Triverse Massacre – Hades

Taking the listener by the throat down the five rivers encircling its underworld, Hades is the new EP from British metallers Triverse Massacre and the hellacious outpouring of the potential first bred in their previous releases. Back in 2014, the With Bared Teeth And Truths EP suggested that the band had the wares to make a potent impact on the British metal scene; Hades is that mighty trespass but one still hinting of greater things yet to come.

Bursting from the depths of Carlisle in 2010, Triverse Massacre quickly stirred up local support and in turn within the metal underground crowd with the release of debut EP In The Jaws Of Deceit. It was a growing reputation equally fuelled by their ferocious live presence which has gone on to see the band earn strong praise and share stages since with the likes of Skindred, Raging Speedhorn, Aliases, The Sun Explodes, The Colour Line, Reign Of Fury, and Anihilated and play Bloodstock Open Air last year alongside Slayer, Behemoth, Mastodon, and Gojira. With Bared Teeth and Truths provoked more concentrated attention and awareness of the band and their ravenous fusion of death, groove, and thrash metal; an incendiary mix now truly igniting within Hades.

The release opens up with Cocytus, an instrumental of imposing grandeur and looming shadows creating the climate you would expect surrounding the domain and god of the underworld. Guitars eventually encroach on the deceitful grace of the air creating a link to waiting venomous jaws as the track flows into the predacious animosity and corrosive depths of Styx. As the guitars of James Graham and Chris Kelsall gnaw and taunt the senses with riffs and grooves, vocalist Liam Stark descends and invades with his raw and potent mix of attacks, the frontman as the sound around him openly showing a growth in snarl and dexterity since that last EP. The guitars continue to weave a web of creative deceit, lures of infectious and seductive design woven to violate while the biting beats of Mike Collins and the tenebrific lines of bassist Jason McEwan have nothing in mind except merciless trespass.

It is a mighty and increasingly gripping track still slightly outshone though by next up Acheron. With grooves swinging from its first breath and contagious irritability coating every note and raw throated expulsion, the track unleashes the most virulent strain of toxic rock ‘n’ roll. The band’s sound has fully escaped any confines of extreme metal tagging, the third track epitomising its adventure and maturity and especially its rudely addictive quality forcing full submission to its rancor.

Lethe is simply bestial; a vicious harrying of the senses. Every element of its twisted body and intent is delicious harassment, grooves swarming through ears as rhythms advance with horde like barbarity. Within the tempest though, as across all tracks, there is a melodic prowess which accentuates rather than tempers the pernicious infestation but equally spotlights the instinctive craft breeding the envenomed imagination and onslaught on offer.

The EP closes with Phelegethon, arguably the biggest intrusive nagging of the senses of them all and quite possibly our favourite though that honour is consistently shared with its two predecessors. It is a stirring end though with the guitars a viperish incursion and rhythms a bold and numbing incitement as Stark crawls and lurches over the senses and psyche with vocal glands spilling malevolence in varying shades.

With Hades, Triverse Massacre has presented itself to the main table of extreme metal but as the EP thrills you still get the sense that the band is nowhere close to depleting its creative depths. That suggests very potent horizons for the quintet and for our beleaguered ears alongside them.

The Hades EP is released May 26th @ or

Pete RingMaster 25/05/2017

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Countless Skies – Solace



Following their acclaimed self –titled debut EP of 2014, UK melodic death metallers Countless Skies unveil their new single and an even more potent adventure of sound and songwriting. The track invades ears and psyche with its bold enterprise whilst immersing the senses in a tempest of dark emotion and melodically hued but rapacious atmospheres. Every minute of its handful, makes a compelling proposal and even if personal tastes do not quite get seduced by every aspect of the song, Solace openly delivers on the potential of the band’s last offering whilst uncapping even more anticipation firing promise.

Solace_cover_RingMaster Review   Though Countless Skies exploded on the British music scene last year with their EP, the band goes back to its first guise as Hatespire which began in 2009. Formed by long-time friends Ross King and James Pratt, the pair created a three-track demo of intense and ravenously dark music infused by Scandinavian inspirations, the beginnings to what we have now. Skipping forward to last year, Countless Skies as mentioned poked real attention with their four-track EP, which in turn opened fresh opportunities on the live scene for the band across the UK. They won the Bedfordshire ‘Metal to the Masses’ competition and earned a slot on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2015 in its wake too whilst ahead of their first album scheduled for early 2016, the quartet of vocalist/bassist Phil Romeo and drummer Nathan Robshaw alongside vocalist/guitarist King and guitarist Pratt, uncage Solace and a teaser for their album which certainly gets the job done.

