Fight The Dice: Bad Decisions

Taking their inspiration from the likes of All Time Low, Avenged Sevenfold, and Blink-182, UK alternative rock band Fight The Dice make their introduction with debut single Bad Decisions, a release which to be honest does not have you thinking of those influences but stands as a strong and intriguing first taster of a band which has been gaining strong support and reactions over recent months. The Birmingham quintet is touted as a band to watch, something the single does little to alter though it is hard to always tell from a single song.

The Birmingham based band certainly give food for thought with Bad Decisions, it is a track which leaves a good base of promise and intrigue for future releases whilst making for a more than decent first taste of their carefully crafted rock sounds. The song opens with a lone guitar stirring up the air before it joins a brief blaze of abrasive riffs, guitarists Jack Turner and Tom Worrall instantly lighting up the ear. Vocalist Ben Jackson steps forward with a delivery which is as expressive as the guitars emotive play within their now reserved gait, whilst the impressive bass manipulations of his brother Sam Jackson prowl and growl with skill and magnetic enterprise. His presence is a highlight of the song though all from the fiery guitars to the jabbing rhythms of Phil Beauchamp and the plaintive vocals only impressive in their individual places.

The song is powerful without tearing a strip off the senses, its aggression more a snarl than a growl which compliments the lyrical bite. It would be wrong to say the song lit any fires with its obvious quality and intelligent structure, the track and band failing to stand out amongst similarly driven bands, but it certainly ensured focus would go the way of their Gavin Monaghan (Kings Of Leon, Robert Plant and Nizlopi) produced first album which they are currently working on when it has its release. For a first single, Bad Decisions gives enough to please the ear and plenty to find promise for the future within.

RingMaster 10/11/2012

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SIVA Addiction: Bad Decisions

You can never say no to a dose of heart bred rock n roll and that is exactly what you get with Bad Decisions from US hard rock band SIVA Addiction. The album is a feisty and eager collection of very agreeable well groomed rock songs presented with great ability and even greater passion. Bad Decisions may not be the most original album but it is one of the more satisfying and undeniably contagious.

Led by the outstanding voice of Bridgette Oliver, SIVA Addiction is a band on a rise with this their second album already garnering strong acclaim and support. The follow up to their equally well received debut album Artifice of 2009, Oliver with guitarists Andy Hopkins and Vince Lindstrom, bassist Jesse Slone, and drummer Brandon Fields, have created a release which triggers all the right instincts in a rock album, passionate lyrics, heart driven sounds, and unbridled energy. Bad Decisions also has the similar effect on its recipients ensuring a great and satisfying time is felt by all.

Unavoidably in this genre and with striking clean female vocals the accurate comparisons to the likes of Evanescence, Halestorm, and to a lesser extent Paramore, are inevitable and as said they are for the main spot on but with hand on heart I know which band I would prefer to listen to, SIVA Addiction. It is not that they are particularly unique or stand far apart from the others but there is honesty with no disrespect to other bands, which coats their songs and an irrepressible connection which develops as the album plays.

With an almost reserved start the opening title track soon has the ear engaged with muscular riffs and incendiary guitar play before Oliver unveils her exceptional voice. With the bass pulsating just under the surface and rhythms making a fine framework for the band to explore, the song is an immediate keen companion. It does not offer anything particularly unexpected but when a song just scoops you up in a mutual friendship only enjoyment can break out.

The latest single comes next in the fine shape of One Night Rodeo. From the off the song hits the spot, the slightly grizzled guitars teasing before flexing and  evolving into a hard yet melodically driven ball of rock n roll. Anthemic in its pull the track like the opener is an instant infectious pleasure with robust riffs bursting through the ear for the vocals and grooves to follow with skill and energy.

The impassioned Hit Me, a song full of defiance and contempt steps forward next with the voice of Oliver bringing bigger balls than her target soon followed by the stirring Gone Away and excellent emotive ballad Take Me Home. All three gratify without lighting uncontrolled fires and keep attention and enjoyment at a high. What is impressive about the band is though the vocals of Oliver stand out they do not deflect from the excellent sounds and musicianship alongside her, SIVA Addiction finding the right balance throughout.

The consistency of the album is held tight across its whole length with songs like the pop rock When It’s Over and Get On Out with its great ill tempered riffs continuing to leave the ear and beyond treated to strong songs and full contentment. The album does hit a real peak with best track Night To 5, an insatiable rampage of riffs and adrenaline fuelled energy. The track is an infection unleashed and has feet and head in tandem within moments of its high octane explosive start to emerge as one of the most contagious rock songs let loose in recent months.

Bad Decisions is an album which ticks all the right boxes, it does not venture into particularly new pastures and at times calls out for a rawer edge to its polished surface but does quite simply deliver some very enjoyable rock n roll to spend a very satisfying time with, and the SIVA Addiction idea of rock music is very pleasing indeed.

RingMaster 21/06/2012

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