PI$$ER – Crushed Down to Paste

Pretty much a year to the day, UK punks PI$$ER introduced themselves and their deliciously nagging and unique d-beat/hardcore nurtured sound in 2019 with the release of the Wretched Life EP. It was an attention grabbing, imagination inflaming encounter which ignited a greed for more of the same. Now the band returns with 12” mini album Crushed Down to Paste, a proposal which is bred in its predecessor’s invention but is far from being simply more of the same.

PI$$ER is the united enterprise and discordance of guitarists Bri Talbot (Doom) and Matt Woods (Dissidents/ex-Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man), bassist Rhodes (The Domestics / Hobopope & The Goldfish Cathedral), drummer Charlie Claesson (Anti-Cimex / Wolfhour / The Partisans / Bring The Drones), and saxophonist Eddie O’Toole (The Shitty Limits / The Filaments / Beat The Red Light / Personnel) led by band founder and vocalist James Domestic (The Domestics / Dis-Tank / Cabro/ Bring The Drones). The quintet’s pedigree and history was enough to demand attention when the soon to be acclaimed debut EP was announced last year, it uncaging a senses trespassing holler which outstripped any expectations and thoughts of what Wretched Life might offer. It was four tracks which seared ears and sparked true fascination with its hardcore nonconformity and innovation. Now though it feels like just an appetiser for the bigger sized, ravenously fertile and inescapably addictive Crushed Down to Paste.

The band’s sound certainly bears the punk causticity and invasive prowess you would expect from members of bands such as The Domestics, Anti-Cimex and Bring The Drones but it is a skilfully warped and devilishly twisted affair further accentuated by the simultaneous fiery friction and temptation of O’Toole’s sax.

Crushed Down to Paste begins with Jazz Wasps and instantly entangles the listener in its sonic hornet nest; the opener a reaction baiting introduction of voice and sax as dark and disturbing as it is quarrelsome. The track resonates in word and sound, instantly inciting our imagination before the following Time erupted upon its welcome with its own ravening musical psychosis. Straightaway riffs and rhythms relish an old school punk breeding, the sax scurrying across their incitement with Essential Logic-esque quirk and rapacity with Domestic leaping into the affray with his ever thought and ear harassing vocal prowess. For just about two minutes the song relentlessly nags on ears and for the same length had us lusting for more; invention and unpredictability fuelling its riveting badgering.

Panning For Gold is next up, its initial feral coaxing swiftly followed by Rhodes and Claesson unleashing another rhythmic incitement which had the body instinctively twitching. In turn Talbot and Woods match the manipulation with similarly crafted riffs and sonic tempting, it all further ignited by the flirtatious yet rapacious dance of the sax’s flames around Domestic’s magnetic challenge. As in the previous tracks and others to come, certain elements of the band’s sound teases with a Cardiacs like taunting, another hue to diversity and uniqueness just as eagerly adopted by Problem within its voracious attack and uncompromising accusation. The relatively calm start to the song is still all predation and provocation, both erupting with greater malice and condemnation as the song twists and turns with increasing energy and a hostility which is not so much tempered by O’Toole’s ever rousing exploits but lustfully lit.

Fair to say side one to the album quickly and increasingly proved irresistible and the second immediately showed its match with Job and the numbing of spirit and dreams in that working life. From its first breath the band weaves a lure of sound and temptation which was quickly under the skin; enterprise and dexterity hand in hand with imagination as every untamed texture and inflamed blast colluded in another habit forging pleasure as crusty and inexorable as it is creativity invigorating.

There is something of The Exploited meets Discharge to the core of Nazi Rhythm, the corrosively respiring track soon casting raw antagonism and resourceful inspiration through ears as PI$$ER leap around with intent and innovation whilst scarring the world and the senses. Again ears devoured ever devilish and capricious dynamics within an equally compelling entanglement of endeavour and sounds before Dance In The Light Of Your Burning Bridges brings the release to a thrilling close.

The final track initially prowls the listener whilst throwing out invasive jabs, a lead to a landscape of accusation and invention which swiftly and firmly had the imagination and passions enslaved. Though every track embraces an array of flavours to varying degrees, the album’s last glorious offering is a kaleidoscope of styles within its punk bred confrontation. Post punk alongside space and progressive rock are potent intimations within its persuasive web, the jazz swing of the sax another individual moment in its particular creativity across Crushed Down to Paste.

It is a richly captivating and riveting end to an album just as striking and thrilling. The Wretched Life EP may have forcibly impressed last year but the momentous ear manna that is Crushed Down to Paste leaves it at the starting post.


Crushed Down to Paste is released July 10th through Kibou Records (UK), SPHC (US), TNS (UK), Amok (Germany) and Cimex (Sweden).

Pete RingMaster 09/07/2020

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The Domestics / Wolfhour Split 7” E.P.

With three slices of their inimitable sound each, Britain’s The Domestics and Wolfhour from Sweden join together upon a split 7″ E.P to equally ravage and ignite the senses. Both have a punk bred sound which is voraciously individual but as the rousing encounter proves they also have a common bond in uncompromising ferocity and raw discontent.

Suffolk hailing, The Domestics have never taken prisoners with their hardcore confrontation and a sound which has only become more irritable and striking by the release. The three songs on the new split prove the thought, each a ravenous slice of invasive antagonism and all a thick lure for punk ears.

