Maypine – In The Back Of My Mind

Providing a rather strong introduction to themselves, British pop-punks Maypine release their debut EP this month. In The Back Of My Mind offers five tracks of infectious melodic punk bursting with potential and an already revealing potent craft in songwriting and enterprise. It is not jaw dropping or particularly unique but certainly commands eager attention with ease, success in anyone’s book.

Formed around the middle of last year and rising from the ever vibrant Brighton music scene, Maypine soon showed their strengths and lures on the local live scene, continuing to draw support and acclaim thereon in leading up to the imminent release of their first EP. Recorded with producer Ian Sadler (ROAM/Homebound), it opens up with recent single A Little Sooner which soon has ears cupped in a weave of melodic guitars speared by striking rhythms. From their midst, a strolling gait loaded with instinctive catchiness breaks, vocalist Jason Payne backed by the equally alluring tones of rhythm guitarist Dan Jarvis, magnetic at the fore. It is hard not to be swept up in the song’s infectious nature and exploits, lead guitarist Becky East weaving a captivating web of melodic and enterprise to seal the deal.

The great start is keenly backed by new video/single North South Divide which too needs little time to have ears lured and bodies bouncing. The swinging beats of drummer James Holdsworth make a great driving impetus to its exploits, the heavier tone of Tommy Roberts’ bass bringing a fine tempering to the fiery flames of guitar which again firmly hold ears and appetite as vocals share the song’s emotive heart. Calmer moments only add to its strength, revealing bolder aspects in the band’s imagination before Inside Out jumps in with its just as keen energy and tenacity. Though it lacks some of the more unpredictable twists of its predecessors, the track is a contagious proposal leaving enjoyment full and giving plenty of clues to the band’s success as a live proposition.

Never Far Apart calms things down with its acoustic croon, guitar and voice sharing real magnetism before things eventually boil up with the rest of the band adding their flames to the increasingly volatile smoulder. A slow burner in some ways compared to other tracks, it rises to be a compelling part of the impressing release.

Closing track Day After Day brings things to a strong conclusion though it too misses out on making the more striking impression of other tracks on the EP. Nevertheless tapping feet and pleasured ears endorses its catchy potency and its part in ensuring In The Back Of My Mind leaves a strong appetite for more of the Maypine sound.

With numerous essences which should appeal to those with a liking for bands such as ROAM, Blink-182, and You Me At Six, the EP suggests Maypine is a rather promising new addition to British pop punk.

In The Back Of My Mind is released August 4th through Disconnect Records.

MAYPINE August tour:

Friday 04 – Hope & Ruin, Brighton

Saturday 05 – Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield

 Sunday 06 – Creepy Wee Pub, Dunfermline (Acoustic/afternoon set)

Sunday 06 – The Attic/The Garage, Glasgow***

Tuesday 08 – Retro Bar, Manchester***

Thursday 10 – The Shed, Leicester**

Friday 11 – The Thunderbolt, Bristol**

Saturday 12 – The Attic, Torquay**

Sunday 13 – The Joiners, Southampton**

Monday 14 – The Black Heart, Camden**

Tuesday 15 – The Attic, Ashford**

Wednesday 16th – TJ’s, Eastbourne

**w/ Better Than Never | *** w/ Coast To Coast

Pete RingMaster 02/08/2017

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Coast To Coast – Dwell

Coast To Coast Promo_RingMasterReview

Looking like they have come up with an especially tenacious and alluring blend of pop and punk, British quartet Coast To Coast make their introduction with debut EP Dwell this month. It is an ear grabbing proposal bulging with a sound which is maybe not quite a unique quantity yet but has a character to it that simply commands attention.

Hailing from Birmingham, Coast To Coast began in the January of 2014 and consists of vocalist Keiran Hyland, guitarists Alex Edge and Josh Taylor, and drummer Darius Walters. Last year saw the release of the track August but more details of their first two years we cannot find. Listening to Dwell though, with its vibrant and emotive snarl we can only assume and suspect that the band persistently ignited local stages whilst honing a sound which, as mentioned, demands it be looked at and listened to.

