Dicepeople – Destroyer

Though UK outfit Dicepeople did not exactly turn to the darkside with their acclaimed last album, One From Many, it certainly immersed in the darkest shadows emotionally and physically whilst providing a contagion of sounds. With their new EP the duo continues to explore the volatile union of dark and light, going deeper in the domain whilst stretching their sound and imagination in another fresh and provocative breath of thick captivation.

The creation of musician, songwriter and producer Matt Brock, Dicepeople has been luring ears and emotions since 2013 with their dark electro sound. With vocalist Zmora completing the line-up, the band has released a host of attention luring, praise garnering albums and EPs with 2018’s outstanding One From Many breaching a new level in both as the band’s blend of EBM, industrial, post-punk and electro-goth ventured into those darker life enveloping shadows. Destroyer carries on where the album left off yet reveals its own new journey exposing and pushing that balance between dark and light, its sound equally more immersed in the rapacious realm of dark electro but still hosting the eager diversity which has marked the band’s music over the years.

Released through the ever compelling Syndicol Music, Destroyer takes the listener “on an intense, disturbing journey through the twisted emotional minefield of relationships that turn to the dark side” and quickly proves as naggingly infectious as it is tension soaked from the moment opener Rollercoaster erupts in ears. The festering of synth which brings it forward alone has a threat and welcoming to its coaxing, the beginnings of the song’s synth pop underlay already enticing instincts as Zmora’s distinctive tones begin to unveil the emotional darkness within. Voice and sound unite in increasing catchiness and insecurity, doubt and restlessness lining every syllable and note whilst rousing ears and body from the speakers.

The following Siren Song has a sepia colouring to its beginnings, an off-kilter string like intimation that alone is potent enough to ensure keen attention before greater apprehension and menace brews around Zmora’s succubus like confrontation. Thickly darker than its predecessor and haunting on every level, the song emerges as a thickly infectious incitement before Don’t Save Me pleas for paradoxical freedom, longing and love twisted in an anomalous romance. The track merges the instinctive catchiness of the EP’s first song and the ravening intensity of its predecessor, a fusion casting another enthralling emotive tenebrosity upon the imagination.

Both tracks are superb, eclipsing the undoubted might and caliginous beauty of the nonetheless excellent pair bookending their presence, the EPs title track closing up the release with its own riveting turbulence of magnetic electro sounds and emotional agitation.

It is an outstanding end to another simply enthralling and greedily enjoyable outing with Dicepeople, Destroyer quite simply one irresistible incitement on ears and the drama of the heart.

The Destroyer EP is out now via Syndicol Music; available @ https://dicepeople.bandcamp.com/album/destroyer-ep

https://dicepeople.com/   https://www.facebook.com/dicepeople/   https://twitter.com/dicepeople

Pete RingMaster 28/01/2020

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Deathkings/Rozamov – Split

Rozamov Split

On May 16th and 17th US bands Rozamov and Deathkings respectively will be playing The Observatory in Santa Ana as part of the three day Psycho California fest which starts on the 15th. The third year of the event will again see over fifty bands from around the world bringing a wealth of genres from doom and sludge to post rock, hardcore to black metal. To mark their participation Deathkings and Rozamov have united to unleash a split 7” via Midnite Collective, bearing a new and exclusive track from each. It adds up to around fifteen minutes of sludge bred enjoyment with the imaginative contagion to seduce and primal ferocity to savage.



The first track is from LA hailing Deathkings, a quartet fusing sludge and doom with experimental voracity. The band consists of guitarist Daryl Hernandez and bassist/vocalist Nicolas Rocha, a pair who had already played together in a previous band before forming Deathkings, as well as drummer Sean Spindler and guitarist Mark Lüntzel, who joined the band after the release of the band’s three-track EP Destroyer. The quartet is currently getting to grips with the creation of their second release, tentatively titled All That Is Beautiful, and with their contribution to this endeavour in the mighty shape of Solomon, it is destined to be a highly anticipate encounter.

Solomon opens on a hypnotic and instantly enthralling stroll of resonating, deeply impacting rhythms skirted by equally predatory strands of guitar and one delicious bass tone. It is a gripping anthemic baiting over which the gruff growling of Rocha grumbles and roars. A fresh gear is then subsequently found, the track prowling with greater relish and urgency whilst dispensing thick and incendiary sludgy enterprise on the way to becoming an evolving cauldron of sinister monotone vocals, melodic toxicity, and doom soaked intensity. It proceeds to haunt the psyche and voraciously devour the senses, never remaining in one strain of confrontation for long but continuously igniting the imagination with its darkly immersive landscape. The track is inescapably compelling, an unrelenting mouth-watering incitement quickly matched by its companion on the release.

Rozamov springs from Boston and infuse their sludge invention with a more hardcore bred ferociousness as well as, like Deathkings, potent atmospheric persuasions. The trio of



guitarist/vocalist Matthew Iocavelli, bassist/vocalist Tom Cornio, and drummer William Hendrix, have frequently drawn references to the likes of Neurosis, Yob and Grief through their sound, live presence, and a pair of previous EP’s. Now in the depths of writing their first album, the Massachusetts band offer Ghost Divine to the split’s fury of sound, and from a sonic mist swiftly turns into a maelstrom like intensive examination of the senses fuelled by a bracing turbulence. Vocals quickly vent with a hardcore fury, a raging emulated by the caustic tempest of sound consuming ears simultaneously. At times an unbridled hurricane and in others a lumbering beast of doom lined discontent straddled by acidic flames of guitar rapacity, the track is a bewitching and fearsome rancor but unafraid to reveal unpredictable and engrossing flights of imagination, even if in brief and fleeting moments within its ravenous assault.