A Cold, Raw System is first and immediately batters the senses in pugilistic rhythms and the vocal voracity of James Domestic. As swiftly rabid grooves and acerbic riffs surge the trespass bringing with them a host of hooks and incessancy which keenly arouses, the guitar of Ted Mint leading the insurgency alongside feral emotion sprung vocals. It is untamed magnetism from the first breath with a corrosive infectiousness just as ably unleashed by the following pair of Maximum Hell and Empty.

The first harasses as it floods the senses for a full minute, the rabid swings of drummer Simon Battery bitter pleasure alongside the equally rousing gurning of Rhodes’ bass while its successor bears an old school punk breeding to its hardcore severity. Both see Domestic spewing lyrical rancour with alluring venom as similarly toxic enterprise escapes the strings of Mint and each leave emotions inflamed and the spirit alive.

Gothenburg bred, 2013 formed, Wolfhour is a quartet which drew potent acclaim with the release of their debut album, Dead on Arrival, in 2015. Featuring members and ex-members of Anti-Cimex, Slakattack, Pi$$er and Driller Killer, Wolfhour propagate a form of Scandinavian d-beat/hardcore with its own character and antipathy. Their three scourges savaging the split’s B-side begin with Dead As Me, an unapologetic incursion of punk rock openly infectious and just as boldly quarrelsome whilst driven by rhythms which simply puncture the senses. The track easily hit the spot leaving a debilitating resonance taken up by the following and just as striking Anger Control, a track inflaming the passions with its initial psyche twisting baiting and as thoroughly by the strident holler that triggers.

Last Encore completes the release with a just as raucously barbed incitement of sound and dispute; an altercation of punk which left ears ringing in sonic tinnitus and the spirit roaring in mutual contestation.

We have a constant intrigue and appetite for the coming together of, on the surface, different bands but which share a creative common denominator. The Domestics and Wolfhour have united for one of the most thrilling in recent times, each openly unique and together the purveyors of the most striking hardcore.

With each side given its own unique artwork, The Domestics / Wolfhour Split 7” E.P. is released 18th October through Kibou Records (UK), Kangaroo Records (France), Amok Records (Germany), and Sick World Records (New Zealand). Pre-ordering available @ https://kibourecords.bigcartel.com/product/wolfhour-the-domestics-split-7 and https://kibourecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-domestics-wolfhour-split-2-song-preview


Pete RingMaster 11/10/2019

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Pi$$er – Wretched Life

Music will never cease providing unexpected and major treats, moments of if not genius, true ear and appetite inflaming arousals to feed individual desire. Another for us is the debut 7” EP from Pi$$er, a ‘supergroup’ if you wish which devour and chew up the senses whilst inflaming the imagination across four slices of, which for simplicity we will call, hardcore punk.

The Wretched Life EP is a punk bred encounter but woven from a host of essences for rousing diversity. Its creator is the brainchild of vocalist James Domestic (The Domestics / Dis-Tank / Bring The Drones) who has drawn on the matching talent of drummer Charlie Claesson (Anti-Cimex / Wolfhour / The Partisans / Bring The Drones), bassist/organist Rhodes (The Domestics / Hobopope & The Goldfish Cathedral), guitarists Bri Talbot (Doom) and Matt Woods (Dissidents/ex-Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man), and saxophonist Eddie O’Toole (The Shitty Limits / The Filaments / Beat The Red Light / Personnel) to thrust Pi$$er upon a quickly, we suspect, welcoming world.

Wretched Life opens with The Lie is as Good as the Medicine, Rhodes’ keys an immediate dark sinister lure into the waiting arms of contagious punk ferocity. Rhythms show no respect as they infest song and listener alike, guitars equally ravening in their insurgence before the psychotically edged tones of Domestic spring intimidating temptation. As if that ravening mix was not irresistible enough, passions were completely bound with the emerging addition of O’Toole’s idiosyncratic sax enticement, though a thrilling element with a definite X Ray Spex meets Essential Logic psychosis to it. All together it is a devouring incursion which beguiled with its web of enterprise and ravaged with its tidal trespass of animated devilry.

The track Pi$$ER follows with a just as active fervent menace, rhythms thumping on submission immediately as Domestic’s vocals vent with his individual prowess before another scourge of contagious animosity erupts. Hooks and riffs collude in their deviously respective piercing and hostile catchiness, that infernal and glorious raving sax of O’Toole icing on the delicious toxicity escaping a swiftly established favourite release.

I Won’t Repent is next up and needs mere breaths to eagerly intimidate and wholly seduce. Its galloping stroll infests as it manipulates, its swinging groove and predatory instincts proving swiftly irresistible and the perfect incitement for vocals as riffs ravage thoughts and senses. It is two visceral minutes plus of insatiable attitude, virulent harassment, and merciless temptation; i.e. brilliance.

The EP’s title track concludes the pleasure, Wretched Life a harmful and invigorating scourge of punk corrosiveness, dissonance, and crazed contagion. Every element in its rabid character makes for a furious tempting, each moment in that appealing rabid incursion eclectically ravenous and unitedly unquenchable.

The only thing about Wretched Life which worries is that there might be the chance it is a one off affair. We truly hope not because there is already uncontrollable greed in our hunger for Pi$$er and their unique magnificent sound.

Wretched Life is out now through Kibou Records and TNS Records in the UK and Sick World Records in New Zealand; available @ https://www.tnsrecords.co.uk/shop/tns-releases/pre-order/pier-wretched-life-7/ and https://kibourecords.bandcamp.com/album/pi-er-wretched-life-7-e-p with Ltd edition black vinyl version of 300.

Pete RingMaster 02/08/2019

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