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Last year British pop rock quintet Everybody Looks Famous sparked attention and a keen appetite for their vibrant and catchy sound with the Earth EP. It was an offering of accomplished and increasingly pleasing sounds; a release which might not have set ears ablaze but revealed a real sense of promise suggesting bigger and bolder things ahead. Now the band return with new single Fiction, a track which has seen the band in the time between releases realise some of that potential in songwriting and music to create their most striking and potent offering yet. Fair to say it is maybe still not quite the game changer for the band but they are certainly and enjoyably heading in the right direction.

artworks-_RingMaster Review   Hailing from Tamworth Everybody Looks Famous emerged in 2010 and soon made a potent impression live and subsequently through their first EP, I Break My Own Rules with its release two years later. 2013 debut album Fuel To Fire was even more effective in raising support and fans to the quintet’s sound, as too their live exploits which has seen them share stages with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Royal Republic, Scouting For Girls, and Canterbury over time. The Earth EP was another potent step forward but there is a sense of a new creative chapter being opened by Fiction.

The single opens on an inviting canter of choppy riffs, the bass equally as magnetic in its darker stroll framed by jabbing beats. Quickly there is catchiness at work but also a more organic and unfussy air compared to the previously energetic but more expectations feeding sound of earlier songs. This raw approach brings a distinct tone though, not originality worrying as such but certainly breeding a fresh character and impact that continues as the melodic prowess of vocalist Lex joins the increasingly persuasive affair.

Already having proven themselves more than capable of writing infection loaded temptations, it is no surprise that the song rustles up a catchy tenacity that sparks the appetite and retains its potency as it becomes entwined by the inventive twists moulding the song. From the ska kissed bass to the resourceful rhythms and climatic air of the guitars, Fiction continues to blossom, growing into a thoroughly captivating slice of pop rock.

There is still some way to go before Everybody Looks Famous find their real uniqueness but Fiction offers evidence that the band is on the march to it whilst stepping further away from the crowd with each release. We look forward to their next step of progress with a real sense of anticipation.

Fiction is out now via Go Faster Records.

http://www.everybodylooksfamous.com/   https://www.facebook.com/everybodylooksfamous

Upcoming Live dates in November 2015:

22nd – Leeds Key Club

23rd – Manchester Factory

24th – Newcastle Think Tank

25th – London The Garage

26th – Basingstoke Sanctuary

27th – Cheltenham The 2 Pigs

28th – Cardiff Undertone

29th – Birmingham The Rainbow

30th – Glasgow G2

Pete RingMaster 16/11/2015

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Everybody Looks Famous – Earth

credit Edward Taylor - Digital Flow

credit Edward Taylor – Digital Flow

As the potent creative climate and vivacious breath of the Earth EP pleases ears and catches the imagination, UK pop rock band Everybody Looks Famous offer plenty to justify the growing buzz around them. This is a band soaked in potential and though the EP maybe does not realise that promise as rigorously as you feel it could have it certainly makes for a fine and enjoyable slice of melodic rock.

Hailing from Tamworth, the quintet of Lex (vocals), Tom (guitar, vocals, synth), Joe (guitar, vocals), Grace (keys, Synth), and Phil (drums) formed in 2010 and made their first potent impression with their debut EP, I Break My Own Rules two years later. Signing with Go Faster Records that same year and releasing the single Spotlights, Everybody Looks Famous began drawing a more nationwide bred attention which debut album Fuel To Fire in the August of 2013 certainly did with its feisty and appealing collection of pop rock with essences of melodic punk infused offerings. With their stock live also gaining a strong reputation, the band sharing stages with the likes of Tinie Tempah, Scouting For Girls, and Canterbury, the band now release the crowd funded Earth EP, another sizeable statement of intent and craft from the impressively emerging band.

Echo starts things off and immediately a melodic elegance seeps from the guitars and the enchanting vocals of Lex, the combination ELF EP Cover Artswiftly courted by a thick vibrant punctuation of rhythms and evocative keys. It is an enthralling start which expands its lure whilst infusing a punchy stride of beats and raw guitar stabs, a magnetic proposition which smoulders and tempts voraciously though it never explodes as thoughts and expectations assume. It is like the EP in that respect, the release and songs never quite igniting into a crescendo or confrontational fire but persistently coaxing and feeding the imagination and emotions.

The undeniably riveting start though is quickly rivalled by The Wanderer, another song merging reflective emotive tenderness with raucous rapaciousness for thoroughly engaging results. With additional vocals from the guys alongside the striking tones of Lex, her voice impressive with every syllable and thick harmony, as well as sonic invention aligned to poetic keys, the song further reveals the accomplished intent and imaginative songwriting and sound of the band in strong if not dramatic style.

The absorbing enticement continues with the rhythmically driven Hiding Places, the drums a commanding lead into another embracing weaves of persuasive melodies and warm vocals. More rock ballad than the previous songs, it still has a bounce and shy swagger to its heart which hugs the ears as the guitars sculpt a web of sonic almost progressive descriptive hues to colour the track’s highly expressive canvas. It does not have the weight and hold of its predecessors it is fair to say but easily shows another string to the imaginative bow of the band to keep attention and appetite keen.

The release ends with the melodically pungent ballad These Days, a song which across its emotive body has a rhythmic weight from the first moment which strikes firmly and a passionate growth of energy which brings exciting flames to the song. It is a fine finish to a highly enjoyable release, not one which will leave mouths wide open and thoughts bowled over but undoubtedly one to reaffirm and spread further the promise and already exciting premise of Everybody Looks Famous.

The Earth EP is available June 16th @ http://www.everybodylooksfamous.com/


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