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Getting rather hooked on recently released single Give Me The News, a look at the EP it came from was only going to be the next step for us. Song and EP are the creations of Irish trio Raising Jupiter, a band beginning to cause a stir on both sides of the Atlantic, and understandably going by their current releases.

The Cork rock band consists of vocalist/guitarist Dave Aitken, drummer/backing vocalist John McGrath, and bassist Sean Scott Baird, a threesome coming together around 2013 and making a strong impression with their self-financed and released debut album A Better Balance the following year. It spawned a couple of singles in Riding on a Wave and Tight Rope which found potent support and airplay over in the US via Network365 among others, and in turn catching the attention of than legendary producer Beau Hill who offered to work with the band. The second of the two singles set 2015 off in fine style for Raising Jupiter, its success followed by the band taking its first live steps into the UK at Camden Underworld whilst Give Me The News capped a great twelve months for the band with its enticement as a single, its release reinforcing the impressive lure made by the Chrome EP out a couple of weeks or so before it.

cover_RingMaster Review     Mixed and mastered by Hill, the EP quickly fires up ears and appetite with its opener, the mightily infectious and persuasive Give Me The News. From its first breath, guitar and bass unite in a rich coaxing framed by the firm beats of McGrath. The initial guitar melody continues to entice as the expressive tones of Aitken lures the listener into a ridiculously captivating chorus. Within one hug of its rousing crescendo, it is impossible not to find yourself adding a new voice to its tempting whilst feet easily tap to punchy rhythms as hips sway to the sonic enterprise of Aitken’s guitar. There is a familiarity to the song, especially around that chorus, which defies pinning down but it is merely extra spice to the irresistible design and evolving adventure of the track. The song offers few big surprises but enjoyment is high so there are no complaints.

The same can be said of the other two songs making up Chrome, with similar pleasure found. The next song is a remixed version of These are the Things, a track from the band’s first album. The EP shows a definite step forward in songwriting between album and EP, the two new songs on offer outshining the sandwiched second offering on the EP in depth and sound but there is also no denying with sultry melodic enterprise and emotive vocals strength, not forgetting a prowess in bringing all of these engaging attributes into one shining tempting, that the song leaves only pleasure in its wake.

Closing things up is No, a track with a blues spicing to its reserved yet tenaciously sculpted stroll. It is a gait leading into eighties hued contagiousness, an infection biding its time but slowly strengthening its seducing from the opening chorus onwards; never erupting but becoming rosier as melodic imagination entwines vocals and verse. There is equally feistiness to the track which also never gets its head but it too adds only more creative enticement to the richness and fascination of the song.

As shown by their current single, Raising Jupiter also have the knack of ensuring their songs get more persuasive and riveting with subsequent listens, a quality Chrome definitely benefits from. With rumours of a new EP in the works, Raising Jupiter is a band well worth keeping a close ear on.

The Chrome EP, as latest single Give me the News, is out now through iTunes and Amazon.

http://www.raisingjupiter.com   https://www.facebook.com/raisingjupiter  https://twitter.com/raising_jupiter

Pete RingMaster 03/11/2015

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DAMN DICE ‘Take The Fight’‏

Damn Dice Online Promo Shot

High-Octane London Hard Rockers ‘Damn Dice’ have just released their brand new and riveting video ‘Take The Fight’.

Go Check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqPqjLBTSZY


Playing a hard-hitting cross of infectious Rock and Metal, Damn Dice are standing poised to unleash their brand of high voltage Rock ‘n’ Roll on the masses.

Based in London  and together since 2011, Damn Dice are: Alex (vocals), Wallis (guitars), Marco (bass), and Fransoa (drums). From the get go, the four piece hit the ground running and it wasn’t long before fans were drawn in by their adrenaline-fuelled performances and larger than life stage shows. After an express invitation, the rising quartet successfully supported US heavyweights LA Guns on their UK and mainland European tour.


Throughout 2012 and 2013, the energetic rock n rollers continued to play a series of headline shows. By the end of last year, the band played their biggest show to date supporting Tigertailz at a sell out show at the Camden Underworld.


Damn Dice then went on to release their debut EP ‘Wild ‘N’ Ready’, which received critical acclaim from publications including Classic Rock AOR, Music Week, Powerplay and Black Velvet, as well as being well received throughout the underground. The band have also notched up praise and glowing feedback from many big names, most notably Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Beau Hill (producer Ratt, Warrant, Europe), and members of L.A. Guns.


Damn Dice are currently in the studio recording their debut album, and with the launch of their banging new video single ‘Take The Fight’, the UK rockers are set for another busy year so don’t miss out, and in the meantime, check out the new video!