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Ahead of their June 24threleased debut EP, UK band OneGirlOneBoy set free their emotively and aurally seductive single Wasted, a song which takes the listener on a stroll of infectious enterprise and melodic intrigue. It is a mesmeric joy which ensures a heightened appetite for the forthcoming seven track release all on its absorbing lonesome, though the accompanying Dirty Town alongside the lead song easily reinforces the vibrant temptation too.

A duo from Nottingham consisting of Natasha Miller and Chris Howarth, OneGirlOneBoy declare on their bio that they do not write songs about love, but of the accompanying aspects such as jealousy, suspicion or seduction. Wasted is ready proof with its enveloping shadows and dark depth venturing potent tones. There is an air of mystique to their sound as well as an emotional discord, all traits wrapped in a scintillating wash of heart bred musical imagination cast with an electronic stance and rhythmic provocation. As already evidenced on their previous singles If This Is Love and Sylvia, both also on the new Forth Recordings released EP, there is a dark intensity at play on ear and senses within the enthralling sounds the band creates and no more potently than on Wasted.

The single swings into view on a vine of sizzling melodic beckoning and harmonic calls, their lure soon sat astride by the sensational tones of Miller, her voice a weapon to immediately fall before and expel rapture over. The track offers a repetitive call to its core with keys and guitars teasing and hypnotising the listener behind the equally mesmeric and passion seducing vocals whilst the lively energy to the song belies the compelling one paced drive of the song showing the depth of the strong and imaginative songwriting through to its exciting realisation. It takes no time for the brewed contagion to wrap around the listener with instinctive devilry conjured by musicians who know how to harness primal needs through a sonically seeded melodic temptation. It is a riveting encounter which simultaneously smooches with and challenges the listener to enter their own darkened emotions but most of all it simply leads one on a scintillating excursion of dramatic beauty and inciting warmth.

Second song Dirty Town immediately takes the ear into its majesty with sultry rhythms and sonic probing heralding further tantalising vocals skirted by additional bewitching harmonies. Like its companion the song is measured in its energetic gait and melodic inducement but with the drums forming a resonating cage for the powerfully emotive vocal delivery and guitar/keys sonic alchemy the band energetically charm another impacting visual tapestry for the listener to immerse and colour their thoughts within. It is a striking bait for the passions and challenges Wasted for the most powerful invitation to band and the coming EP, both a stunning welcome and temptress for both.

Like a mix of The Mouth Of Ghosts and dare one say Fleetwood Mac, the single is a delicious and captivating call which it is hard to imagine many able to resist  and certainly one suspects the soon to fall EP will complete a lasting deal. OneGirlOneBoy is destined to soundtrack all our emotional shadows and more.


RingMaster 15/06/2013

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