The song opens on an acoustic caress which swiftly has ears and thoughts involved, especially as the elegance of keys joins in with a subsequent heavier and darker wash of imposing tempting. Musically the song continues to seduce with melodic radiance within increasingly volatile air whilst raw, growling vocals add contrasting malevolence and causticity. For whatever reason, the coarse lure of vocals found a less successful reception with the appetite compared to the epically aired and feverishly inventive nature of the sounds but the clean roars midway into the encounter certainly hit the spot upon their emergence. As ever personal tastes get involved in all things whilst allowing sight of what will appeal to numerous others, and all aspects of voice and hostile throat expulsions will certainly find welcome reactions with a great many more for sure.

The fascinating sounds continue to flow and explode through ears, the song varying its scenery and design with constant frequency and ease as guitars and keys bewitch in a just as pungent dramatic union within an uncompromising rhythmic cage. Bands like Dark Tranquillity and Insomnium are suggestions as Solace provides escape for and trespass on body and emotions whilst laying sizeable bait to band and impending album for fans and newcomers alike. Their last EP raised a stir but expect bigger eruptions as Solace grips ears.

The self-released Solace is out now!

RingMaster 24/08/2015

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Firebrand Super Rock – Firebrand Super Rock

As this album came through to be reviewed the feeling and inner groan was not the most positive one has to be honest, nothing against the band who were completely new to these ears and awareness, but the fact this was a classic heavy metal band, a genre that is as appealing here as Bieber singing lullabies outside the window in the dead of night, even the band’s name Firebrand Super Rock hardly inspires enthusiasm.  But wonderfully those thoughts and expectations were thrust firmly where the sun has no access as the Edinburgh quartet and their self titled album proved a thoroughly enjoyable experience. There is still not a conversion to the classic side here but certainly the release reminds one that you can and should never judge until letting sounds play within the ear a few times.

Firebrand Super Rock is not a classic nor does it bring any new ground breaking sounds to the ear but what it does do is deliver songs that eagerly please and tempt the senses whilst being skilfully and impressively varied within its overall rock sound. The core element of their sound comes from NWOBHM but to this there are distinct elements of metal, southern rock, even traces of sludge metal seeping out of the rock textures the band create. This results in songs that ripple with enterprising diversity even if overall the songs are heavy metal hearted. There is more than enough to intrigue and engage even the more adverse attitudes to the genre, yes holding hands up here and admitting this is one rather decent album. 

Since forming in 2004 Firebrand Super Rock have impressed and pulled in strong acclaim and support through constantly gigging their dynamic live show and sharing stages alongside the likes of Slayer, Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth and festival appearances such as Bloodstock Open Air and Hammerfest. The album gives evidence that live the quartet of vocalist Laura Donnelly, guitarist Jamie Gilchrist, bassist Frazer Marr, and Andy Scott on drums, should be one exciting and explosive proposition. Signing with Rising Records this year the new album is the worldwide re-release of their debut and the chance to finally stretch their might far afield.

On Firebrand Super Rock the band are no slouches either, the release stirring and rampant with thundering riffs, incisively cutting melodies and glorious soaring vocals from Donnelly, from opening track ‘River Of The Dead’ the band leap at the ear never letting go until the closing seconds of the triumphant stroll of closer ‘Cleansed By Fire’. Each song offers something different and engaging as well as sumptuous heavy riffage, metallic intensity and razor sharp melodies and solos. ‘Into The Black’ with the impressive bass of Marr dripping dark intent something he blesses the whole album with, ‘Iron Void’ with southern touches bands like Down would be proud of, and the best track on the release ‘Falling Down’ all excite and rile up the heart, the latter especially with its intensive riffs, acidic guitars and energised melodies. 

For someone with a natural aversion to the genre Firebrand Super Rock has done nothing but impress. It will not make the top ten releases or go down as an essential listen here but it is an album that one can easily revisit often and eagerly. For all lovers of classic/heavy metal this is a must check out and though Firebrand Super Rock have yet to truly find their own sound their obvious craft and imagination shows that it will not be long before the band become distinctly unique and their name on most lips.

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