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Made up of members from UK bands The Procession and LuckyNumberOne, Sonificade is a Midlands quartet who are making their potent introduction through debut single Me Can Out. The two track encounter is an easy going yet enticingly inventive offering to start things off attention wise, a pair of songs showing good variety and an open wealth of flavours already colouring the band’s sound.

With three members formerly of The Procession, there is maybe no surprise that there is a healthy essence of that band in the Sonificade sound but as their Circular Records released first single shows, it is a solid hue in something already hinting at bolder exploits. A teaser for the band’s first album scheduled for early 2016, Me Can Out quickly leaps out and into ears with a creative revelry and slightly mischievous personality to be fully intrigued by.

Sonificade_Cover_RingMaster Review   Me Can Out emerges from a sonic breeze carrying a pulsating electronic essence to break into a glorious rhythmic tempting led by the anthemic beats of Rob Gill and accentuated by the engaging dark prowl of Paul Richardson’s basslines. It is a thrilling and magnetic coaxing into the track; post punk like bait which subsequently triggers equally alluring flames of sonic enterprise as the song tightens its already firm seizure of ears and imagination. Settling into a slightly less dynamic stroll soon after, the song continues to hold attention and appetite as James Best and Martin Byrne beckon with twinned vocal prowess and enticing guitar exploits. Infusing blues spices and new wave resourcefulness as the bass shares shadow thick seduction, the track blossoms into a fiery and feisty rock ‘n’ roll canter to get a touch greedy over.

Accompanying Me Can Out is Gull Rocks, an initially vibrant and tenacious coaxing which relaxes into a smouldering croon of sound and voice mixing Americana and alternative rock in an enjoyable proposal. Certainly the song, even with its evocatively slim body and enticing textures, pales against the lead song on the single, lacking that unpredictable spark as much as anything, yet a lessening of pleasure is not an issue with Gull Rocks as it provides a different glimpse to the Sonificade invention and sound.

Me Can Out is a great first listen to Sonificade; one easily sparking an intrigue for that upcoming album.

Me Can Out is out now via Circular Records.

Pete RingMaster 04/12/2015

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The Procession – You Are Now Leaving The Future

Though it took some continued persuasion in some parts, the debut album from UK alternative rock band The Procession emerged as a very agreeable and rewarding piece of imaginative rock n roll. Enjoyably varied and inventively driven, the release leaves one deep in pleasure and eager to see how the band evolves in the future.

You Are Now Leaving The Future is an album which challenges and leaves a bright spark in the day, it might not contest a plethora of best of year lists but it certainly will light up plenty of welcoming and grateful hearts. The release is experimental in its eclectic array of sounds and directions, the band surely soaked in diverse inspirations and influences and sucking the best elements of each to spice their own creativity. The vast array of sounds arguably does make the album a little harder to come to terms with as you spend initial listens wondering where they are going but taking songs individually there is no question of the accomplished craft and ability of the Midlands trio.

Formed in 2007 by James Best (vocals /guitar), Martin Byrne (vocals/guitar/keys), Paul Richardson (bass), and Rob Gill (drums), The Procession soon started making big impressions in the Midlands music scene which accumulated in them becoming the inaugural winners of the BandForTheDay competition, seeing off 2,000 entries. The is was a big break for the band which led them into playing local festivals, strong support opportunities, radio appearances, and plenty of media attention. Signing to Circular Records in 2011, the band released to strong acclaim their debut EP Sometimes and set about recording their album. spending a large part of the past year working on and recording it at the secret studio complex of Kasabian in Leicestershire. The album is set to follow previous single Sun Comes Around in firing up an enthused hunger for more of their heart borne sounds and explosive guitar triggered hooks and melodies.

The album starts off with a bang with the excellent opener Hot Off The Press. From atmospheric weaves of voice and keys the song plunges through the ear with roguish vocals and striking flashes of guitars against choppy riffs. It is an instantly pleasing burn upon the senses, the effect coated vocals searing the air of the song whilst the rhythms challenge a response out of the listener. Into its stride the song is a fiery sonic brawl which invites and eagerly receives adulation. Caustic and antagonistic the track is a gem, an inciting roar of impulsive beats and acidic melodies which surge throughout the abrasive energies.

The following A+E and Sun Comes Around shuffle things up right away. The first is a powerful rock fury with heavy whispers of bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden to its resourceful presence. Like the rhythms the song is a towering slab of attitude and passion which leaves only deep satisfaction in its wake. The second is a gentle slice of indie guitar pop which wraps its warm and tender charms around the ear whilst emotive shadows keeps the compelling ambience from dozing. Charged guitar play spears the song to ensure the song does not drift off in a shimmering haze but keeps thoughts and feelings on edge.

It is a great start which the likes of Improv1 and Call You continue in their own individual and equally impactful way.  There is an eighties/nineties feel to the first of the pair, recalling guitar bands like The Mighty Lemondrops, Third Eye Blind and Smashing Pumpkins, whilst the latter is an emotive smouldering embrace with the guest vocals of Emma Redhead simply dazzling.

Some songs like Lookout and Indifference found it harder to find a place as elevated as those before achieved, but eventually they did forge a connection which invites many returns to their diverse and teasing charms. Cease & Desist had no such problem, the song a bruising and impassioned joy. The new lead single from the album it is an anthemic aural riot which ruffles up the senses and carries a little contempt within its breath. With a great bassline to further the satisfaction it is a great entry point to the band.

You Are Now Leaving The Future and The Procession both deserve attention from all as though the type of relationship with the heart will vary with each individual they offer plenty for all to be energised and captivated by.

RingMaster 07/10/2012

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