks and immerses the senses in emotive ambience, stirring rock sounds, and consuming inciteful atmospheres. It is a release which will be too intense and testing for many but fully rewarding for those appreciative of depth and bold passion to their music.

Where The Skeletons Play is a studio project consisting of Stitch (vocals and all vocal effect) and Bones (all instrumentation) which came together in 2011. The band and sound they create defies pinning down which will frustrate those who need to categorise music though to be fair maybe the label has yet to be thought up which fits the band, though after the release of Generation Wars on August 27th that will probably be amended. The Bristol based project has made their introduction with a startling and formidable release which may not emerge as a favourite of the year across the masses come December but certainly will have few rivals in evoking as much imagination and thought, its whispering into and inciting of the ear and mind powerful and expansive.

The release opens with the ambient breath of The Ghosts on The Frontline. It is a brief tingling caress which welcomes the ear whilst offering a disturbed air. It is gentle and incisive whilst carrying a haunting shadow within which lays a chilled soundscape for the senses to venture into.

Essences of the likes of Deftones and Tool frequent the music of the band especially in the following Never Born a Criminal. From a distinct radio signal the track expands with a disturbed presence, rumbling shadows, and an atmosphere which verbally and emotionally challenges the validity of violence. The track is an extensive rub which provokes feelings and thoughts throughout, the voice of Stitch accusing and stirring then combative as the track flexes its muscles towards an inciteful and intensity driven climax. As with the EP as a whole, the song needs and invites frequent unions to feel and discover the varied and deep textures within. The sounds of Bones are wonderfully layered to evoke a heavy weave which marks every synapse.

At Your Epicentre is a release of darker whispers and shadows, its sounds ruffling the senses and sparking the air before eventually igniting raging melodic fires, weighty rock surges, and showering intensity. More instrumental with heated essences of Stitch scarring its electrified ambience, the track is a smouldering rub on the ear evolving into a raging burn upon the senses.

The excellent When The World Was In Black And White lays its seeds with early melodic conjuring of guitar and bass, both erupting into a boiling flurry of distorted sounds and melodic discord wrapped in dazzling energy and play. Again the vocals come from an effected and oppressed corner of the song to add another irresistible texture and vision to the overall presence of the song. With soaring and compulsive atmospheres the track is a fully enveloping and inspiring intrusion which leaves plenty to digest.

The release closes with 41526-004, another piece of agitated ambience to leave a caustic and lingering fingerprint upon thoughts. As with Generation Wars as a whole, the song crawls and seeps into every pore and synapse with accomplished craft and piercing deliberate intent, a sonic intrusion which brings far more rewards than discomfort.

Where The Skeletons Play creates brewing powerful nightmarish tempests of sound and overwhelming emotion to leave one in a provoked and enlightened state. It is not your straight forward A to Z music but creativity which involves the whole psyche for the fullest satisfaction. Hopefully more from them will follow soon.


RingMaster 22/08/2012

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