SPQR – Low Sun Long Shadows

Liverpool has and always will produce some remarkable bands, its musical landscape and history perpetual inspiration for those to follow. Another with the real potential to become another leading light is SPQR, especially if their new EP is the clue and guide to things to come. Low Sun Long Shadows is a four track parade of the band’s bold art rock nurtured sound, a release uniting unpredictability with imagination in almost mischievous and certainly emotionally empowered adventure.

For the first time, SPQR worked with an outside creative force for their new offering, the trio inking up with producer Margo Broom (The Fat White Family, Calva Louise, Yassassin, Phobophobes). As often is the case, Low Sun Long Shadows sees some of its songs seeded in in the myriad of mental illnesses guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Peter Harrison struggles with; that depth of anxiety and emotion a powerful lining to the rich tapestry of just as dramatic sound.

The EP opens up with Slowly and straight away attention is led astray by the pulsating bassline cast by Jack Sanders. Quickly it is joined by the percussive zeal of Bex Denton and the ear clipping teases of Harrison’s guitar, the latter’s equally magnetic vocals adding to the swiftly gathering temptation which soon had these ears hooked. Hitting its boisterous stride, the song’s eager rock ‘n’ roll in full bounce, persuasion is complete but only intensified by the blossoming of every aspect making up its captivating character. As lively and spirited as it is, melancholy also sweeps across its landscape, unpredictability adding a further shapely lure to a thrilling start to the EP.

As superb as it is, the song is still eclipsed by the noise embracing clamour of Our Mother’s Sons. The track was liquor to our instinctive cravings; a fusion of raw melody and sonic dissonance driven by a just as entangled web of contrasting emotions, though each in the throat of Harrison soaked in their own particular tension and agitation. Keys add another dimension of intrigue and limbo, the track escalating in disquietude and magnetism by the twist before slipping away and letting the EP’s lead single Josephine bring its dance to bear on already enraptured ears. A touch grungy, a little funky, and teasingly indie rock in its animation, the song is an infestation of dextrous catchiness and melodic temptation spread over an array of flavours and elements.

This Gore completes the release, swiftly matching its companions in creative intoxication and individual imagination. Swinging and swerving with a cosmopolitan blend of styles and flavours as rhythms nag and lead song and listener alike, the EP closer simply captivated as Harrisons’ tones explored a Lydon-esque lining to their own personality. Increasingly volatile and inflamed, the track provided a striking end to a simply outstanding encounter.

It is not easy to become a favourite son in one of music’s most influential cities but with more gems like Low Sun Long Shadows and we would not bet against the possibility.

Low Sun Long Shadows is out now via Modern Sky UK.

 http://www.spqrmusic.com  https://www.facebook.com/spqrband/   https://twitter.com/spqrband

Pete RingMaster 30/04/2019

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Neverlanded – F.u.U

Voracious in breath, bold in imagination, and a touch irritable in character the sound fuelling the debut EP from UK trio Neverlanded makes no concessions to expectations as they provide one of the more exciting and intriguing introductions heard over recent months. A feisty and uncompromising mix of grunge, alternative rock, and punk rock with an appetite for stoner hues, it is within the F.u.U EP, a striking confrontation as belligerent as it is brazenly adventurous.

Roaring out of North London, Neverlanded consists of vocalist/guitarist Pete Bloom, bassist/guitarist Niki Jester, and drummer Jaca Freer. Initially formed as an online project in 2017, the band has since released a trio of singles to stir up some attention which F.u.U, its full title being the Fluffy Unicorns United EP, can only forcibly escalate. Inspirations to the EP’s sound include the likes of Placebo, L7, Silverchair, Garbage, Nirvana, Cranberries, Pixies and Refused; a selection which gives you a good inkling of its breeding and heart if not its open individuality to those influences.

Neverlanded are giving the Margo Broom (Arrows of Love, Yassassin, Calva Louise) recorded EP available free to anyone who donates money to Mermaids UK, a charity the band eagerly and effortlessly supports in its work supporting children, young people, and their families to achieve a happier life in the face of great adversity including raising awareness about gender nonconformity in children and young people amongst the general public.

F.u.U pounces from the speakers with Brainsane first up, an initial melodic lure enough of a coaxing to set the senses in the face of a swift wall of noise though that too is a quick trespass as sonic calm and vocal prowess bridges another raw surge. Within it all Jester’s bass immediately proven manna to personal tastes but was as resourcefully matched by the biting swings of Freer and the fuzzy exploits of Bloom’s guitar. There is a definite Nirvana meets Pixies spicing to the song but that only added to its imposing magnetism and tempting snarl.

The following MesS.O.S. bursts from the speakers with punk ferocity but soon bounced along with appetite gripping unpredictability and noise rock infused grunge bred self-appraisal. That initial punk causticity still persists though fuelling the track’s rousing antics and agitated frenzy; the result a brief and severely appetising slice of punk ‘n’ roll before This Friend of Mine soothed an inflamed spirit with its invitingly crawling melodic stroll. It is a track where you can see those Placebo and Pixies references seeded but again flavours embraced and mutated into Neverlanded’s own inimitable sonic concoction. A blend of the feral and seductive, the track simply added to the compelling persuasion of the EP.

Scream4icecream completes the quartet of incitements, a song from its first bass amidst crispy beats burrowing under the skin and increasing its slavery through vocal snares and sonic wiring. The track is superb as are all enticements within an EP which had us quickly hooked and greedy thereon in.

How Neverlanded evolve from this impressive moment we will see but anticipation of that adventure is as ripe as the enjoyment with F.u.U was rich; so go explore and remember you can support a great cause at the same time.

The F.u.U EP is released April 1st, for more info go to https://www.neverlanded.com/home  and https://www.facebook.com/neverlandedband/

Pete RingMaster 02/04/2019

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