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The release of their three track demo last year brought strong attention and appetite for the unbridled thrash driven power of young Serbian band WarEngine. With its honest old school seeded contribution the band gave the genre a new and fresh voice but could the band expand and use their introduction to spring forward to seal a genuine place in the thrash metal arena. Their new album Adrenaline Rush provides the most compelling evidence that the Novi Sad quartet has not only grown into an emerging truly potent force but a band with a sound honed and brewed into one mightily impressive confrontation.

Formed in 2009, the foursome of vocalist/guitarist Luka Franceško, guitarist Dušan Mijolić, bassist Aleksandar Jakshić, and drummer Stefan Stanić, have hit hard and passionately with their uncompromising aggressive sounds, their demo and first EP bringing an active and devoted following not only in their homeland but further afield. With media interest and positivity also coming keenly the band has joined up with Swiss publishing house Miner Records for the release of their debut full length assault, the album a twenty five minute nine track storm of high intensity energy and equally hungry aggression.

The album emerges through a battlefield with the song which first marked the band as one to watch very closely. Chemical warengine coverWarfare is a carnivorous track, the bass of Jakshić offering the grimmest wonderful growl to a predator of a track driven by greedy intense riffs and bone spanking rhythms. It is a straight forward but wholly contagious onslaught with hardcore venom to its thrash lit heart, bringing thoughts of classic East Area bands to mind. Unrelenting and savage in its breath the track is a sub three minute explosion of concentrated thrash with no thoughts to be anything other than what it is. It alone openly marks the growth of the band as though it has not been changed much as such there is a more accomplished and confident prowl to its presence.

The following tracks Fucked and Time To Kill have a strong standard to follow but both without quite reaching the elevated heights of their predecessor leave the richest satisfaction and appetite in their wake. The first is a slower more devious song, its rapacious crawl and crowding intensity an exacting instigator upon the ear and beyond with the accelerated gait and energy of the track as it progresses plus fine shards of guitar endeavour all increasing its strong lure for the awoken hunger. The second of the two gently sways in with a singular melodic guitar tease before opening up its arms with a slightly progressive spark of flame as the rest of the track unveils its muscles and devouring intent. Subsequently ripping through the ear with a groove speared urgency and the great rasping vocals of Franceško bringing their own caustic and incendiary provocation, the track is a pleasing caging of the passions.

    Party Animal preys and ravishes next with skilled and thoughtful craft, its body holding like all songs enough to stand apart from most without departing the old school breeding. It soon makes way to two loftier highlights upon the album in the riveting Civilian and the Porn. The first grabs and feeds on the ear and thrash cured emotions with pulsating persuasion and energising riffing, the vocals and groove sharing chores in recruiting a concentrated fixation which the climatic sonic fireball only accentuates whilst the latter of the pair is a flesh chewing, riff spiking, rhythmic tempest with fluctuating restraint and carnally feasting insistence. Both tracks inspire greater pleasure and rapacity for the band and release whilst confirming further the impressive progress of the band.

Whilst next up A.C.A.B. does not find the same depth of ardour for its admittedly still well-crafted and satisfying delivery the following Machete more than makes up for it with its initial melodic scene and atmosphere setting elegance being overtaken by a murderous and vindictive twist of violent rhythms and ruinous riffing. As nasty and sharp as its title suggests the song is a thrilling and scintillating corrosive attack, the best song on the album and from the band to date.

Final track Never Separated ensures that Adrenaline Rush ends on a high with one last scarring treat of caustic aggression to leave thoughts and emotions alive. The album is an outstanding full length debut from a band on the march. With loud whispers of the likes of Slayer, Kreator, Municipal Waste, Exodus, and Violator, to its attack, this is an album for all thrash fans to devour with greed.



RingMaster 26/04/2013

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War Engine Demo

For all of the great thrash metal bands around the world there is always a bit of excitement when a new one emerges from Eastern Europe. They bring a purer thrash sound to the ear to excite, their seeds sown and cultivated in the origins and strengths of the genre. Serbian band War Engine is no different, young and unapologetic they bring you thrash metal as it should be, in their own words they say “if you want fuckin thrash, we will give you fuckin, fast, badass thrash .“ As their debut demo proves they are true to their word, its three tracks unbridled merciless straight forward thrash pleasure. There is no place for fancy diversions, complicated progressive meanderings or unpredictable perpetual  breakdowns, they simply offer straight from the heart heavy rock n roll.

From Novi Sad the quartet of guitarist Dusan Mijolic, bassist Aleksandar Jakshic, drummer Stefan Stanic, and vocalist/guitarist Luka Francesko, have obvious influences from the likes of Violator, Municipal Waste, Slayer, and Kreator, to name just a few which spring to mind and have absorbed all their best elements to create their own hungry sound. Currently recording their debut album, the demo makes the perfect introduction to the band whilst instigating keen anticipation for their first full length release planned for later in the year.

     The best track on the demo is Chemical Warfare, a track which is destined to be hungrily accepted by all thrash metal fans. Emerging on a sturdy energy the track patiently waits as the drums form a cage of steel and guitars welcome in the ear like an honourable gladiator. One established the song erupts in a riotous assault of cutting guitars, thunderous riffs, and knee buckling rhythms. With an intensity and anthemic power Municipal Waste would be proud of, the track is irresistible and soon has limbs punching air and voice in loud tandem for the chorus. The song does not go for the jugular at break neck speed or with the heaviest armoury but is easily a full and inspiring thrash explosion. As they thump the senses into submission the band remind of the likes of fellow Serbians CounterignitioN and UK band Saqqara, but with their own distinct weaponry.

Civilian Casualties slowly emerges with a simple guitar lead, its notes intriguingly leading into the again relentless pummelling of the senses. The track is a head bangers dream, its riffs and drums a contagious artillery of energy and strikes to have hair and neck in full lustful union. With vocals as caustic and direct as you wish but with the strength to allow clarity to the uncompromising lyrics and theme, the track is another formidable and deeply pleasing confrontation upon the ear.

Completing the release is Revolution, a song which does not quite live up to the power and irresistible pull of the other two but is still a thoroughly enjoyable slab of muscular metal. It like the release as a whole leaves one as breathless and wishing there was more to come.

War Engine is a band which will find a great welcome from thrash fans everywhere and whether it is this demo or their forthcoming album which is the trigger you cannot not see any other outcome. With future radio play coming through The Bone Orchard at The Reputation Radio Show, War Engine are on the march.

RingMaster 20/06/2012

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