Both tracks leaves senses bruised, ears hungrier, and anticipation for their next releases sparked, as well as wishing we were there at both their upcoming performances.

The Deathkings/Rozamov – Split is available now via Midnite Collective @ https://midniteclv.bandcamp.com/album/deathkings-rozamov-split and http://midniteclv.storenvy.com/products/12489843-deathkings-rozamov-split-7

http://www.facebook.com/DeathkingsMusic   https://www.facebook.com/Rozamov

RingMaster 13/05/2015

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Inter Arma: Sky Burial


    Sky Burial is an album which already people are shouting from the rooftops about and once consumed by its impacting perfect storm of creativity and exhausting mass it is hard to resist joining them in a fire of ardour. The album is immense, a genre stirring offering from a band in Inter Arma who will define and engineer new inspiring avenues ahead just as they have with this sensational release.

Formed in 2006, the quintet from Richmond, VA merges the thickest richest essence of doom, sludge, psychedelia and grind as well as inciting black metal and progressive flames to create their own unique and formidable sound and place in metal. Their debut album Sundown in 2010 rightly put the metal and critics on eager alert but with Sky Burial, which follows their acclaimed Destroyer EP of last year, Inter Arma has ingrained an indelible mark upon metal and set new plateaus and bench marks for others to aspire to. The album is like a tsunami, hurricane, and tornado of aggression and invention rolled in to one infernal and riveting tempest, and the fact that despite its staggering presence it still has moments which do not quite light internal fires so you feel and know there is still so much more to come from the band. This realisation is frightening and deeply exciting when immersed within the massive triumph that is Sky Burial.

Released on Relapse Records, the album immediately lays a sonic scourge upon the senses with The Survival Fires, the guitar riffsskyburial_900 thick, musky, and striking against the insatiable drum rolls of T.J. Childers. The track envelops and rolls around the ear with acidic venom and a pervading malevolent breath driven by the insidious earth borne squalls of Mike Paparo, his delivery a scathing abuse and graze upon emotions. The repetitive grooved hook which pervades the song enchants and niggles with a tortuous tease which with its insidiously persistent ignites eager acceptance and defiant antipathy. The persuasion is merciless though and submission to the erosive imagination and tar thick power of song and band is a given, the guitars of Steven Russell and Trey Dalton brewing a perpetual mix of invention and that repetition which magnetises the senses towards them whilst the bass of Joe Kerkes has a delicious hunger which drools over every oppressive note.

The following piece The Long Road Home comes in two movements, the first Iron Gate a simmering and shimmering blaze of reflective acoustic guitar and sonic spirals of sound lighting the sky of the track whilst an emotive resonance brews from the rest of the band to surround the expressive heart of the track. It eventually escalates into a brief blistering intrusion before settling down as the second part opens up its again restrained and isolated passion through coaxing guitars, shuffling beats, and biting ambient winds. The track is a reflection inspiring piece which unleashes more energy and emotion the further across its soundscape it goes, its gait and energy rising to compliment the almost pictorial and reminiscent touch it offers. Everything though leads to a maelstrom driven climax of blackened malignance with sonic scarring and savage rhythms to match the exhausting serpentine vocal abrasion. The two pieces combined are an enthralling confrontation as unique to the opener and tracks to follow but united in its overwhelming strength and emotive foreboding.

Destroyer is pure corrosion in aural form, every second from its invidious vortex of grooved toxin and lumbering predatory rhythms through to the enveloping raw vocal hatred and unrelenting light suppressing persistence, a thoroughly compelling and deeply welcomed transgressor to senses and emotions. Into the latter part of its mission of intent the band shifts and twists the track with captivating inventive additions in sound and energy but never loosens its cruel consumptive embrace.

At this point the album has already convinced the passions of their destination but with the simply stunning ‘sblood leaves them orgasmic in lust. The song is a classic, one of the most thrilling tracks heard anywhere in a long time. The drums and rhythms of Childers are sensational, a torrent of vicious enterprise and rabid savagery matched by the carnivorous bass and ravenous riffs. The track for its whole gnaws and gnaws upon the senses, with the moment where bass and drum are left alone to unleash their own ruinous ravaging instructive and destructive to all primal instincts. The track is a blistering chaos which with ease sucks the listener into its innovative and towering mass, a declaration which applies to the whole of the exhilarating and awe igniting album.

Through the remaining furnace of imagination and aggressive energy in the tracks Westward and its dramatic ferocity, the instrumental Love Absolute, and the epic imposing closing title track, Sky Burial is a phenomenal release which will impact on fans, bands, and the various genres they embrace ahead. If the likes of Neurosis, Melvins, Darkthrone, Kylesa, and Rwake pave your passions than Inter Arma have something to stretch your heart further.



RingMaster 19/03/2013

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