Doomed From Day One – Nine Fingers

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It has been two years since the release of their acclaimed debut EP The Wasted World but on the evidence of its successor Nine Fingers, UK progressive death metallers Doomed From Day One have not been resting on its laurels. The new EP is six tracks of confronting and impacting enterprise which leaves predictability a dormant factor and intrigue a toxic substance within its consuming presence. The Surrey quintet has honed their already impressive songwriting and intensive sound into a real predator of senses and emotions, an accomplished brutality which is sculpted by feisty invention and incendiary imagination, and though arguably the new release lacks those moments which impact after the event, it is a magnetically striking and creatively dominant beast during in its company.

Formed in 2009, the Guildford band has been on a formidable rise through the ranks of UK extreme metal, their passionate fanbase recruited not only by their first release but their formidable live reputation and presence.  Through impressive shows alongside the likes of Malefice, Martyr Defiled, The Defiled, Gallows and most recently Black Dahlia Murder, Sylosis, Bleed From Within and Thy Art Is Murder, as well as world media acclaim, Doomed From Day One has earned a worldwide attention which you can only imagine the strength of Nine Fingers will cement and accelerate. Released as the band share dates with Red Seas Fire and Fathoms, the EP confirms Doomed From Day One as one of the most potent, imagination tipping encounters with an immense depth of promise.

The title track opens up the release; an enthralling instrumental which introduces itself and the album with a sunrise of excellent guitar Doomed From Day One Cover Artworktemptation and orchestral bred elegance. It then evolves into a fire borne sonic blaze of craft and evocative textures whilst melodic flames scorch the ears for a wholly persuasive invitation into the release and the following Cut And Hunt. The second track takes little time in testing the senses with a crippling array of spiteful rhythms, corrosive riffery, and equally caustic gutturally primed vocals from Sean Scott. The track rages and ravages with craft and malevolence but equally exports a range of hooks and barbed grooves which dig deep and contagiously from within the dangerous tempest. It is a breath-taking companion which increases it’s tempting further with an excellently progressive, almost avant-garde teasing from the guitars of Charlie Griffiths and Charlie Frederick which evolves from their persistently impressive skills.

The immense full start to Nine Fingers is backed up by At Graves End, a song which falls short of the plateau just set but creates its own unique stature of imaginative and mercurial invention. As the drums of Daniel Ristic sculpt a web of bone splintering craft and force, the guitars again send spirals of sonic ingenuity through the heart of the vitriolic intensive track whilst vocals quall and scar the surface of the ear with the great tones Scott first successfully unveiled on the EPs predecessor. Creatively antagonistic and fuelled by enthralling enterprise, the song drifting into a progressive jazz spawned landscape at one point before returning as ferocious and dramatically impacting as it started, there is little to dismiss about the track but it does like most of the others lack that ignition to remain a potent instigator away from its destructive arms.

The Promise does verge on that break through, the delicious irritant of flesh scorching sonic toxicity and rhythmic barbarism a vicious alchemy which lays down the strongest inventive bait upon the EP. With the bass of Eifion Sweet prowling with predatory glee and menace across its length, the track like its predecessor is unafraid to explore a slower melodic beauty and progressive tapestry. The skill of the band and the imaginative songwriting is impressive and again bordering spellbinding but still without that lingering claw for the mind, though when it sounds this good in the claws of the song and EP is it really an issue?

Dread and In This Life Not The Next complete the release; the first an insatiable fury of lethal rhythms and riveting riffing which is just as inciting through its mordant touch with the vocals of Scott a ferocious maelstrom of passion and maliciousness upon the outstanding blend of vindictive and seductive musical craft. Personal favourite of all the tracks, it spears the body with imaginative violence to provoke the strongest satisfaction before its successor finishes things off with a thrilling torment sculpted by a technical fire of extreme and fertile aural retribution. The track unleashes everything which is good about the band and the release in a seven minute deeply pleasing scourge.

Nine Fingers is an excellent release which as mentioned only misses out on finding that one element which plays in thoughts and memory long after it takes its leave. All the same Doomed From Day One has created a release which when standing in front of the body feeds every want and hope for an extreme metal offering whilst reinforcing the band as one of the finest and most promising to emerge in the UK in recent years.


