Age Of Menace – Venom EP



It has been around three years since Australian metallers Age Of Menace enticed and aroused ears their All Seeing Lie EP, a release which saw the band expanding their sound whilst finding a new creative ferocity to match it. Now the busy band has returned with its successor, the Venom EP; a release with the bite of a cobra and the nagging persistent of a rattler bound up in the band’s richest array of fiercely flavoursome incitement yet.

Formed in 2010, the Sydney quartet quickly whipped up local attention with their sound and live presence. A self-titled debut EP backed up their potent emergence the following year with its tracks soon catching ears and support of online radio shows and stations around the globe. All Seeing Lie turned the heat up further on the band’s growing reputation as their metal based sound revealed even bolder essences of heavy and varied rock ‘n’ roll in its character and imagination. Again fans and media at home and afar quickly caught on to its release and qualities whilst the band continued to forge a potent reputation with their explosive live shows. Now it seems it is time for the band to broadly whip things up again; something easy to imagine the band’s most varied and mature offering succeeding with in quick time.

Venom opens up with its title track, and the band’s new video/single. Immediately a spicy groove entangles ears, being quickly joined by jabbing beats and the dusty tones of vocalist Rob Smith. With a great spiky hook soon added, the song has ears and appetite swiftly involved; proceeding to weave a heavy rock hued metallic incitement with an essence of Perfect Circle meets Stone Temple Pilots to it. Smith’s voice and expression continues to lure the heart of the song and imagination of the listener out as the guitar of Pete Ross almost dances on the rhythmic frame around fiery melodic enterprise and ever alluring grooves. A great melodic calm adds to the unpredictable and eventful landscape of the song too, another twist to surprise and enthral within the excellent start to the EP.

The following Waiting To Strike shows an edge and volatility in its initial riffs alone, carrying an air of intimidation which then fuels the thicker wall of the same as an acidic veining of grooves grows. The bass of Adam Barns borders on carnivorous as it grumbles and prowls an already contagious encounter whilst the scything and tenacious beats of Adam Breakspear are as anthemic as they are disorientating. As impressive as its predecessor was, the track needs little time to eclipse it as heavy metal spicing breathes further invention into guitar imagination as a raw punk attitude and energy drives everything else.

With next single written all over it, the track takes best song honours upon Venom, though it is quickly rivalled by the rhythmically irritable and sonically adventurous Around The Sun. Lying somewhere between Korn and Dream Theater, the song springs from a spidery groove into a web of melodic and sonic invention, all crossing each other lattice style to fascinate as bold rhythms and a more aggressive virulence grabs body and spirit. It grumbles and seduces, trespasses and invites, from every angle and second in the course of creating another highly addictive and memorable proposition.

Where Are You brings the EP to a close; solemn keys laying down its first tempting as again a darker element lines their elegance before the band as one erupts in a tempest of hungry riffs, sturdy rhythms, and hearty vocal roars. With a progressive air to its thunderous climate and a reflective intimacy to its melodic and vocal melancholy, the track is arguably the EP’s boldest venture into new pastures but never compromises the renowned Age Of Menace snarl and raw power.

To be fair, every song within Venom casts a new direction and as suggested earlier, shows fresh maturity in sound through its array of striking proposals. Like so many others, we are always overjoyed to find something new from the boys from down under, Venom epitomising why whilst suggesting it is time that Age Of Menace was thrust into the biggest spotlights.

The Venom EP is out now via iTunes.

Pete RingMaster 10/05/2016

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Age of Menace – All Seeing Lie EP


Since forming in 2010, Australian metallers Age Of Menace has not only carved a formidable and striking presence within the underground scene of their country but also across the internet taking the band in the arms of eager acclaim further afield and numerous radio shows, especially The Bone Orchard at The quartet from Sydney has always had a snarl and creative rapaciousness which has set them apart from most and a virulent passion within their devouring potent sounds but with the release of their new EP All Seeing Lie, the band has unleashed a new growl and intensity to their songwriting and presence. The four tracks making up the release all prowl and chew the senses like sonic predators, their carnivorous riffs, cantankerous rhythms, and intensity sculpted vocals combining for  blistering slabs of aggressive invention and corrosive imagination. Age Of Menace has, since their previous release, evolved into a new bestial confrontation, one bringing stealth and deceptive contagiousness to the intent of sending senses and thoughts into the jaws of thrilling and scintillating aural danger. It is an exhilarating declaration of a band which is now a real irresistible force.

Consisting of vocalist Rob Smith, guitarists Pete Ross, drummer Adam Breakspear, and bassist Adam Barns who produced the band’s earlier releases and tracks before joining full time last year, Age of Menace merge a vicious vein of metal to equally impacting melodic rock temptation, the results music which chews and savages the ear and beyond whilst seduces them with addiction forming hooks and melodic enterprise to ensure only willing victims. There has always been an attitude and antagonistic edge to their music which you feel comes from the union of its member’s distinct personalities and their potent union and here too All Seeing Lie offers a new depth and intimidation which carves an even more indelible lure within the passions.

