Sam Ray – Next To You


Creating and recording in his home studio in Portsmouth, Sam Ray is a singer songwriter beginning to make a potent impact from the alluring shores of England’s south coast. Earlier this year he drew attention with debut single Modern Art, a success now set to be backed and pushed on by its successor Next To You.

A power ballad with the infectious energy of indie pop amidst tempting eighties inspired nostalgia, Next To You is a warm caress on the senses just as able to light up the dance-floor with it instinctive catchiness. Ray’s influences include the likes of Bruce Springsteen, M83, The Cure, The 1975, and The Killers; all flavours heard within both of his singles to date though equally his new offering carries an essence of Tears For Fears within its “both super sad and danceable” proposition.

sam-ray-next-to-you-art_RingMasterReviewA “love song about a guy who can’t tell a girl he likes her”, Next To You slips into ears from a distance, swiftly waking their attention once in full presence with warm atmospheric melodies around an electronic simmering which springs the song’s subsequent catchiness. A melancholic undercurrent openly brings shadows to court the infectious elements driving the track, that sadness at the heart of its emotion a temper and incitement to the body engaging adventure lifting the encounter.

Next To You is a captivating mix of old and modern endeavour; a nostalgic yet fresh proposal which hearts for eighties and current pop will find a flavour to whet their appetite for Sam Ray.

Next To You is released November 18th.

Pete RingMaster 15/11/2106

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The Look: Let It Go

As the eighties started getting into its stride there was a single which joined many classic tunes in grabbing the imagination of UK pop. The song was I Am The Beat and the band behind it The Look. Selling over 200,000 copies within three months of its release in the UK in 1981, the band was the flavour of the moment. Now the older and wiser band returns with their new single Let It Go.

Formed in the seventies by Jonny Whetstone and Mick Bass, the band enjoyed playing to audiences of tens of thousands around the time of their single despite the closing down of their record label. They released their second album Pop Yowlin in 2004 to a good response, something the band is hoping to elevate with the new single and forthcoming album Tunes and Stories, both released through new record label, Beat Town Records.

For the latest releases Whetstone and Bass have recruited teenage guitarist Jake Jacobs, drummer Alex Baird, and backing singers Amelia Whetstone and Rachel Kate Bryceland, the new line-up creating a more than decent pop song with its heart still placed in the eighties.

As soon as the vocals join the pumping rhythms and charged keys one is taken into the realms of seventies rock and eighties pop. It is a sing-a-long pop tune with essences of Quo, Jeff Beck, and latter day Squeeze to its obvious but quite infectious sounds. It is hard not to like the song even though one has heard it all before over the years to be a little critical. With vibrant horns and eager piano additives it is a song for the older generation and one can see it soundtracking any similarly focused TV show with a Jim’ll Fix It or Summer variety premise, and though one cannot not imagine the young pop fans of today grabbing it with relish there is a definite market it should and find light up.

If you have a liking for eighties pop or The Look themselves from their heyday, than the single will be a treat you will not be disappointed in.

RingMaster 04/09/2012

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