Dwell does not make an immediately striking impression it is fair to say. Its first track is Intro, a lead into the release providing a muggy and sonically thick invitation which certainly hints at the individual craft uniting within the band but sounds like so many other starts to punk and post hardcore bred releases. At just over a minute, any disappointment to its formula presence is fleeting C2C Artwork_RingMasterReviewthough and soon thrown aside by the thumping touch and provocative roar of Bloom. Like chalk and cheese to the first, the second track grips ears straight from its opening scythes of guitar, sinew swung beats soon intruding on the senses as riffs and a great throaty bassline entangle ears and imagination. You still would not say the song is breaking new ground but that distinct character previously mentioned coats the enterprise spun and equally the excellent vocal expression and delivery of Hyland. That alone carries an intimacy which suggests lyrically the song is a heartfelt reflection and release, an essence seeming to also seep into the melodic imagination veining the track’s rousing roar.

The excellent encounter is matched in potency by Cornerstone, a slightly less intrusive and bracingly boisterous track but one fuelled by a similar infectious energy and imagination aligned to further emotional suggestiveness. Once more Hyland only impresses as he whips up ears and appetite, being as potently matched by the darkly textured rhythmic side of the band and its melodic and sonic dexterity. As with the song’s predecessor, the triggering of bouncing bodies and vocal involvement alone is a sign of a highly enjoyable and galvanic encounter from a band easy to want to know more about.

The EP closes with the acoustic balladry of Bunkbeds, guitar and Hyland alone potent bait enhanced further by the harmonies which hug their emotive enterprise. It is a fine end to a powerful and thoroughly enjoyable debut from Coast To Coast. With some bands you inwardly query if their maybe strong but indistinct sound will find the uniqueness that really gets noticed. It is a question that does not arise with Coast To Coast as already they have something about them which, as we mentioned, draws attention.

The Dwell EP is released April 8th via Fox Records @ and for download @

Upcoming live date: 24th April 2016 – Dwell EP Launch Party Show, The Rainbow, Birmingham w/ Best Years

Pete RingMaster 07/04/2016

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Narcs – Coast To Coast/Souvenir

NARCS Blur Faces

UK alternative rock band Narcs give one last reminder of the potency of their eagerly received debut album Two Birds, One Stone Later of last year with the release of a new double A-sided single. Consisting of the tracks Coast To Coast and Souvenir, it reinforces the strong emergence of a band which is brewing up a rather healthy buzz around itself. Completed by three live cuts from a live session at Leeds College of Music, the release shows all the potential which has marked the band out and made their album a thoroughly engaging proposition.

Hailing from Leeds, Narcs makes an immediately tasty provocation with their adventurously feisty yet relatively undemanding sound, Coast To Coast proving the point with its coaxing entrance and rasping melodic endeavour. It opens with a welcoming rhythmic incitement soon joined by fuzz kissed flames of guitar and expressive vocals. There is a slight stoner lilt to the sonic enterprise within the track but merely a choice spice as the song settles into a heads down rampant stroll before raising its elegant creative weaves again around the never deviating lure of the drums. It is not a forceful song, nor one which explodes within the ears, but it is a constant persuasion which seduces without restraint, especially when the group vocalise together before the more intensive if still reined in climax of the song.

It is a strong temptation of a song which you cannot escape making an Arctic Monkeys comparison to but as shown by the excellent NARCS Coast To Coast Clue RecordsSouvenir, the best track on the pair with ease, there is much more at play within the band. A distant scrub of guitar is soon boldly enticing the senses as a more psychotic breath wraps the song, the predatory bass and manically flirting backing vocals courting just as much attention. The song is a totally different beast in sound and intent to the first, the bass alone a leading protagonist whereas it was held in check in the first track. Yes that comparison offered by its predecessor has a place in this song but more so there is a richer essence of the demised Welsh band My Red Cell, the track snarling and brewing up a maelstrom of invention and psyched causticity to ignite imagination and passions in song and listener.  The track is quite glorious and with its companion has all the reasons why Narcs is highly thought of.

As mentioned the single comes with a trip of live session cuts, the raw sonic schizophrenic might of Sandchild impressing potently though matched as powerfully by the dramatic Collisions, and the long meandering captivation of Tall Grass; all three showing that Narcs is a band to be engaged live at least once.

Though Souvenir outshines Coast To Coast with ease, the pair of songs confirm Narcs as one of the exciting emerging propositions within British rock whilst breeding eager anticipation for their future endeavours.

Coast To Coast/Souvenir is available now through Clue Records


RingMaster 16/04/2014

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