Opener My World charges at the ear from a distance, its emerging presence hiding a rabid appetite behind the coaxing guitar until aom002coverstanding eye to ear with the listener and ready to prey on their weaknesses. Once at its full height the song cages the senses with snappy firm rhythms and a deep throaty bass provocation whilst Ross teases with sharp and fiery melodic twists of sonic enterprise. Now in command it settles into an eager but restrained temptation of flaming guitar, moody bass taunting, and rhythmic caging from the drums, whilst all the while the excellent and expressive tones of Smith drive the lyrical heart and shadows of the song into thoughts and psyche with lethal effect. The track is a primal instigator bringing personal dark corners into play with its own evocative shadows yet at the same time is a deeply satisfying epidemic of infectious invention.

It is an impressive start soon matched by the next up Ritual, its imaginative poise and diversity an unrelenting intrigue enflaming another wash of heated ardour. Initially a melodic and dare one say mellow, well in comparison to other moments on the EP, embrace wraps its fingers around an awakening adventure whilst vocals as welcoming and warm as the sounds seduces from within the elegant coaxing. To ensure the sinister air is still there prying and lurking bass and drums rile up the atmosphere with intensive barracking, their voices opening the gate for another explosive stretch of savagery. Expectations assume this is a fury to stay but the schizophrenic will of the song returns to its earlier charm before again twisting it all up into a maelstrom of unpredictable excellence. As they are already renowned for, Age Of Menace craft the songs on the EP with skilled and expressive musicianship bringing the full essence and depths of their songs forward as a vibrant fire but again it is fair to say the release has evolved that texture too.

Creatures Of Habit and Start It Finish It, complete the release taking it to even greater thrilling levels. The first of the two flirts with the ear at its start, drums and bass dancing on its surface whilst the guitar taunts from behind their touch before it is all pulled into an intensive adrenaline fuelled adversarial goading, riffs and sinews searing with venomous energy and vocals sharing coarse whispers and blazing passion across the riveting stimulation. The song is a ferocious triumph which again is unafraid to catch the listener by surprise and shuffle its ingenuity into exhaustingly pleasing ways. It leaves a tall order for its successor to contend with but Start It Finish It does so with ease and aggressive excellence, the more rock toned riot a vehicle of unbridled galvanic energy and passion brewed into a brawling treat. If there is any niggle about the EP it is that it ends here once the song has finished ravaging and accelerated the now raging lustful hunger inside for much more.

    All Seeing Lie EP is outstanding and vigorously thrusts Age Of Menace into the major leagues of metal/rock crafting bands. They will be making impacting noises around the world from this point on one suspects and hopes; whether the world is ready for their fury time will tell.

The album is released June 14th find out more at


RingMaster 13/06/2013

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Age Of Menace – EP

There had been strong stirrings about Australian rock band Age Of Menace from the moment they posted two demos online last year soon after formation; a growing swell of enthusiasm that the bands self titled EP released on September 9th will rapidly increase and confirm was very justified. Many debuts carry plenty of promise of big things ahead as well as an instant attraction but it is rare when as in the case of the Sydney quartet’s release and The RingMaster Review there is that exciting understanding and syncing between listener and band, that moment a heart held favourite band rises bringing joy, satisfaction and inspiration.

The Age Of Menace EP is an extremely impressive blend of melodic rock and metal bringing formidable riffs and energy alongside creative and engaging melodies. The release consists of five tracks that in the bands own words “explores some dark themes, and is influenced by both personal experience and world events”, certainly the emotional power and striking lyrics have a personal touch and a firm insight on worldly issues that are insightfully written.  

The EP starts off with ‘In My Mind’, hitting immediately with driving heavy riffs and harmonious vocals from Rob Smith and the band backing him. Smith’s voice is strong and clear, guiding the lyrical content smoothly into the ear. Pete Ross with wonderfully eagerly expressive guitar play lights up the track over the very pleasing rumbling bass of Matt Lyon and the ‘take charge’ drumming from Adam Breakspear, combined they are an impressive and striking band.

   ‘We Don’t Like You’ surges forth next from a mellow opening few moments. The song has a Gruntruck flavouring whilst Smith brings a delivery reminding of Glenn Danzig. The song is brief and incisive, again excellent riffs breaking out agreeably amongst the finer melodic interplay, something that is repeated in the next song ‘I Fall Down’. The track which is also the video from the EP is a intense blend of light and dark in that at times they instil thoughts of bands like Stone Temple Pilots and in others Pantera though it is not clear why as they do not really sound like either. The track with its video will be the gateway for many more fans to find the glory of Age Of Menace and as it epitomises what the band offer perfectly there is no better way in.

The final couple of tracks are the brilliant ‘Just Rise Above’ and the direct attacking ‘Shut You Down’. The first of the two is a domineering thrust of melodic rock and explosive metal that settles deep in the head and lingers long after the tracks closes off. With the incessant delights of a Therapy? and aggression of Pitbull Daycare the song does not take it easy on the ear even in the melodic flowing parts and is a complete triumph. The latter of the pair is as intense but with a lighter  grip, its smart construction and delivery showing that though the track may not be as instantly accessible as others on the release with their robust energy and riff powered aggression the band is a rounded and skilful unit in songwriting, ideas, and delivery.

Age Of Menace are a band to watch, they will make a very distinct mark in rock and make it swiftly. Their debut EP is the reason for such a claim, the proof and evidence so go see why, you will be rewarded with one of the freshest and most vibrant releases this year.

The Age of Menace EP will be released digitally worldwide through all major online outlets, with the “hard copy” CD itself available only via the band’s website or at their shows September 9th.

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