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‘Nine Fingers’ the new EP from DOOMED FROM DAY ONE out Monday 21st October‏

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Surrey Slayers ‘Doomed From Day One’ nationally release their stunning new EP ‘Nine Fingers’ on Monday 21st October, through all digital stores.
Ascending UK noise chiefs ‘Doomed From Day One’ are swiftly ploughing through the ranks in the British metal scene and now set loose a burly slice of resourceful progressive Death Metal in the shape of their sophomore EP ‘Nine Fingers’.
Spawned from the depths of Surrey, and born at the end of 2009, Guildford riff slingers Doomed From Day One have quickly assembled an army of fans by constantly touring. And word is now rapidly starting to spread about the band’s intense live shows. Adding further weight to their cause, the ferocious five-some have recently supported The Black Dahlia Murder, Sylosis, Bleed From Within and Thy Art Is Murder, and the boys head out on the road again with Red Seas Fire and Fathoms this Autumn (see tour dates below).
Besides their noteworthy affection for and commitment to touring through the country’s highways and byways, Doomed From Day One have also garnered critical acclaim for their debut EP ‘The Wasted World’, chalking up lofty support from Metal Hammer, Kerrang!, Big Cheese and Zero Tolerance Magazine, as well as acquiring widespread radio airplay from Total Rock/Bloodstock Radio.
Doomed From Day One surge onwards again with the official release of their stunning new EP ‘Nine Fingers’ which immediately grabs your interest as the opening track and namesake ‘Nine Fingers’ takes you from hauntingly beautiful acoustics to pummeling guitars in a heartbeat. The pace continues with the guttural attack of ‘Cut and Hunt’, framed by sledge-hammer beats and blistering guitar parts. The magnificently proggy ‘At Graves End’ is next up, and it duly wraps its crawls around your ears to stunning effect. ‘The Promise’ is a blistering full frontal blast of Thrashcore, complete with a captivating interlude highlighting that DFDO can throw away the blueprint for any genre. ‘Dread’ further cements the bruisers place as real contenders as its amps up on the brutality, with deep growls that stem from the pits of hell. Finally, ‘In This Life Not The Next’ draws the record to a close as it displays the southern metalheads’ shrewd craft for shaping a gargantuan beast of a tune complete with thoughtful arrangements. This record will stomp its way through your cranium, leaving you with a sizable indent; Doomed From Day One will surely leave their mark.

DOOMED FROM DAY ONE LIVE: September with ‘Red Seas Fire’: 4th – South Sea Live, Sheffield*; 5th – Zombie Hut, Corby; 6th – Soundhouse, Leicester; 7th – Ivy Leaf, Sheerness; 8th – Intake Bar, Mansfield. October with ‘Fathoms’: 22nd – Scream Lounge, Croydon (EP Release show)**; 23rd – South Sea Live, Sheffield; 24th – The North Wales Inn, Rhyl; 25th – The Frog & Nightgown, Worksop; 26th – The Derby, Barrow In Furness.


*Without Red Seas Fire; **Without Fathoms.

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Save Your Grace – The Arms Of Idiocy

There has been a great and deeply promising burst of new British metal/Hardcore/metalcore type bands forcing their way to bigger attention and focus this year with the likes of Adelphia Of Kings, Doomed From Day One, and Gacy’s Threads, all make their distinctive deeply scarring mark on UK metal with sounds to crush and inspire. Another band to be solidly added to this impressive bunch is Birmingham band Save Your Grace. Their new EP The Arms Of Idiocy the overwhelming and perfect evidence as to why they should and will be one of the future forces in UK metal.

The quintet from the Midlands first made their appearance in 2010 and continued through hard work and shows to increase a more than ardent following. A full UK tour and the sharing of stages with the likes of Devil Sold His Soul, While She Sleeps, Martyr Defiled, Heights, Silent Screams and many more has only gone to make the band one of the more exiting certainties to break big for a great growing many. It will be with this their second EP that most positive damage will be done as its intense muscular charms spread wide and far.

Consisting of Dazz Jones, Luke Sheppard, Joe Geach, Dan Morris, and Eddy Geach, Save Your Grace have unleashed an EP of five tracks fuelled by uncompromising might and deliberately malevolent intent that will inflame a great many metallic hearts. The EP is raw and in need of a fuller and more rounded production to fully meet its potential but despite this it is a mighty and impressive debut any band would be proud of.

The release starts laying waste to the senses with ‘Intensity’, its senses shattering riffs and consuming rhythms an instant satisfaction upon demanding ears. The guitars grind and groove deeply into flesh as destructively as the heavy riffs crumble defences. The grating growls are harsh and venomous and even the appearance of clean vocals midway carry a sinister tone to their harmonies.

