Archie and the Bunkers + PowerSolo Split Single


Dirt Water Records are never slow in giving us a treat or two and they have set the bar with the recent release of the split single featuring US duo Archie and the Bunkers and one of our sonic favs, Danish trash rockers PowerSolo. Offering up a juicy slice of their distinctive sounds each, the two pairs of brothers stir the instincts and arouse the spirit in a release all punk, garage rockers, and rock ‘n’ rollers in general should grab a bite of.

Archie_RingMasterReviewWith their self-titled debut album still ringing in and exciting ears since its release towards the end of last year, Cleveland hailing Archie and the Bunkers offer up The Roaring 20’s for the single. Taking their name from the classic US television sitcom All in the Family and drawing on inspirations from the likes of Dead Boys, The Animals, The Stooges, The Screamers, The Damned, Jimmy Smith, and Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes, siblings Emmett (drums/vocals) and Cullen (organ/vocals) instantly involve ears in a barrage of meaty and eager rhythms as the Hammond-esque tones of Cullen’s organ dances alongside. An emerging and lively blend of sixties garage rock/pop and blues infested psych devilry; the song starts as a fuzzy yet relatively controlled proposal but the passing minutes see a loco element brewing and subsequently bringing even more riveting discord and unpredictability to a rousing song and climax. As well as a tasty part of the single, The Roaring 20’s also provides a myriad of reasons to explore Archie and the Bunkers more and to check out their first album.

The same applies to PowerSolo and their offering. The truth is that if you have not been bitten by their sonic bug yet you have been missing out for a fair while PwerSolo_RingMasterReviewnow. Coming out of Arhus, brothers and string distorting guitarists/musicians Kim Kix and the Atomic Child are one of kind. Musically they seem bred from the same genes and inspired by the likes of Hasil Adkins, Charlie Feathers, and the Cramps, but as proven by their handful of albums, the duo defy one style, a single sound, and any tries to pin them down. Powersolo get the body shaking and swerving while the senses and psyche are being violated, all with delicious effect, and Fuzz Face, their contribution to the split, is no exception.

A single hook teases first, an accusation of one’s face quickly following before riffs and rhythms join the devilish affair. That initial hook continues to tempt, its lure simple but virulent as vocals and beats dance around with flirty shenanigans. With a perpetual swing which alone grips body and heart, the song and duo cast a soundtrack suitable for everything rebellious, frivolous, and downright naughty.

Two wicked bands and two irresistible romps, what more could anyone want.

The Archie and the Bunkers + PowerSolo Split Single is out now via Dirty Water Records @!/Split-single-PowerSolo-vs-Archie-and-the-Bunkers-7-+-download/p/67128820/category=13761039

Pete RingMaster 24/08/2016

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Dennis Hopper Choppers – Girl Walked Out Of Town

‘Girl Walked Out of Town‘ is not only the second single taken from Dennis Hopper Choppers new album Be Ready, it is also an impressive and intriguing invitation into the band’s wider sound and perfect doorway to said acclaimed album.  The track is an ambient delight in that it instils the feeling of a dusty western setting as well as the passion fuelled emotion from a deep personal belief and determination. Three and a half minutes it maybe in length but it plays with an epic attitude and giant sound to reach far beyond the ear.

Dennis Hopper Choppers is the creation of English singer songwriter Ben Nicholls whose love affair with music started as a child. The bio on the band’s website states as a twelve year old he discovered the strikingly different sounds to what his friends were listening to, in the likes of Johnny Cash, Charlie Feathers, The Cramps, Sonny Burgess, and Link Wray. Listening to ‘Girl Walked Out of Town‘ it is no surprise as all of those in some degree can be heard in the tune, as can the likes of Nick Cave and Scott Walker. Do not make the mistake of thinking the song is a simple blend of recognisable flavours for it is a truly unique and stirring sound that sparks up the senses and enflames the heart.

The musical journey of Nicholls is interesting and a testament to determination and developing ideas as they are inspired, the beginnings of the Dennis Hopper Choppers project becoming more concrete as influences and situations played their hand. Skip over to the website sometime for the full story and a glimpse into the man who has come up with this special impressive piece of music.

Girl Walked Out of Town‘ begins with a dramatic and ear grabbing guitar crash strumming and drum beating eruption, a climax before the song virtually gets going. The song then relaxes into a melodic sway as the emotive voice of Nicholls expels a story of the heart. The dramatic thrusts return to alternate with the emotional caresses, like big rampant peaks bursting into the ear. There is a pulsating urgency throughout driving the song and even in the subdued parts the eagerness to pass on its contents is constant. The end of the song is as notable as the start as the song simply evaporates away leaving thoughts and its western ambient touches swirling around the senses.

The song is only a few steps from wearing its mariachi sombrero, the Latin folk tones of the single helping to work up the pulse rate. As with the album the song is produced by Ben Hillier (Depeche Mode, Blur) and there is an obvious understanding that helps the touches and distinct emotions from all aspects of the song to strongly and effectively play upon and within the listener. It is a classic and what will be for a great many the perfect doorway to the musical world and sounds of Dennis Hopper Choppers.

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