Sawsound – Dreamcatcher


If Sawsound is a band yet to cross your radar then there is no better time to discover their intriguing and compelling inventive intent and sound than by launching yourself at their latest single Dreamcatcher. The track is a breath-taking blaze of experimentation within an imposing heavy rock frame which captures the imagination from its first breath and leads it on a heady blaze of invigorating and inciting intensive alchemy. Released digitally this past September but with an impending re-release according to close sources in January (with one suspects a physical option), this is a release no one with a passion for bold ingenuity and exhausting imagination would be foolish to ignore.

Formed in 2009, the Leeds quartet brings eclectic influences through its individual members into their ever searching invention. Brothers Simon (guitar/vocals) and Johnny Whitton (drums) infuse a love of heavy hitting sounds from the likes of Mastodon, Tool, and Metallica to the mix whilst Adam Greenhead (bass) offers spicery from his funk/groove style inspired by bands such as Radiohead, Primus, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Add the Celtic seduction brought through the violin of Hana Piranha and you have as Dreamcatcher potently proves, a release which tantalises and incites the imagination as well as the passions with voracious charm.

The single in its first bare second is coaxing out eager attention as a singular guitar stroking is joined by a dramatically SawsoundDreamcatcherCoverevocative violin croon, it’s delicious melancholic bait extended into pure addictive temptation by the joining thunderous rhythms and continually swerving and teasing guitar enterprise. The vocals have a northern lilt which adds expression to every syllable whilst the passionate delivery skirted by great band harmonies at times, only coaches thoughts to delve deeper into the narrative and magnetic textures of sound. The track brings a sublime tempest of heavy melodic rock, persuasive folk, and alternative metal, to really simplify all the flavours at work, into an arresting expanse of unpredictable imagination and mouth-watering adventure. As fluid in shifting gait and attack as it is in merging a colour box of styles into its spellbinding sinewed body, the song is a towering suasion of songwriting and craft, as well as spectacular inventiveness.

The release also sees three remixes of the lead song, UK producer DuBoTs creating the Oblivion Mix, the Lucid Dream Mix coming from OnesNzeroS, and Pope offering up the Deadliest Catch Mix. All free pinpoint and focus on individual aspects which paint a new satisfying take on the stunning original with their own adventurous insight though to be honest none come close to the force and potency of the lead track.

Backed by an equally impressive stop-frame animated video created by Michelle Tylicki, a visual artist who Sawsound is helping to raise money for her pledge campaign to enable her to help rejuvenate depleted coral reef that has suffered under man’s impact, Dreamcatcher is an outstanding release from a band which takes creativity and expansive rock to new scintillating plateaus.


RingMaster 11/12/2013

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DreamCatcher – Never Look Back

The upcoming weekend is going to be as busy for UK melodic metallers DreamCatcher as the sounds in their new single Never Look Back which is released this coming Monday August 13th. Before then the Leeds sextet have a double appearance at Bloodstock to enjoy, Saturday the 11th seeing them play an unplugged set on the Acoustic Stage followed by their full high energy show on Sunday. The single caps things off with fine accomplishment in what will be a notable three days for the band.

Formed in 2008, DreamCatcher has gone from strength to strength with their live performances which has included sharing stages with Delain, After Forever, and Pythia, and their acclaimed SoulDesign EP of last year accelerating an already steadily growing dedicated following.  Never Look Back is taken from the album released through Rising Records and is available via the Bandcamp profile of the band as a free download in exchange for a Facebook Post or Twitter tweet, a barter which is certainly one of the best deals this year. The three track single is a treat which not only cements the band as a growing force but makes a satisfying celebration of where they and their sound are right now.

Never Look Back is a storming maelstrom of sound and invention which teases the borders of chaos whilst roaring with heated elegance and sure confidence to pull it all into a striking and enveloping presence upon the senses. Bringing the best aspects of major influences like Nightwish, Epica, Powerquest, and Anubis Gate into their own distinct muscular riotous form of metal it is a heady fusion which consumes every pore. There is a distressed clarity to it all which works a treat and adds that extra intensity which marks the band from other melodic metal bands. The track is a scorching amalgam of excellently crafted melodic imagination and rampaging power metal borne energy. The mesmeric keyboard skills of Adelé Pease flow with ease and understanding alongside the melodic play from guitarists Ben Scott and Alexei Green whilst their raging riffs bounce off the bruising rhythms of bassist Matt Hudson and drummer Rossi Lavery. Vocalist Lukas Jackson soars amongst it all with a craft and power which is never swamped or lost within the expansive sound, full credit going to the songwriting and the production from Jacob Hansen (ex-Anubis Gate, Mercenary), as well as the skill of the band itself.

Track one is an edit of Never Look Back with the closing song the original version though there is nothing to choose between the two, the thirty second difference neither improving nor detracting from the song. In between there is new instrumental Foresight. It is a muscular charge of creativity further exposing the individual skills of the band and the sure melodic craft which pervades their invention. The piece stirringly ruffles with crisp rhythms and explosive enterprise whilst showering the ear with equally marked melodic radiance and flair.

If SoulDesign eluded your attention then Never Look Back is the open invitation into the progressively symphonic metal world of DreamCatcher, it would be rude to refuse.

RingMaster 08/08/2012

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