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The early weeks of 2014, saw UK post hardcore band Dead Winter make a rather potent introduction to themselves with debut EP Erasing Glaciers. It was a magnetic six track fury of melodic metal and hardcore ferocity soaked with open potential which had already aroused attention with its first outing a few months earlier. Its re-release four years ago though, sparked a more national awareness which the band fed with their impressive live presence. The past couple of years or so have seen the band seemingly quiet. Things were happening though with ideas and directions breeding line-up changes as the band headed into their next steps now marked by new single My Only Home.

Formed in 2011, the Blackpool hailing band soon lured loyal support and ears with their sound and in turn the successful Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral for A Friend, Twin Atlantic) produced Erasing Glaciers. Weaving inspirations from bands such as Bury Tomorrow, Bring Me The Horizon, and A Day To Remember into their sound, Dead Winter and EP were soon drawing acclaim from the likes of Rock Sound, Powerplay, and Big Cheese Magazine. That regrouping and defining of direction and intent followed but now, and ahead of their first album also called My Only Home, set for release this summer, Dead Winter ‘return’ with a bang in the shape of its title track and an equally gripping video.

With Dodangoda at the helm of album and single again, My Only Home swiftly descends on ears with rapier like rhythms and badgering riffs which soon reveal their own predacious intent and snarl. There is a great metalcore edge to the trespass but a hue soon matched by the melodic enterprise and warmth increasingly aflame in the song. In the first minute alone, the band shows themselves to have tapped into a new contagious and virulent quality in their music without defusing the emotive intensity and fire that marked out their earlier exploits.

As pop punk in many ways as it is melodic metal and post hardcore crafted, the song continues to stir up appetite and pleasure, It provides a compelling and at times almost hostile anthemic proposal further shaped by the guitar craft of Jamie Townsend and Adam Roberts whilst driven by Danny Dawkins’s addictive beats and led by Ant Jones’ outstanding clean and melodic tones. There is a real maturity to the song which hopefully is a big teaser to the heart of the album to come, and a bold adventure which simply whips up attention.

My Only Home, single, video, and album looks like the moment when Dead Winter reassert themselves as one of Britain’s most exciting and seriously promising propositions.

The single, My Only Home is out April 15th. Check out the video on our Video Selector page.

Pete RingMaster 15/04/2016

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Dead Winter – Erasing Glaciers


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   Formed in 2011, UK post hardcore band Dead Winter has bred an eagerly growing buzz around their emergence, an attention which especially over the past year has found a real potency which the Blackpool sextet hope to reap greater success from with the re-release of their debut EP Erasing Glaciers. A reboot of their first introduction, the six track fury of melodic metal and hardcore ferocity is a resourceful and magnetic beast of an encounter and the highly suggestive evidence that the band’s time is about to explode into wide recognition.

    Pulling inspirations from bands such as Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Oh, Sleeper, and Parkway Drive into their sound, Dead Winter were soon gripping attention locally and further afield from their early days. Comparisons to the likes of Memphis May Fire, A Day To Remember, and Parkway Drive were lofted on to their inventive sound as the band impressed on stage and with their Romesh Dodangoda produced debut release. Still missed by many at the time of its unleashing though, the record has a second refuelled chance to make the mark it deserves and it is hard not to see EP and band reaching into the passions of a great many more this time around.

    Consisting of guitarists Jamie Townsend and Martin Worsnip, bassist Adam Roberts, and drummer Danny Dawkins alongside Dead Winter Cover Artworkthe fiery screams of Laura Russell and the clean melodic tones of Ant Jones, Dead Winter take little time in gripping attention with EP opener Bribe For The Ferryman. A strong blaze of guitar and rolling rhythms enclose the ears initially before the rhythmic tempting strengthens its grip for the appearance of the throat raw squalls of Russell. It all combines for a dramatic and intriguing enticement which only deepens its bait with breaking muscular stabs of riffery and carnivorous aggression. Into its stride the now in place blend of clean and voracious vocals make a potent and alluring draw within a well-crafted and imaginative tempest of sound. The previously mentioned comparisons do come to mind as the song twists and ripples with inventive spite and enterprise but equally there is an individualistic essence to the provocation setting the band aside of other similar like-minded and sounding bands.

