Elephantis: State of Mind


State of Mind the debut EP from UK melodic hardcore band Elephantis is one of those releases which whether you find rapture within it or not it cannot be ignored or simply dismissed. It is a titanic explosion of fervour, expression, and searing melodic enterprise delivered with a brutality and near malice which leaves you shell shocked. The initial encounter left an uncertainty hovering over the six track expanse of the release, unsure just how good or different the EP was to a wave of emerging bands and releases in 2012 from the same genre well. After a deserved prolonged exposure State of Mind emerges as one impressive and even more promising reward for the senses, it is not an easy listen but certainly one of the most enthralling and intriguing.

Hailing from Guildford, the quintet of vocalist Angus Roberton, guitarists Connor Jackson and George Marriott, bassist Joe Oliver, and drummer Olly Harvey, has on the evidence of the EP honed their sound into a squalling and dramatic breath of emotive passion. It is a large sound with a sonic malevolence which strips the senses of security whilst leaving them satisfied and looking forward to much more future. Their influences as stated in their bio include the likes of Misery Signals, Counterparts, and It Prevails and to that you can add spices of the likes of Cancer Bats, Rise Against, and By Any Means to a sinewy mix which leaves you breathless and submerged in an emotional roller coaster of a ride.

      Eastern Skies starts things off with a furnace in its belly and rhythms which leave you trembling. It is a caustic rain of sound and1550607879-1 aggression which leaves the ear raw and smarting. The vocals of Roberton carry nothing less than unbridled heart to match the abrasive intensity and sonic assault. His tones leave finesse outside to add further vicious depth to the track. Within the tempest the guitars leave elegant patterns upon the unruly bruising canvas which counters and contradicts the violence inspiringly whilst making a compelling companion for thoughts. It has to be said that neither this song nor the majority of the others are lingering memories after their departures, though small moments do persist from within each storm, but in their presence make for deeply pleasing encounters.

The following Leo is a dynamic onslaught with its tremendous raptorial breath and shadowed stained heavy rampages; the additional vocals of Odessa vocalist Richard Lardner and the evolving invention to the structure of the track capturing the imagination completely to make the track one of the bigger highlights on the release. As with next up Stronghold, the musicianship on offer is impressive, each member stretching the songs without losing the shape and intent. The second of the two is a track which does not inspire the same reactions and acclaiming thoughts as its predecessors but is still a strong and gratifying moment in ones aural life.

After the good instrumental Ante Meridian another pinnacle is hit with Pale Shades, a track which pushes itself and the songwriting to the limit whilst being controlled and imaginative. Again towering rhythms cage a storm of melodic and inventive endeavour which sits easily alongside the perpetual vocal malevolence and consuming intensity. It is a ravaging tsunami of emotion which rewards as equally as it erodes the strength of the listener, and one very appetizing intrusion.

Ending with the unrelenting anger of the title track, State Of Mind is a strongly promising introduction to a band with one feels has much more invention and uniqueness within their emerging skilled hands. For a debut one can only be impressed and inspired to watch the band closely with a brewing anticipation that Elephantis could be a major force in the near future. As a name your price release the recommendation is check out the band as soon as…



RingMaster 31/12/2012

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Gacy’s Thread – The Ignorance Of Purity

With more abrasive qualities than an industrial sander, comes the new EP from Belfast metalcore band Gacy’s Threads, the five track explosive bringing more damage to the senses than any release so far this year.  The Ignorance Of Purity released November 1st is a monster of a release verging on a monstrosity as its angry aggressive tendencies rip apart all before and stomp all over on them for good measure. With Red Enemy and label mates By Any Means, Gacy’s Threads shows that Irish metal/hardcore is a force to be reckoned with, an energy that is coming into its prime right now with the band is leading the way.

Consisting of fierce vocalist Aaron Vance, backed by the astringent guitar devastation of Blane Doherty, the chastising lines of bassist Ryan McGonagle, and the merciless pummelling beats of Stephen Currie, the Irish quartet have been damaging senses since they formed in 2007. Along the way to this new release the band has supported the likes of Fear Factory, Parkway Drive, Cancer Bats, Rolo Tomassi, Fucked Up, August Burns Red, Horse the Band, Today is the Day, and IWRESTLEDABEARONCE bringing Ireland to its knees as well as ventures into Hungary and soon Germany. Wider attention has come from their self produced demo, ‘Eunuch’ in 2008, a 4 track E.P, ‘Savour Your Scars’ in 2009, and a 4 track Live EP ‘Wolf Brigade’ 2010, each showing the bands marked progression and bringing more and more acclaim their way.  

The Ignorance of Purity will take that praise and following to greater heights as its triumphant brutality reaches far and wide via their new label Savour Your Scene Records. The EP is the label’s virgin release, the small indie newly set up to bring the best hard sounds Ireland has hidden to the world, and they could not have started with a better release, and with an album from By Any Means due late November the label is too going to make  a big name for themselves.

The tracks within The Ignorance of Purity have taken the band’s music to yet another level, influenced by the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, and Converge the foursome instil their own unique tones and flavours to create something that is unique and rippling with pedigree sounds. The songs are uncompromising bringing everything the band can muster musically, creatively and energetically, but they are not all about raw power. Certainly they are unrelenting and barbaric at times but throughout there are melodic intricacies and perfectly harmonically structured elements that reveal a band who understand and can write strong intelligent music. You would not call them tuneful as in the sense of progressive or melodic death metal but they use melodies equally well but in less obvious and more inventive ways.

Hope Bleeds Into Despair’ and ‘To The Death’ are the perfect examples, both combining blistering and abrasive aggression and intricate scorching melodies and expressive sounds. The first of the two is the highlight of the EP, it is an epic in intensity that engages at every intriguing turn never giving what one expects and always proving the band knows best. None of the tracks are anthemic but the hooks and riffs within this track linger longer than most and echo constantly in later thoughts. The latter of the two has a deliciously taunting riff that beckons from amidst the bludgeoning, inviting one into more violence and punishment. With the emotive near instrumental title track, short but the perfect base for the EP, and the rampaging beasts of ‘Blackheart’ and ‘Weight Of The Wretched’ completing the line-up The Ignorance of Purity is an excellent and stunning release.

Gacy’s Threads had already given fair warning through their earlier releases of what they can do and to you; with their new EP they have truly delivered. Time to go check them out and take what they know you deserve.


RingMaster 21/10/2011

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