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Hailing from Shropshire, UK band Arcade Parade instantly made a mark with their debut single Cave of Swimmers last year, the song taken from their recently released EP of the same name. Grace is the second single from the four track EP and again shows why there is plenty of excitement and expectations for the quartet. The song is a vibrant and enticing piece of indie rock where melodies and rhythmic temptation go hand in hand with fiery enterprise.

Consisting of brothers Ollie (guitar and vocals) and Elliot Scott (bass), Jacob Ferguson (guitar and vocals), and Dan Byrne (drums), Arcade Parade since forming a little over two years ago have made a strong and potently growing impression on fans and UK rock. As well as the releases the band has impressed with their live performances, their own shows as well as successful shows at the likes of Osfest (twice) alongside Example, Razorlight and Hard-Fi, and Shrewsbury Fields Forever Festival with The Wombats, The Sunshine Underground and Simon & Oscar from Ocan Colour Scene bringing acclaim. The band recorded the Cave of Swimmers EP with producer Gavin Monaghan with the results sure to make 2013 a landmark moment for them one feels.

A gentle brewing and underwhelming start to the song raises eyebrows slightly but soon a strong vein of sonic guitar temptation scythes through the slight distant skies of the song whilst the vocals cast their impressive narrative and delivery within the emotive atmosphere. The song is a shining example where less is more, its elements allowed to make a call of clarity before combining for an ear thrilling climatic chorus. Though arguably not as instant as their first single the song is a coaxing and devilish persuasion which gets better and more contagious with each listen. Further highlights of the song come with the emotive bass tones throughout and the unpredictable and exciting production which has the song seemingly drift around the senses which only adds to the experience.

It is fair to say whilst listening to Grace you get the feeling there is much more within the band which is either not yet discovered or held back but it only accentuates the promise which is rife as the song dances and pleasures the appetite. Arcade Parade is genuinely a band to watch out for as they evolve into an even more enterprising encounter.


RingMaster 29/05/2013

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Arcade Parade: Cave Of Swimmers (Radio Edit)


Since forming in 2010, it is fair to say UK indie rock band Arcade Parade has not let any dust settle on their vibrant presence as they have performed at some of the notable venues around the UK, such as O2 Academy 2 & 3 in Birmingham and The Sugarmill in Stoke. They have also played Osfest twice matching their strong sounds to artists such as Example, Razorlight and Hard-Fi and the Shrewsbury Fields Forever Festival with The Wombats, The Sunshine Underground, and Simon & Oscar from Ocan Colour Scene. Their live reputation has certainly risen at the same time and as nationwide recognition is waiting to be persuaded, the release of their debut single should make an initial  strong impression to set things off.

The band recently recorded their first EP with acclaimed producer Gavin Monaghan, which will get its release early next year but 557768_10151140260428691_534556431_nfirst comes single and video Cave Of Swimmers. The Shropshire quartet of Ollie (guitar and vocals) and Elliot Scott (bass), Jacob Ferguson (guitar and vocals) and Dan Byrne (drums), create a sound which layers precise inviting hooks and melodies over unpredictable and inventive beats alongside rich compelling basslines. As the single proves the quartet know how to shape a song into something enticing and thoughtful without resorting to obvious lures. The track is openly infectious nevertheless and makes a strong taster for their forthcoming release. Not exactly rich in originality yet fresh in its breath and energy, the song from its opening summery caresses around sultry and a winding tight melody catches the imagination with ease. The vocals are as warm as the sounds with an expression which balances nicely with the enthused energy and sinewy melodic enterprise veining the pleasing engagement with the ear.

You can never be completely sure of a band from one song alone but certainly Cave Of Swimmers has ensured the release of the EP next year will not go without intriguing attention.

RingMaster 03/12/2012

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