Milestones – Crutches


Irish post hardcore band Milestones have announced they have a new release scheduled for later in the summer by unveiling a pair of songs from the forthcoming four track EP. The pair of brawling confrontations simply owns the ear and senses with an enterprise and aggression which declares the band at their most potent yet whilst transforming the appetite for the forthcoming Guys With Beards Records released Blight which will be released on tape/download only, to impatient hunger.

The Dublin quintet of vocalist Peter Kealy, guitarists Jack Marmion and Rafino Murphy, bassist Keith Fish, and Keith Davis on drums, first caught our ear and passion with previous EP Entropy released via Irish independent, Savour Your Scene Records. It was a raw and abrasive assault which bred a strong focus on and greed for the band’s insatiably provocative sound. Rising from the ashes of Out of Nowhere in April 2011, the band has been no stranger to attention, their three track demo Blood earning good praise as did following tracks The Boats and Gone With The Wind upon release. Live performances alongside the likes of Bury Your Dead, Betrayal, and Stick Around only enhanced their presence as did their own impressive shows but it would be fair to say the pair of songs just unveiled find the band at a new plateau of creativity and sonic brutality. When receiving contact about the songs from Keith Davis it has to be said our juices instantly rose up but even that anticipation did not imagine the might ahead of us.

Both Crutches and Doldrums chew up ear and senses, their caustic mix of hardcore and punk blistered into a fresh and predatory sonic acid with complimentary lyrical and vocal burning. Crutches instantly stakes a claim as the best thing the band has ever brewed up in their destructive invention, the track raging with sonic spittle flying from every riff and melodic teasing whilst each syllable finds a mutual toxin of biting venom. Across its demanding gait the song unleashes a fury of energy and merciless intensity but with ease also slows it to a prowling rapaciousness at times which is arguably even more menacing and corrosive than when things reach maelstrom proportions. Kealy ravages words and senses with his expected unbridled spite but finds more expression than ever before and framed within the outstanding rhythmic attack of Davis, as the guitars and bass unleash their viciously licking flames across their bow, it is a contagious yet overwhelming ferociousness of sheer joy.

Doldrums equally sends the body into cowering shock before its demanding and shifting abuse, the bass of Fish especially threatening and absorbing with its throat tearing growl. The track into its stride is rock ‘n’ roll at its nasty best, the band employing much more than that original post hardcore tag suggests. It is a savage and invigorating onslaught which leaves the listener a wasted grinning shell, its scintillating violence seducing and sucking forth the life from their energy but igniting stronger passion.

Milestones already suggested they were a cut above the other similarly sculpted bands but these Ciaran Parnell produced songs set them well apart and sets Blight on a suggested pedestal which you just know it will rule with ease. Roll on the summer is all that is left to say.


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RingMaster 31/05/2013


Milestones: Entropy

Raw, abrasive, and deliberately confrontational, Irish post hardcore band Milestones is already well on the way to making a dent not only in their homeland but further afield, something their new release can only reinforce. Their new EP Entropy is an impressive swipe of aural brutality, one bruising bully to endure but be fully rewarded by. It leaves one clutching a support under its onslaught but full of complete satisfaction from its violent presence.

The quintet from Dublin rose from the ashes of Out of Nowhere in April 2011. With the band name came the Blood demo, a three track release which marked the new direction and set in motion the growing attention and power the band has since triggered. Two tracks The Boats and Gone With The Wind followed, each pulling further acclaim, whilst the band consistently destroyed stages alongside the likes of US band Bury Your Dead, Betrayal and Stick Around. Entropy is evidence of the band growing quickly and finding a depth to their music within songs of sheer towering intensity and undeniable quality. Released as a limited tape cassette via Savour Your Scene Records, just 100 units available, and as a download, the six track release is one to rupture senses and fry thoughts whilst igniting both into action just as equally.

Still Organs scrapes raw from its opening graze upon the ear and is soon probing the wound with a fury of tumultuous riffs and spiteful vocals. The delivery of Peter Kealy, backed by Jack Marmion and Rafino Murphy, simply crushing notes into being with plaintive cries and earnest shouts to match the inciteful guitar play of the other pair. The track is barely in excess of a minute but is a corruptive and stirring beast.

The following Premonitions carries the great start to even more intense heights. Again vocals and guitars strip flesh with their caustic might whilst the drums of Keith Davis rifle and plunder the ear with strong challenging beats and the bass of Keith Fish is a predatory stalker within the sonic violence. Again short, the song is an impact which leaves lingering marks to satisfy all with its extreme musical vehemence.

Needing an extra focus to delve beneath the surface acid, the EP is a varied and intelligent piece of songwriting. It is not an easy listen at times admittedly, and probably too harsh for some, but given time it unveils some of the freshest and more invigorating music to emerge in post hardcore for a long time. The outstanding Old Hands and arguably even better Graveside, leave the air sizzling as their venom is squeezed out through confronting rhythms and incendiary melodic enterprise all brought within a tight sonic whipping. There is a definite punk vein pulsating throughout, especially in the second of these two songs, which adds to the temper and cantankerous attitude of the music and rubs that little bit harder on its target.

Entropy ends with the riveting manipulative tones of Pound OF Flesh, a track which takes a different though no less intense journey than before and the brawling nasty Ladders. The second is a concussive blistering which takes its time to emerge out of an initial chaotic storm to evolve into an infectious and compulsive weave of emotion and expressive rock.

Influences for the band come from the likes of Comeback kid, Defeater, Everytime I Die, and Lower than Atlantis, and to that elements of bands like Gallows and Ghost Of A Thousand also emerge as the EP plays. Milestones has a distinct energy and sound which with Entropy sure to recruit more and more wasted contented ears, pretty much means there will be no stopping them.

RingMaster 27/08/2012

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