Next track named ‘Interlude’ shows the melodic skill and creativity of the band, its incisive and emotive guitar sounds making the two minute instrumental a mesmeric piece and subtle lead into next song ‘Limitless’. Though not as instantly addictive as the other songs this third song is a menacingly lumbering track veined by scorching guitar play and caustic vocals showing just how well the band can vary their sound.

The title track is the real standout moment. Bursting in on a cutting groove and senses wilting riffs coupled with acidic threats and brutality posing as vocals, it is an impressively persuasive and compelling song that is as vibrant as it is intense. Though the band is still in its informative musical years this of all the songs shows why the promise and acclaim coming their way is so strong. Creative , diverse and unrelenting it with a warm welcome lingers in the ear and head long after it lays down its last thoughtful note.

As mentioned the production is lacking a little preventing the full effect of the band’s sound to truly numb its recipients. The hollow tones especially on the vocals is a shame as is the fact the drums sound held back far more than personally is preferred, but the music and quality still shines through with great effect. The Arms Of Idiocy  gives all the evidence and belief that Save Your Grace will turn into one of the bands whose strength and ability will guide British metal to greater heights in the near and future times ahead. With bands like this UK’s extreme metal future is in safe hands.

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Doomed From Day One Interview

14th November saw the release of a titanic debut EP from Guildford metalers Doomed from Day One. The release announced to the UK and beyond the recording arrival of one of the most powerful, impressive and creative UK bands around so The RingMaster Review wanted to find out more about the band and their music.

Welcome to The Ringmaster Review and thank you for spending time to talk with us.

Could you introduce the band members?

We got vocalist Sean Scott, Charlie Griffiths and Charlie Frederick on guitar, our bassist Eifion Sweet and finally Jamie Elsey

How, when and where did Doomed From Day One begin?

In Feb 2010 Doomed From Day One started from a post on the student Portal at uni, Sean was brought in through knowing Jamie and Eifion was quite literally found at a house party.

Is the band the first for each of you?

All our members have been in bands for as long as we have been playing.

Your sound is a diverse blend of hardcore, progressive metal and death metal to simplify it. How would you class it and did it just evolve on its own or there was deliberate intent to go in this direction?

I think our sound came very naturally and to be honest, this was inevitable due to the mass variety of influences within DFDO.

You have recently released your impressive debut The Wasted World, did it come out exactly as you envisaged or surprised you a little with its quality?  

The Wasted World came out how we wanted and we are completely stoked on what the combination of the five of us produced.

How did the writing process happen, did you have clear songs going into the studio or they were realised within those four walls?

All songs were written and finished way before we even thought of heading to the studio, we like to take time over the writing of a release to enable full confidence before having to record them.

With both elements so strong within the songs which usually comes first a riff and aggressive energy or the melodic elements when writing?

We don’t tend to think of it in that way, like our sound it really is about what comes naturally.  I think that the aggressive energy is always present and it’s more whether we start with a riff or with melody.

How difficult was it to translate your renowned live energy to the recording?

The aim in the studio was create 30mins of music that was real heavy sounding but was able to still translate all the information that is contained within each song. We didn’t really set out to transfer the energy more hoped that it would just happen. The more you try to re-create something that normally comes as second nature the less it tends to work.

You recorded the EP with Andy Hayball at The Ranch, how much input did he have to the way the tracks turned out?

Andy was great in the studio and was good at putting in little things that weren’t initially present. One of his best traits was that he was able to keep us on time, in terms of keeping to the allotted schedule.

Is it too early to be talking about an album?

No not at all we have had and have been discussing the next release for a while, although it is not going to be an album but another EP. We have already written most of the tracks for it and cannot wait to get in the studio.

Coming from Guildford it is not exactly known as a hot bed of metal or giving opportunities for bands venue wise until recent years, how have you found it as a band starting out?

I would be lying if I were to say it has been easy. It’s not really a Metal kind of town but there are kids who come to shows and we have had a lot of help from contacts within ACM.

Since you started you have shared stages with the likes of Malefice, Martyr Defiled, Gallows, Silent Screams how much did you learn from those experiences that you have used for your current tour promoting the EP?

Really just making sure that our general attitudes are in check. Networking is key so we aim to chat to anyone who gives us the time of day.

How is the tour going?

Good, it’s been good to play new places as well as meeting some new bands along the way.

