Chud – Ominous


Ever had that feeling of impending doom, not a sense of coming mishap but a really dark unrelenting carving up of all you survive your lives safely by. Well whether yes or no, Australian metallers Chud bring you its soundtrack through their unbridled savagery that is debut album Ominous. It is a monster of a release, a collection of tracks and sounds with teeth that tear senses, emotions, and soul asunder whilst taunting them with insidious grooves and even at times melodies that are pure sonic acidity.

The metallic scavenging of one Whiskey Jones, who also leads the equally carnivorous industrial metal beast The DevilzWork, Chud is a confrontation that takes no prisoners but at the same time has an underlying seduction and simplicity of groove that is just irresistible. It is not always easy to find but throughout the release hooks and addiction forging aspects do make their deceptive play within the raw surface abrasion. Because of the guitar style and ferocious riffing of Jones there is a firm link between both of his bands, though they also stand distinctly apart, his other project having no time for anything other than primal filth clad temptation whereas Chud has a mellower heart, well maybe stalks with a slightly less predacious and more measured sonic tempting. Ominous is an inescapable storm but one you just want to be in the middle of, devouring all of its toxic animosity.

Opener Daemonic (Gnosis) tells you all you need to know about the album, the rhythmic torrent of crippling spite and the flesh chewing heavy riffs of guitar and bass a carnal consumption. Ridden by the caustic scowling vocals of Jones, his tones a senses stripping scourge, the track has its jaws firmly clasped around the mental throat from its first second and even the arrival of a slight swing and swagger to its suffocating body cannot lessen its staggering rabidity. It is a thrilling start immediately match by the similarly rapacious Choke and surpassed by the destructive Beast. The first of the two submits another artillery of rhythms within a sonic sandstorm, its prowling parade of lethal malevolence speared by harsh melodic flames from the guitar. It is close in presence to its predecessor but has enough to be a companion rather than an imitator whilst the second of the two is simply a crawling pestilence with the sinister seduction of Rob Zombie and contagion of Ministry. Whereas the earlier tracks were straight vicious metal that would find a mutual conspirator in a Devildriver or Brujeria, there is an industrial edge and melodic death metal stare to its voice.

Through the likes of the sonic abrasion Witchcraft and the envenomed despoiler Tyrant the album continues to isolate and scorch 537992_10151386920210873_553987901_nsynapses whilst flesh is torn from any resemblance of safety though the excellent Marilyn Mansion flavoured Gauss brings much needed respite through vibrant steel girded grooves and a permeating emotive malady. Like so many of the tracks there is a repetition throughout the riffs, grooves , and hooks that badger and persuade with virulently contagious success, their irrepressible cruelty enslaving the passions so perpetual returns to its violent mouth are an unavoidable given.

The barbarous Revenant leads to another infection fuelled rancor setting up the already enflamed hunger for another pinnacle of the album in the demonically sculpted Serpentine, a track which flicks at and licks the listener with a poison coated tongue and scornful persistence. It is another striding sonic defiler but one offering an eastern mystique to its intrigue and exotic vehemence. Split by the mordant Pronto, another major highlight appears in the tyrannical sonic enticement of Kill It. Holding again an industrial/horror rock lilt to its edacious metal bred ferocity, the track is like a pack of predators not seeing food for longer than bearable and just as wild in its onslaught.

The sonic carnivore is completed by firstly the lumbering weight of Gravedigger, yet again that Manson/Zombie essence gracing the heavily burdened riffs, thumping rhythms, and melodic whispering. Its impressive bulk is then followed by the instrumental The Gift Of Fire, a track which fuses blues and southern rock with another climate of Eastern breezes all through the impressive lone guitar of Jones within a waiting shadowed ambience, and finally Angelic (Gnosis), the bestial ruinous epilogue to it all.

Though there is a surface constant to the sound of the songs mainly through the distinct playing of Jones, a turn of extra concentrated work reveals the uniqueness of songs but you do have to make that extra effort. Ominous is a thrilling primitively tasting treat, and one which is sure to see Chud laying waste to many more unsuspecting victims.


RingMaster 02/08/2013

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Expurgate: Dementia Tremens

Expurgate band photo 01

    For all its corrosive and destructive intent and violation of the senses with its blistering assault of brutal death metal, Dementia Tremens, the debut album from Colorado annihilators Expurgate is lock n loaded with some of the most compelling grooves known to captivation. It is a nine track, barely twenty three minute, devouring of the ear brought with accomplished skill and primal intensity which is impossible to fight off as well as have plenty to recommend it for.

Formed in 2010, the quartet of vocalist Jaymes Grundmann, guitarist Fuckin’ Ian, bassist Devin Tauber, and Chris Van Cleave on drums, take influences from the likes of Anal Blast, Disconformity, Brujeria, Dysentery, Disgorge, and Gutrot to create a senses gnawing onslaught which though arguably does not offer anything markedly new undoubtedly leaves one satisfied and emotionally fried. Released on Comatose Records, their debut is a guttural ravishment which slams the body into a submissive position whilst being aurally consumed by effacing enterprise and merciless intensity.

As opener 86 rages against the ear with ravenous riffs whilst the rhythms declare war on bone, the intent of the album and band is an Expurgate - Dementia Tremens 5x5 300dpiopen declaration. The song is unrelenting in its vicious assault, the bass stirring up the passion with its steely countenance whilst the guitar unleashes riffs and sonic grooves which spark up the passions. Vocally Grundmann discharges his riveting guttural smothering to energise the track, his delivery like a pig succumbing to a bestial incursion riles up the intensity further whilst squeezing the lyrical content into a brutal unintelligible bleed.

Through the likes of Viscera Insufflation and Redemption Through Seppuku, the band rampages with unbridled aggression and a compulsive tightly grooved invention which is as instinctively anthemic to the emotions as it is exhausting and corruptive. Despite moments where words or passages vocally gain clarity the overall lyrical abrasion is swamped by the primal delivery of Grundmann to at times leave one unsure of the content and the purpose of having a premise to their driven violation of the ear. Of course the passion and songs unleashed answer that question as further tracks like the vehemently pungent 40oz. Facefuck, with its criminally intrusive ravishing, and the outstanding Repugnant Torso Defilement snarl and fury upon the senses whilst mordantly seducing them with further irresistible barbaric grooves.

The crippling beats of Cleave throughout the album lays a barbed cage around the listener whilst spearing them with pure violence and alongside the continually impressive bass scourge of Tauber, the combination is a devastating joy for the grooves and nasty riffs of Ian to scar and rip the synapses alongside.  Viscous Human Putrilage is one of the pinnacles of their infernal union and with the constant black vocal squalls, and a track which churns over the senses like a rabid juggernaut.

Ending on the twisting malevolence of Disgorging Vomitous Anomalies, the album is a fine and satisfying release which hopefully will trigger the band to a fully active service which apparently right now is not the case. Yes it possibly lacks enough originality to ignite the fullest fires but is easily a worthy addition to brutal death metal and one which fans of bands such as Devourment, Disgorge, and Dysentery especially will find plenty of sickness to admire and enjoy.


RingMaster 12/02/2013

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