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Poke a wild beast and you get a savaging, an obvious fact which certainly also applies to Swedish metallers Despite and their new EP EPic. Band and release go for the jugular from their first breath and never relinquish their gripping rancor and highly flavoursome persuasion until the final note of rage dissipates. With a sound which draws on a diversity of styles bound in a passion which is as open as the venom in every groove and the anger driving every rhythmic and corrosive twist, EPic is exactly what it says on the tin.

Hailing from Gothenburg and formed in 1998, Despite has consistently drawn strong responses and acclaim from fans and the underground media for their releases and live presence, a clamour seemingly increasing year by year. With a sound which reminds forcibly of Mudvayne around their The End of All Things to Come album but equally the likes of Soilwork and Meshuggah infused into something individual to the band, Despite feel like they are at the point where the wider metal world is waking up to their fury, especially now thanks to the might of EPic. Through debut album In Your Despite of 2009 and its successor Clenched a year later, the quintet has honed a sound and developed a stature which demands attention but the new EP is another big step which with its initial release last November and now a focus grabbing reboot on January 19th, provides a commanding wake-up call to the rest of the unsuspecting metal world.

Opener As You Bleed looms up on ears from a distance with an immediate tangy groove, which as it reaches its destination erupts in a controlled but vibrant maelstrom of intensity and attitude equipped with even broader grooving amidst potently jabbing beats. The guitars of Timmy Leng and André Gonzales are instant inescapable bait, Meshuggah seeded riffs a jagged lure within a toxic caress of melodic enterprise. There is also a sense of intimidation and rage to the song which finds its potent exit through the heavily swung rhythms of drummer Oscar Nilsson and the bracing vocals of Peter Tuthill. His deliver is a perpetual snarl but with a clarity which allows the ire and passion of the lyrics in each individual narrative to make a formidable incitement to match the sounds. There is also variety to his attack as clean elements are allowed to stand alongside his abrasing strengths, a mix which works a treat and nestles perfectly in the blistering Despite PromoImagetempest of the craft around him.

The outstanding start is continued through Awakening, a furious ravaging of the senses from the first second but as the first, coming with a twisting turbulence of invention and intensity. More blustery and hostile than its predecessor, the song also has a sonic grooving which compels the imagination whilst a blend of melodic and destructive invention reminds of Chad Gray and co in union with Dark Tranquility. It is a hellacious temptation leaving appetite greedy and senses throbbing, and there is no respite as Unexceptional steps up next. The third song opens on another enticing snarl punctuated by nasty drums rallies aided by the increasingly potent and enthralling bass threat of Mathias Dagerhed. An explosion of animosity of course is not far away, the track subsequently spilling creative enmity and emotional bad blood with contagious and bewitching effect. It is a seducing which also appears in an Indian flavouring which veins the turmoil, a exoticness which grows and blossoms with increasing temptation as the song reaches its fiery finale and explores a strong whisper of Motherjane in the inventive turbulence.

The song is superb but swiftly matched and at times surpassed by Give Me Life. Bestial in sound and touch from the first clawing of ears, the encounter blazes a scarring trail across the senses. In that unbridled scorching though vocals unite in anthemic rebellion and grooves dance devilishly, both igniting an already breath-taking ferocity. Excellent clean vocal tempting and atmospheric melodic sighs add to the intrigue and unpredictability of the song, but are always shaded by the delicious creative animus of the song.

It leaves final song Sanctum Falls some task to leave the listener on a matching high, a challenge firmly met by its creative drama and exploration. The song is arguably the most inventive and unique provocation on the encounter, offering a Slipknot like colouring to again an expectations dismissing adventure in songwriting and sound, and though it might just miss the plateau of its companions on the EP, it leaves satisfaction full and praise eager.

For newcomers to Despite, EPic is a stirring and exciting introduction whilst those already in the know, will surely agree the EP is the band on a whole new plateau.

No strangers to line-up shuffles, Despite since the initial release of EPic has seen the departure of Dagerhed with a search of a new bassist on going and the arrival of third guitarist Zoran Panovic; just another twist in the gripping ascent of the band to eagerly explore ahead.

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Despite Unleash Their Killer New Record To The UK This Month!

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Euro Bruisers ‘Despite’ reboot their new EP ‘EPic’ on Monday 19th January 2015.

Ever since their formation, ‘Despite’ have destroyed stages throughout Europe with their face-melting concoction of modern metal laced with alluring dynamics and crushing riffs.

Although they draw from the likes of Slipknot and Soilwork to Strapping Young Lad, Despite etch their very own signature on the metal genre. Approaching their musical endeavours with nothing less than whole-hearted intent, Despite thrive on originality and ballsy groove.

Formed in Gothenburg, Sweden back in 1998 and featuring Peter Tuthill (Vocals), Timmy Leng (Guitar), André Gonzales (Guitar), Matte D (Bass) and Oscar Nilsson (Drums), all five members share an uninhibited and mutual infatuation for heavy music. The innovative riff beasts have built up a formidable reputation for themselves in their native land through hard gigging and with the releases of both their debut album, ‘In Your Despite’, and its follow up album, ‘Clenched’, which dropped in 2010. During the past few years the band have had switches in personnel, but the industrious five-some are now back, stronger than ever, and fiercely firing on all cylinders.