     The intense and strong start is not maintained by the following Snakebites & Streetfights as immediately the clean vocals of Jones feel out of kilter to the rapacious sounds around him and at times his own notes. Elsewhere on the EP he is masterful and impressive but for some reason the clean aspect does not feel right in what otherwise is a pretty decent adventure. There is still plenty in the track to convince that this is a rare aberration in the creative puissance of the band, the proof coming right after as the release rises up in gear and levels starting with Every Silver Lining Has A Cloud. A gentle guitar coaxing is soon exposed to a vitriolic vocal causticity and senses splitting intensity driven by equally predacious rhythmic provocation. It is an exciting assault which merges merciless savagery with a melodic soaking led by the back on form vocals of Jones. An unpredictable and exhausting maelstrom of energy and impressive individual endeavour uniting in a superbly sculpted and absorbing invention, the song is quite simply a barbarous incitement for imagination and passions.

     The title track comes next and unleashes a similarly brutal breath and body as its predecessor from its opening second. The riffs come armed with senses tearing teeth and rhythms with an armoury of sinews which bruise and ignite the ears, but it is the excellent mix of vocals from Jones and Russell which steer the impressive and ruthlessly intensive ship to another richly thrilling and irresistible triumph. With the previous song, the two tracks alone make Dead Winter a proposition to feel confidence and anticipation for their future but as You’re Not The Only One shows they are not alone in offering the fullest persuasion of this being a band with a blazing horizon ahead of them. This time taking an almost tempered approach to the listener at first, the song is soon storming within the ears with vocals impressing once more within inventive but unfussy guitar craft from Townsend and Worsnip whilst the rhythmic impact of the band again seizes a full hunger for their impact. With pleasing additives of keys to the masterful display, the song provides another lingering memorable suasion, which is not always something you can say about many other same genre bands and efforts over recent times.

    The closing Survival, like You’re Not The Only One, is a new song on the release from its original appearance at the tail end of 2012, and again with the other newcomer shows the band is evolving and growing in a potent and riveting direction. Soaked in a greater voracity and antagonism than elsewhere on the EP, the track also explores a stronger contagious depth to its body. It is a tremendous conclusion to an outstanding release, one which hopefully should take Dead Winter into a spotlight befitting their rewarding and tasty sound. British post hardcore has a new furnace of creative severity in its midst, an inventive scourge which only leaves unbridled pleasure.


RingMaster 02/02/2014

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DEAD WINTER to unleash new EP, ‘Erasing Glaciers’ on 3rd February‏

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Unstoppable North-west sextet ‘Dead Winter’ drop their enticing ‘Erasing Glaciers’ EP through national outlets on Monday 3rd February.
Igniting glowing comparisons to Memphis May Fire, A Day To Remember and Parkway Drive, Dead Winter come at you with powerful guitars, gargantuan choruses and earnest purpose. Dead Winter are quickly picking up the pace and the ascending metallers are poised to be one of the breakthrough bands of 2014.
Formed in 2011 in Blackpool, and featuring Ant Jones (Clean vocals), Laura Russell (Scream vocals), Jamie Townsend (Lead guitars), Martin Worsnip (Rhythm guitars), Danny Dawkins (Drums) and Adam Roberts (Bass), Dead Winter are rapidly taking flight and creating a stir. Soon after their formation, the youthful six-some began work on inking new tunes for their much anticipated debut record. To help make their mark on the scene, the post-hardcore crew honed their sound by notching up shows throughout the north and gaining hearty support in the process.
The Blackpool bruisers are now set to push open the envelope with a reboot of their stunning debut EP ‘Erasing Glaciers’. Serving up six meaty cuts of hardcore amalgamated metal and taking influence from Bring Me The Horizon, Underoath, Oh, Sleeper, and Parkway Drive, Dead Winter produce an explosive record bursting with invention and buoyant intensity, and with esteemed producer Romesh Dodangoda at the helm, you know the production will be top draw. ‘Erasing Glaciers’ kicks off in barbarous fashion with the hammering beatings of ‘Bribe For The Ferryman’ before it rolls into ‘Every Silver Lining’, which deftly highlights the band’s agile use of devastating dynamics. The record’s namesake, ‘Erasing Glaciers’, further drives the six piece’s message home to great effect; Dead Winter are set to rise—catch the UK noise chiefs on tour as they plan a massive onslaught for the early part of 2014.
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