UK rock band Decode begin 2012 in the same vein they graced the previous year, with a fine release in the shape of new single Before We Burn. To be released February with an  excellent accompanying video, the track shows a band on a strong rise and one that crafts music with minute attention and passion. Previous EP Shaping Shadows from 2011 announced the band as ones to watch with its fascinating blend of big rock sounds, engaging melodies, unpredictable twists, and metal edges. The new single cements all previous thoughts whilst placing Decode as a band on the verge of greater heights.

The Sheffield quartet (a five piece live) have recently linked with Ambicon Records and one can only feel things are falling into place for a band already acclaimed for their music and vibrant live shows. Their sound is a heady creative mix that recalls the likes of Fightstar and Taking Back Sunday as well as Manchester band Our Innocence Lost and label mates Down The Machine. The guitars of Adam Mintram and vocalist Daniel Jeffery rampage through tracks whilst bringing stylish and often intricate melodies and variation. The band are not afraid to add swooping keys and haunting strings either to make each track an experience that holds something new no matter the amount of times you listen to it.

The single opens on an emotive guitar before harsh growls lay on top leading to excellent smooth vocals from Jeffrey. The frontman’s delivery is expressive and controlled, the song’s passion dripping from every word, and assisted by the equally strong vocals of bassist Lewis Wild their vocals are as compulsive as the sounds surrounding them. Before We Burn is littered with rock hooks alongside its metallic aggression and though these never slip into the obvious they are easily digestible and mesmeric.

The single is a natural progression from the Shaping Shadows EP, the track feeling an easy fit with the songs making up the previous release. This does not mean a lack of progression just the high quality of the band’s songwriting from day one. Released April 2011 the EP is a bustling and exciting collection of songs. From the opening title track the release unleashes everything the band possesses from power and aggression to creativity and melodic intricacy. With sing-a-long parts and teasing hooks the song is an instant invitation to the band and their stirring rock sounds. The bass of Wild is deep and taunting, playing with the senses whilst drummer Daniel Greasley wonderfully softens up the ear with deliberate and skilled abuse and the guitars unveil their musical twists and turns.

Your Country Is Ours’, ‘If Only (We Live To Tell The Tale)’, and ‘The Days After You’ carry on the great and attentive quality whilst the striking and excellent ‘Enemies’ punishes and pleasures with equal measure and intent. So far every song unveiled by Decode has the ability and desire to rile up the senses whilst treating them to soulful melodies and infectious excitable energy. This energy that floods from the recorded tracks gives eager thought and anticipation to the impressive live force they must be and the carnage they unleash.

One still feels there is much more to come from within Decode to really define their sound but they are already leaving many other bands in their wake and 2012 feels like the year they will become the focus of a great many more enthused ears.

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Down The Machine – Know Your Place


More than any of their previous releases the single ‘Losing Faith’ was probably the one that opened up the UK rock band Down The Machine to many more willing and eager recipients to their sounds. With an enterprising and satisfying album, their recent EP Let You In, the aforementioned single, and an impressive live reputation, the Leeds quartet have rapidly been making the steps that should lead them to bigger and grander things. With the release of their extremely impressive and engaging new single ‘Know Your Place’ the acceleration to their rise should increase alongside their ever growing fan base.

Down The Machine have been honing their craft and songwriting skills since 2009 and each release has given evidence of an emerging efficient and exciting songwriting ability within the band. ‘Know Your Place’ is no exception and in a relatively short time since their album there is again another distinct step forward in their creativity and skill in creating and realising their musical ideas. The new single is dramatic, charismatic, and a forceful track not needing to pummel the senses to make its mark and point.  

Musically ‘Know Your Place’ is certainly the bands most potent and accomplished, the guitar of Dan Millikin leads the track down new avenues to inspire and thrill the ear whilst the pulsating bass riffs of Neil Short backed by the caged drums of Mark Greenwood give a sustained and heavy intensity to the song. One senses Greenwood is champing at the bit to explode but with skilled controlled aggression he backs up the powerful beckoning bass of Short and the surging guitar sounds perfectly.

There is again a slight grunge feel to the track, reminding of the likes of Stone Temple Pilots and especially in places the Deftones. As much as the flavour comes from the vibrant and driving music the earnest and emotive vocals of Steve Wilson bring forth the sense too, his passionate delivery offering up lyrics that feel at times personal and easy to relate to.

Fresh from headlining one of the days on the successful and immense Leeds Metal Fest in August, with Short heavily involved and inspirational in the planning and realisation of the event, ‘Know Your Place’ is an excellent way to round off a successful year for the band. Powerful and stirring it is another indication that Down The Machine is one of the best UK rock bands around right now and the single itself one of the musical highlights of the year.

Know Your Place’ is set for release on 10th Oct 2011 via Ambicon Records for more information check out and

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