In 2013, Despite began work on their third record entitled “EPic”, which is finally released in the UK this January, and it’s a real belter. EPic starts off with the forceful hammer groove of their current single ‘As You Bleed’, which proves to absolutely ravage the ear drums. The quintet’s impressive riffery is on display throughout the record and the ferocious ‘Awakening’ is a prime example of the band’s sheer intensity and brimming guile. ‘Unexceptional’ is next up and offers the quartet’s trademark sound wrapped around the thoughtful use of an Indian Harp; this underlining accent highlights the band’s keen dynamism and cunning use of experimentation. ‘Give Me Life’ continues to hit you square between the eyes before ‘Sanctum Falls’ closes proceedings with its pounding rhythms and a full vocal assault that cascades into an engaging web of melody that will linger with you long after. EPic drops this January and the band will tour the UK later in 2015; stay tuned for more.

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Quest Of Aidance – Misanthropic Propaganda

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From its opening instrumental, Misanthropic Propaganda, the debut album from Swedish metallers Quest Of Aidance towers over and brutally palms the senses into an enterprising torrent of extreme provocation, a journey which leaves you captivated inside yet numb on the surface. Combining grindcore with melodic death metal whilst adding plenty of other flavoursome essences into its stirring ferocity, the release is a confrontation that does not smash through existing boundaries for extreme metal but certainly at times gives it a damn good prod.

Quest Of Aidance was formed in 2004 by guitarists Christian Älvestam (Unmoored, ex-Scar Symmetry, Miseration) and Christian Lundgren (Miseration, Carnalized). Soon a quartet the band recorded their debut demo Human Trophy the same year which took them to the attention of Roy Yeo, the label manager of Pulverised Records. This led to the re-release of the demo as the Fallen Man Collection two years later with the Dark Are the Skies at Hand EP coming the following year. Line-up changes over the years have undoubtedly helped the band hone and evolve the sound found on the early releases into the predacious triumph that is Misanthropic Propaganda. Created by vocalist Daniel Valström (Syconaut) alongside Älvestam and Lundgren, with guests musicians like Patrik Gardberg (Torchbearer, Solution .45, The Few Against Many), Oscar Nilsson (Miseration, Saint Daemon, Despite) and jazz guitarist Johan Randén adding their skills and invention into the mix, the again Pulverised Records released album marks the band as a major emerging force which if not now, ahead will be setting new levels for others to contemplate and emulate.

Opener A New Storm Rising is a dramatic and cinematic heralding of the album, its rising walls of intensity and sound sculpting Misanthropic Propaganda Coverthe sense of an imposing ominous force about to launch itself upon the body. The piece is gloriously crafted and presented, an evocative intimidation wrapped in sonic beauty to start off the science fiction themed and inspired album. Once it has coloured the imagination the track evolves into the carnal ferociousness of Seething Voids, the track a burning volcano of raptorial riffing and rabid rhythmic confrontation driven by a sonic storm veined with irresistibly compelling grooves. Though a mere two minutes in length the track is devastating and addictive with the excellent bruising vocal squalls a menacing persuasion to compliment the already contagious bait.

Both Deadly Viral Strain and To No Avail thrust the release instantly to another level, the first an intoxicating tempest of lethal rhythmic bartering with the ear alongside a suffocating riff driven intensity. The song as so many on the album is not satisfied with a one dimensional attack, shifting and twisting with slight progressive teases and impacting industrial flames within the ashes hot annihilation. Its successor unleashes a wholly addictive groove from its opening seconds, its call and grip squeezing tighter and tighter until the blood drains from the ears. Grievous and animalistic in its hunger, the track is a delicious grinding aural explosion with a murderous sonic breath and openly severe thirst to ravage its victim.

The progressive fire which marks the entrance and guitar enterprise of Section 34 shows further that band and album has an arsenal of invention to keep the listener and songs fresh and for the main unpredictable, and though the track does not light the passions as strongly as the previous songs its drama and sonic pictorial leaves mind and imagination bursting with visions and interpretations. Anyx too in its air shattering viciousness inspires stark images of destruction though as it is only a sub one minute presence these are fleeting thoughts once the equally sadistic Dimout expels its death metal cored creative cruelty.

Each track on the album impresses in their individual ways to similarly varying degrees with both the truculent yet openly seductive Red Dust where riffs, vocals, and rhythms scintillatingly chew up the senses whilst keys sooth the wounds with delicious beauty, and the carnivorous venom caked Spawnlayer standing alongside those earlier glories as major highlights. The pair shares an invention which is draped in jazz and progressive ingenuity though it has to wait for its place in the maelstroms of sonic spitefulness and uses all of its imaginative resources to leave the strongest impression.

Misanthropic Propaganda is an outstanding album which continues to reward as songs like Sirian Breed with its epic bookending intro and outro and The 5th Column trespass welcomingly into the psyche. It may lack a little on originality at its heart which stops it being the biggest release of the year but feeds every need and more with its undeniably powerful and fertile invention not forgetting violence.


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