folk metal

Nechochwen – OtO

From beauty to senses corrupting blackened metal, the new album from US Apalaci folk metal band Nechochwen is a striking and at times totally mesmeric release. OtO the third album from the band continues their exploration of Native American Indian… Read More ›

Symon- Musica

This is not the easiest review ever attempted at The Ringmaster Review. Firstly the info behind the project Symon- Musica is hard to find and when found is in Belarusian/Russian and we all know what those online translators are like…. Read More ›

Heidevolk: Batavi

With strong chest beating and red hot blood rushing through its veins the new album from Dutch folk metalers Heidevolk is a stirring and thoroughly pleasing release. With a firmer aggression and intensity then on previous releases, Batavi the fourth… Read More ›