Give us some insight to your appearance at Guilfest this year.

It was pretty jokes to be honest, we all regularly attend festivals and so it was cool to be on the other side of the barrier for once.

If you could choose a line-up to play with tomorrow for a show who would be on the bill?

It would have to be the people we enjoy seeing the most but I think it would be different for all of us. As a whole though we would definitely agree on playing with The Black Dahlia Murder, Parkway Drive and Despised Icon.

How about influences, who has made the biggest impact on you as musicians and as a band?

Like I said with the previous question it would be different for all of us but unanimously once again The Black Dahlia Murder has had massive influence on all of us, as well as Parkway Drive. We learnt a lot from the work ethics featured in the PWD DVD and applied them to DFDO.

What is in the near future of Doomed From Day One?

More shows really, at the moment we are just pushing to play as much as we can. The video for Pretending will be released on 7/11/11 to tie in with the Wasted World Re-launch. The New Year will bring about more tours that are currently in the pipeline as well as looking ahead to the next release.

Many thanks for chatting with us. Could you leave us a final thought or comment to help all new bands?

Stay open-minded and don’t expect anything back that you’re not willing to give. Also thanks to anyone who has come to a show, read an article and bought some merch, your help is awesome.

For info on where to get The Wasted World go to  or


EP review at

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Doomed from Day One – The Wasted World

From the warning sounds and impending sense of obliteration that is laid down in the opening instrumental piece ‘Dfdo’ on the new EP from UK metalers Doomed from Day One, the senses are primed and then demolished, the blistering power within the band and their release The Wasted World stripping aside all niceties to deliver core metal and angry aggression. This is no one trick pony though as within the muscle flexing riffs, incessant addictive hooks and pulses that vein the beast there is a compelling progressive creative creature stirring and revealing her wanton delights.

Guildford based Doomed from Day One release their debut EP on 14th November via indie imprint Noise Control Records, consisting of six slabs of progressive death metal to devour, satisfy and inspire. Already renowned for their unstoppable live shows the quintet have transferred that energy and ferocious attack very successfully to The Wasted World and shown why they are rapidly ascending the ranks of UK metal. Formed in the dying weeks of 2009 the band has shared and impressed in support slots with the likes of Malefice, Martyr Defiled, The Defiled and Gallows as well as ‘laying waste’ this year to Guilfest and intend to further bring damage to audiences in support of the EP with a tour in November.

After the opening aggressive song the first full track in ‘Pretending’ places its intrusive claws into the ears. It’s uncompromising and intimidating attack shows there is no pretence going on here, the band give everything from the first heart rendering note to the last. The fearsome pummels from the sticks of Jamie Elsey and the dark intent in the bass of Eifion Sweet fuel the drive of the track. Their uncomplicated and unrelenting frame of rhythm allowing the guitars of Charlie Griffiths and Charlie Frederick to attack and create some exiting melodic play with equal power. Riding all of this are the immense growls and scathing vocals of Sean Scott, his guttural delivery from the darkest pit within himself.

Depths Of Imagination’ brazenly takes over next with even more rushing riffs and aural truculence. As with all the tracks there is a combativeness  feel that borders on belligerence and the song is all the more impressive for it. The addictive hook within the heavy sound is a hypnotic beckoning beacon that lures one in even deeper as the track unveils a melodic slow soulful break, the guitars full of expression and passion. The aggression cannot be denied though and soon the band is back at the throat. There is so much going on in the song but all is controlled and blended seamlessly.

Thoughts of the likes of The Browning appear as ‘From Here On Out’ breaks out with an electronica layered opening seconds. Soon the mountain of aggression and scything guitars repels all thoughts. The song once more is intelligently varied with progressive jazz sounds and emotive melodies amongst the imposing noise. The same can be applied to ‘You Were Meant To Suffer’, another defiant colossus of aggressive sounds permeated with progressive meanderings that add to the overall effect perfectly. Though maybe not the best track compared to others it perfectly shows the skill the band have in their songwriting and ability to bring it to realisation.

The title track closes off the EP with Doomed From Day One’s explosive energy, power and creativity to the fore; a last reminder as if one needed it that the band and their brutal skilful sound is the new force in metal’s town. The track is stunning and the best on the release though all the songs are never less than impressive. Recorded with Andy Hayball (Bring Me The Horizon) The Wasted World is a mighty release and just the beginning of the dominance of Doomed From Day One.

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